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  1. DJ, Westwood, Garcia and Day perfectly positioned to capitalize tomorrow
  2. Quite happy to see some new and new-ish names...although a bit surprised.
  3. Wife wants to know if the leaders have a chance of finishing the round before dark, and what happens if they don't. I ran out of answers.
  4. To the OP ditto on Quote: A regular flex shaft is definitely NOT what you want. I recommend a Stiff I have an inside to out swing and was a hooker, never a slicer, the only club I ever sliced was all the used handmedown R-shafted drivers I'd collected. I'd never paid for one at that point. When I finally went to get fitted for a driver, time after time I did much better with the S flex of the TM burner, it's like that shaft miraculously straightened out my drive. Quote: Originally Posted by vangator You
  5. Similar experience here. This is really a post for you fellow hookers. After my initial floundering I went to a PGA pro who taught me an inside out swing using bottle caps to help map the path. it became ingrained. (I don't think I ever sliced an iron in a long long time.) However, I had a tendency that I did not realize to have a too strong grip in relation to the way I set up at address. What I was finding was that even when I set the club in the fingers of the left hand properly and then took my grip thinking that at address it was good. I was still hitting lots o
  6. Ditto that, life happens, injuries etc. Been much the same for me. except mostly injuries and physical therapy. Enjoy being back!
  7. Golf is just one of those sports where lessons can be a good check against developing, and then reinforcing, bad habits -- but initial lessons need to be followed by several visits to the range to practice what you learned, followed by quick followup to make sure you learned it properly. I would up early in my golf learning journey spending lots of time at the range, because i didn't really take enough lessons at the right times....so I was perpetuating mistakes that hindered my consistency, and kept me from the course because I was spraying the ball around. Well timed follow up lessons
  8. I was reminded of the other idea behind Goecks by Dufner's coaches' comment: Quote: "There's no bad position he has to recover from," says his teacher, Chuck Cook, who has coached five major champions, including Payne Stewart and Tom Kite. "His arms stay in front of his body all the way, his swing moves back and down on virtually one plane, and his left wrist remains flat. All this helps eliminate the need for timing to hit it straight." http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/swing-sequences/2013-08/photos-jason-dufner#slide=1 The "perfect con
  9. Same here as far as irons 8-5 are concerned. Wish I'd read this a while ago, but I had to find out the hard way. ... after a committing lot of ugly hooks. I have an inside out swing to begin with, so that just amplified the issue and complicated the process of diagnosing the fix, which needed to be more in my grip than anywhere else. I didn't like — in fact I hated the feel at first — and I'm still getting used to it. ... Getting used to the feel of a club gripped so that it's slightly open at address has been extremely difficult, as the weight of the toe feels so much lighter an
  10. Yes, If you're a high handicapper average duffer like me with poor flexibility, it's a nice simple system that helps take the back ache out of golf. ( I have plenty of other sports that are more stressful on the back, I don't need golf to be another one of them) I am also guilty of an over aggressive golf swing, for my age (52), plenty of strength, but a dire lack of flexibility, so Goeck's methods help me keep the swing under control, simple and more systematic. This is probably not the system for low handicappers who already have a good game ... unless the
  11. You can say that again. I've been downed by a cold so this is good watchin' They made it more interesting than it needs to be--but that's golf. The Internationals made some shots today (DeLaet) and we were duffing them. The Ryder Cup meltdown is casting a long shadow.
  12. I don't usually have time to mark them. I'm lucky to have time to play golf. And when I mark 'em I'm playing a darn course where I lose em! Recently got a gift of "Maxfli Practice" balls — guaranteed no-one else around is playing those, lol, except my buddy who got the same donation. if I get to play West Point next week, these straight-flying rocks are my best bet of not ending up in the bushes.
  13. Tough rooting today, I'm a "kid" from the Tony Jacklin era so wanted to see my homeboy Rose win, or Bubba. I'd have been happy with either winning, maybe moreso with Bubba, as he's not so often in the running to win.
  14. No. I sometimes end up putting so far from the hole 30-40' that I have to take a hefty whack at the ball — can;t imagine doing that with a belly putter; I'd probably get a hernia trying. Besides, I've made enough of those long putts with or at least some great lag putts with a regular putter, that I don't see a belly putter conferring any advantage there. Ditto my beloved "Texas Wedge" technique. ... with a belly putter? Fugeddaboudit! I also imagine the distaste I'd feel using one and carrying the beast around would outweigh any advantage I might perceive in using
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