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  1. I have trouble with a slice on my drive and I was wondering if maybe i choked down on the driver a little bit that could help. Anyone try this and have success?
  2. Hey thanks! So Smith Richardson is a prety decent course? Do you know how far it is from campus of Fairfield by any chance?
  3. Hello. Next year I am attending Fairfield University in CT and I was wondering if anyone is from that area and if there are any good courses around Fairfield. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. alright, yeah i guess it is pointless without a video, I'll try and get a video up
  5. Hello I just got a new Taylormade r9 460 driver (really like it) and some holes i am slicing it hard right and some holes I am hitting it dead straight about 275. I know it should be simple to feel what I am doing differently on the straight ones compared to the slicers, but I just cant. I go through the same motion and it just slices hard sometimes. What could I be doing wrong? Trying to kill the ball? Im not sure
  6. Front 9: 48 Back 9: 45 Total: 93 Very Windy conditions today, it was interesting out there First round with my new TaylorMade r9 460 driver. I hit a bunch of fairways but my wedge game and putting was awful. Hit the farthest drives of my life today. Drove a par 4 green and such. Still had my holes when it sliced hard right but thats just my swing sometimes.
  7. This kid seemed unstoppable on the course today! Those putts and that one fairway bunker shot onto the green was incredible. Go Rory!
  8. Thanks! Yeah i figure everyones going to say go swing the clubs and find your best fit, but I am trying to see what some of you guys suggest just for some reference as well. thanks for your post
  9. Hello, I am using a TaylorMade r5 driver 9.5 currently but something is loose inside and when I move it around I can hear it moving up and down the shaft. Also, i think it is time for me to try out a new driver. I was using my buddies r9 driver 10.5 and was hitting the ball phenomenally, but I'm pretty sure that club is very expensive (not quite sure what they are going for). Does anyone have any advice on what driver i should further look into? I shoot in the low to mid 90s usually btw with the occasional 80s round. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Out for Season. WOW!!! GO JETS!
  11. Ok thanks for the advice. Last time i played, I used the Driver the first 4 holes and the slice was sooo bad so I started hitting the 19 degree hybrid off the tee and at least that went straight. But I have to figure out how to hit the drive straight. I dont try to kill the ball, I take a nice easy backswing and then come through nicely. The ball takes a line for the fairway and then slices drastically.
  12. Every single time I use my driver I get a terrible slice. Usually not even close to the fairway. What can i do to fix this problem!!! Any help would be great, thanks. Dan
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