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  1. beautiful. Im too bad of a putter to do anything like that. got to keep the putter throw in play...
  2. thanks for the tips. I tried them all (mostly). i love the squareback but is just too exspensive. actually going with the mizuno bettinardi bc1 i think.
  3. scotty cameron squareback no1. scotty cameron catalina ping anser yes tracy yes donna mizuno bettinardi c-06
  4. because I have a straight back and straight through putting stroke, but prefer the look of blade putters to mallet.
  5. my putting stinks so maximus game improvement putting. ha
  6. Does anyone else want or have one of these? so far the only ones ive found are the yes! tracy and the bettinardi c6. the tracy feels very smooth to me. Im debating between getting a face balanced putter like these and a mid-mallet putter similar to the ping piper.
  7. i tried them today at my local golf shop. i really like the ping in D67. it makes a really nice "ping" when you strike a good putt. or maybe a bad putt, im not sure. im debating between the in D67 and a ping piper.
  8. pw 48degree 54degree wedge 58degree wedge anything more than that i feel like its just going to confuse me...
  9. hey, i need a 14th club (ive been playing with 13 for 5 years). i am thinking about a hybrid but i already have a 3 wood and a 3 iron. i hit my 3 wood about 230-240 (from the fairway) i hit my 3 iron about 210 (fairway) should i get something like a 2 hybrid to get more distance than my 3 wood or a 4ish hybrid to go inbetween my 3 wood and 3 iron.
  10. i tried the ping i wedges, but went with the ping tour w wedges because i prefer a more compact look to my wedges. if i were you i would stick with the cleveland wedges, unless you feel like you need more of a game improvement wedge.
  11. i hit my 3 iron pretty good so there is no reason to replace it. i could go with a hybrid or 5 wood. i use to have a 47 degree pw with a 56 sand and 60 lob and that was no problem but this set up seem to be working better for me. its a 19 degree hybrid about that same as a 5wood?
  12. i need 1 more club and cant figure out what would be the most usefull. currently have: Adams redline 10.5 driver big bertha steelhead 3 wood ping i10 irons 3-pw (46 degree pw) 54.10 and 60.08 wedges scott putter (13) clubs in all.
  13. thanks ping_guy you have been very helpful. im really leaning towards picking up the ping i10s to demo day and maybe get next week. how do you like your ping wedges? im going to get 3-pw irons and then maybe get a 54 and 60 degree wedge (possibly ping)
  14. what about the ping s57's that come out in september? are they a tradition blade? would they be too advanced for a 13 handicap? i really like the look of them from the pictures ive seen.
  15. hey everyone. im going to try to get some new irons next week and i wanted some feedback on the clubs ive considered and maybe some ideas for ones i havent. im a 13 handicap with a 15year old set of pings, so im looking for a midsize club, i like the thinner top lines and a reliable brand. ive considered the ping i10, taylormade tour burner, taylormade r7 tp irons, and titeist ap1's and ap2's. anyone try these?
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