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  1. with so many "Ion" items out on the market, i say thr Trion-Z is well worth the investment. $20 for the bracelet, as opposed to $129 for the Q-Link? It;s a no brainer. The Trion-Z seemed to take away the little aches and pains to boot.
  2. Hypathetically now, This is how I would set it up so that no Brand gets left out. They could barter for which clubs they would provide for the challenge. Here is how it "could" go down. Everyone in the challenge would play clubs following these guidelines. Driver: TaylorMade r7 425 - loft and shaft are the players choice Fairway Woods: Callaway X-Series - loft and shaft are the players choice Hybrids: Nickent 3DX - loft and shaft are the players choice Irons: Ping G5 irons Wedges: Cleveland CG 10 or 11 Putter: Odyssey XG Series Ball: Titleist ProV1X They would chose frome this list and be able to customize the lie angle of the clubs but that is all. Every vendor would have a part so no one would complain. I would actually travel and pay to watch an event. we would have to find someWhere to slide Nike into the mix though. They can have the Apparel section. FootJoy can have shoes. Anything else? What do you think?
  3. Just for fun, have a tournament and set the up a list of equipment that can be used. Use the same driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and golf ball. The players can have their clubs customized or fitted to their swing but the tools would be level. They choose their lofts for the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. Let's see how the chips fall! An even playing field to find out who can really play the game. Would this be cool or what, kind of an exibition challenge.
  4. Exactly what I meant by lightly toying with the notion. I obviously believe they would never get aawy with it. I work in the golfing industry and also know that tour players do not pay for their clubs or anything else for that matter. I am saying that a "Professional Golfer" someone that gets paid to golf, should not be able to use a bias driver. Use a neutral and learn to hit the shot on your own. Same swing, different ball flight, it's crap. Don't cop-out and get a club to do the work for you.
  5. After sitting back with my ears and opinins open, I see that I am on the other side of the fence than the majority. I have found something that makes me feel a little better about my stance. I was reading July 2006 issue of Golf Digest and reading the "101 Secrets to Great Golf' and came accross some one who is on my side. On page 161, secret #76 from Frank Thomas (Golf Digest Chief Technical Advisor) takes my side. Check it out and you'll see that carrying two different bias drivers in your bag is shady. Pro golfers should be able to use Neutral bias drivers only. If they want to carry different lofts, fine. Give up another club to do that. Don't carry one that gives you a shot you cannot consistantly hit on your own. that is my opinion and I'm going to stand by it. Even if I am all by myself.
  6. I see. I just think that a "Pro" golfer should be able to create the draw or fade on there own. They are playing at the elite level. It's not fair to another player on tour that can create these shots without buying the club that does it for him. If Phil wanted to carry two different lofted drivers fine, but don't take the easy way out and buy a club that will enable him to hit a shot he CANNOT normally do on his own. As far as the light rumor I have caught wind of, the USGA is the governing body for golf in the US. There is no way they will be able to go backwards in the volume of the drivers. For so many reasons this notion will be snuffed out before we hear much about it.
  7. I was looking around online and saw that the USGA is lightly toying with the notion of rolling back the size of the drivers on tour. My though on that situation is good luck with that. Every loves to see tour players bombing it out there around 330+. Do you think they could ever get away with it? Something that just started to bother me is the creation of the "bias" drivers on tour. Shouldn't these guys be able to shape their own shots? My thought is if they cannot hit a draw, why should they be allowed to carry a club that does it for them? (Phil) To me it has taken away from the skill level of the game. Guys do not have to change their swing; they can just buy it instead. It's somewhat pathetic, in my most humble of opinions. Let me know what you think.
  8. Played 9 holes on 5-19-06 and on the par 4 3rd, i chipped in from 40 feet for birdie. As far as i can remember, it's only the second time that has ever happened. but hopefully not the last!
  9. Because 7 is my favorite number. Anyway you get the point, take the number of years Tiger has been on Tour and compare the numbers each has put up. Then you should have a mathematical answer to the question. Earnings obviously cannot be compared.
  10. I believe that the only fair thing to do is compare the numbers of each golfer to the other. Take the first seven years of Jack's career and put them next to Tiger's. You cannot argue with numbers. Each played in a different era. They are both icons for their sport. It would be very cool to see them go head-to-head when both were say 25 years old though. To hard to choose.
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