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  1. tall pga tour pros?

    I agree, but just do not take Jim Furyk's as a model to analize, since he has one of the weirdest swings of all tour players. Watch how he almost bounces his hands on his knees, and does a cowboy type of back and down swing, which have a different trajectory.
  2. Hello, Could anyone offer an explanation of what an offset does to a club head? Somehow I do not like the feel of standing at an OFFSET iron, as compared to a NON offset. But I know the offset in a club has a reason. Thank you very much, Regards, Riquet
  3. Tempo??

    Hello, In all these threads I have not read any reference to Torque. In some of Andrisani's books of Tiger Woods swing (no need to purchase the books, though - he first book mentions the greatness of every single move Tiger does, and the second book kills the first book saying that many things were really wrong, both books each praise Tiger's current coach - Harmon and Haney), it is clear that what provides much power to Tiger Woods' swing is the torque he builds between his waist and his shoulders. That's what he means by using his long muscles to gain distance. Now, back to the backswing. If you have a very slow backswing, when you reach the top of your back swing you have lost some torque created by the inertia of the golf club head. If you speed up just a little bit your back swing, the weight of the club head and its inertia will cause your shoulders to twist a little bit farther with respect to your waist, and thus store some torque that will be helpful on the downswing to gain club speed. Try this: Flex your right knee a little bit on your backswing so your waist gets restricted from turning further, and the degree of torsion between your shoulders and waist increases. If you do NOT flex your RIGHT knee, then your waist rotates with your arms around your right leg, and no torsion is built. So, on your way down, this torque will pick up and you will gain at least 10 or more yards in your drive (guaranteed). So, as mentioned here, TEMPO is the key, since if you swing too fast on your backswing, and then your downswing will leave your torque behind and will not generate club head speed. Try swinging too slow, as if it were slow motion, you will notice barely any torque (or MUSCLE stress between your waist and shoulders), try swinging too fast, most likely on your way down your hips will come down much faster than your arms and your arms will never catch up correctly/square. But if you concentrate on Tempo and an intermediate backswing speed, you will feel the torque stored at your waist / arms will kick back on your downswing and boom! there's your added distance. Please let me know if this works for you.
  4. Hello, One would need to take a look at your swing, but you might be trying to shallow your swing too much. I just posted a suggestion which worked for me, since I was unconsciously and consciously trying to swing faster (for long irons), almost like a wood shot, and my tip solved my problem: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...369#post312369 Regards, Riquet.
  5. Long Iron troubles

    Hello, Today I figured out a tip that I hope it helps many people having problems hitting long irons. I also have been researching on long irons, but even some posters contradict others. I will tell you what worked for me. The moment I grab a 3-5 iron, my mind automatically thought about "long iron" which translated to a dangerously forced swing with faster tempo (unconsciously). This also results in trying to hit a long iron as if it were a wood or a driver, ending up with some toppers or even some too clean shots, but not solid. Nevertheless, I remember when I was a kid that I would be analytical on my teacher and remember he did a really smooth swing and hit really good long iron shots, without any trouble or any obvious attempt to swing faster. By realizing that my short irons are really good I changed my approach to my problem. I grabbed a 5 iron, and pretended to play it as if it were a 6 or 7 iron, even choking on the grip a little bit to keep a similar swing as if it were a 6 or 7 iron, standing closer to the ball. All the sudden I started hitting really good straight and solid 5 irons which made me realize that my problem had been trying to unconsciously make a too shallow swing, due to the lenght, lie of the long irons, and psychologically stored pre-thought of another failed shot. This last can be translated into a lack of confidence. Then I gradually started adjusting back on my grip and choking to hold the club back to normal, to gain back just a little bit of distance due to the added club radius -> head speed. This along with playing the ball less centered toward my left heel (unlike a short iron). As some posters have mentioned, the loft of the club will do its own job and there is no need to force the swing. The increased head speed will be automatic due to the lenght of the club and its loft. Try this tip and please let me know if it works for anyone - a) Start with a 5 iron, choke on it and pretend to play it like the closest club that you are confident with (eg: 7 iron). This results into a less shallow swing plane. b) After hitting some solid shots, then start moving back your grip on your club as you feel appropriate, and gradually adjust your swing plane to where you hit consistent 5 irons. c) Follow the same approach with your 4 and 3 irons, and adjust your ball position (towards your left heel) - less centered as a short iron. Good luck !
  6. Wow ! I am sure there's something wrong with your shaft label if it says it is stiff. At least it shows you're right, that you are decelerating which causes the head/shaft to bend that way. That is way too much bending and that will cause you inconsistency in your shots since otherwise your timing/tempo has to be consistent and perfect for the club face to be at the impact address you expect. I would take your shaft to a Proshop for inspection. Good luck,