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  1. My driver is fairly new but my irons are Ping ISI-K's that were a gift from my dad in the '96 or '97. So they are just going on 20 years old. I'm sure I could benefit from new irons but just haven't done it yet. Maybe this year. I say if you can still hit the driver well then might not be worth it. The only reason my driver is newer is because I broke my old Calloway 2 years ago or I'd still be playing that.
  2. I play most of my rounds with my now 17 year old daughter. Usually its just the two of us but I don't mind if we get paired up. I actually find in fun because we are usually paired up with men and when they find out they are playing with a teenage girl most of them don't seem to happy. Then when she steps up to the green tees instead of the reds they usually aren't quite sure what to think until she hits. Usually be the third hole, they struggle to keep up with her and I just sit back and smile. She can keep up with most of the men and I would say beats at least half of them we play
  3. If its on the green, I count it as a putt. If I'm off the green then I don't. I use many different clubs to chip depending on the lie, the distance and situation. Just because I may use my putter instead of my 8 iron, or 52 degree I still consider it a chip if I'm off the green.
  4. My daughter and I both took an Aimpoint class last fall. That did more for our putting than anything else I've tried. Understanding how to read the green and how to feel the slope in my feet helped me to rapidly improve my green reading but it also helped me with my distance control. My lag putts are a lot better and my putts between 3-6 feet have really improved. I will still get a three putt from time to time but I have a lot more 1 putts than I ever did. My daughter is even better than me, and she tends to 1 putt a lot more than I do.
  5. I have a Calloway net that I bought a few years ago and a mat that I've been using all winter. I have it set up in my basement and I hit foam balls into it not real balls. I have a finished basement and if I did miss I'd break a 4x4 window that would be expensive to replace. I hit into it almost every day and it has helped me work on my swing. This past Saturday I was with my daughter for her lesson and the weather was nice enough to open up the bay doors and hit real balls out onto the range. Her instructor loaned me a 8 iron and I hit some and my contact was about as solid as its ever b
  6. Just got a Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 TP 3 wood from the Taylormade pre-owend site. It is in excellent condition and got it for $60. I also picked up a new Nike Covert VRS 3 hybrid. Bought it from Dick's website for $20. I think they had it listed wrong the day I happened to be looking because now its $120. Finally, also just arrived today was 4 dozen Taylormade Lethal balls. Now if the snow will just melt I can go play.
  7. You could always do your membership this year and then look into the mens club next year. The only reason I haven't joined the men's club at my course is due to my schedule. I have a daughter that plays soccer and I coach her team so my Saturday mornings aren't free for another year. Even not being in the mens club I have met quite a few of the members. The guy's in the clubhouse are pretty good about pairing me up with others. I don't have a walking only but I could walk anytime if I wanted. Several people walk but I usually ride since I play a lot with my older 15 year old daught
  8. I've never played that one but used to play at Winding River which is right around the corner from there. I just looked at the website and it looks like a pretty nice course. At that rate, I would certainly jump on that. As for the golf season in Indy, it really just depends. As long as the courses are open you can play pretty much year round if you don't mind playing in the cold. Most courses though seem to close in December and open back up in March. You can find places that might be open earlier but it really just depends on the weather. The one thing you will find in Indy is t
  9. Gipper, what course is it that's making that deal? I live just North of Indy but I've played a few of the courses in the downtown area. I would say that is a pretty good deal but its not going to be one of the better courses would be my guess. Still, I would take that deal.
  10. My near ace on a 145 yard par 3. (look left at my Avatar).
  11. While looking online I found a Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 3 hybrid at Dicks for $19. I figured for $20 bucks why not give it a try. It arrived yesterday and I got to hit it today while my daughters were getting lessons. For the limited amount of time I was able to hit it, I liked it. Hit a few off the toe but still managed decent distance. It launched a little lower than I thought it would but overall it felt pretty solid on my good hits especially for the 30 degree weather I was hitting it in. I actually think Dick's made an error on their website and it should have been listed for $119
  12. I have a net and mat that I set up in my basement (9ft ceiling) and I hit the Callaway Foam Practice balls into the net. I hit between 50-100 shot's each day, working on primarily full wedges through 8 iron. Last night I did hit my 3 hybrid a bit. I will hit reall balls into the net for some chipping/pitching pracitce. I also have a putting matt (Skilz accelerator) that I will practice some putting. I really just focus on my stroke. I did just down load the app Tour Tempo this week and have been playing around with that. Even if you don't have room to do full swings you should be able t
  13. Depending on your school, you may be able to make the team now. My daughter is 15 and shoots around 45 for 9 holes with her best 9 being a 43. She's only been playing for 18 months but just finished her first year on the high school team. The way she improved was by practicing and playing. First, get some lessons to help with your swing. But the most important thing is to go out and play. Also, try and find some local junior tournaments and go play in them. Nothing beats the experience of playing in a competitive match. My daughter played in several this summer and it helped her a grea
  14. I've played many rounds by myself. I actually like it better sometimes because it allows me to try different things. My course in the evenings is not usually very busy. I'll hit the range for a bit to warm up and then head out and play. If the course is busy then they pair me up. Usually I'm playing with my daughter and we get paired up with other couples, young and old. Its a great way to meet new people. My scores are around the same if I play by myself or in a group.
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