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  1. Thanks for the response. If I keep hitting it like this (in the short stuff) I may not need another ball .
  2. Hi. I was out golfing the other day and, by accident, grabbed an older (no, OLD) golf ball out of my bag to tee off with. I don't know if it matters, but it was a Spalding Dot. Anyway, I swung a good swing and this thing took off like a rocket, and rolled forever. I thought it was a fluke, till I did it again on three other par 4s. Is this odd? I'm a VERY average golfer (hit in the 90's) and I've been playing an older Campbell Tour Grade driver lately (stainless steel head, graphite shaft that I would say is somewhere between regular and stiff), 43" long). Anyone have a similar experience with older rocks?
  3. PGA Tour Allowing Bryson to Use One-Length Clubs

    Wow, do I feel like a dope. I had no idea that single-length clubs had been around so long (or that the long putters were still allowed). But I must admit, I can't see how having one setup and one swing plane ISN'T easier than having to change it for every club in your bag, or at least for long, mid, and short clubs. I think it's fine for everyday play, but I don't see how it can be allowed on tour. I know, just my opinion. Thanks for the responses. It was an education.
  4. Hi. I don't know if this has been discussed to exhaustion, but I'd like to know reader's opinions of the PGA tour allowing Bryson Dechambeau to use one-length clubs in league play, at a time when they're banning the use of long putters. The two don't seem mutually exclusive to me, and if the issue is their potential as a competitive advantage, wouldn't a whole set of non-reg clubs be MORE of a potential advantage? This is not a knock against Dechambeau, I think he's a fine golfer, but I don't understand the ruling.
  5. Over the hump

    Who else thinks Jordan Spieth turned a corner today?
  6. Tiger Woods 2017 Season Predictions

    I know I said short and painful, but I thought he'd last a little longer than that. Hopefully he gets fixed up for Augusta.
  7. Tiger Woods 2017 Season Predictions

    Sorry, I didn't see him play yesterday, but in general, when I've seen him play he's continued to swing aggressively. I'm waiting for the day when his upper body just separates from his hips on his follow-through. That said, maybe he's starting to throttle back. Good on him if he does.
  8. Tiger Woods 2017 Season Predictions

    Short and painful. So long as he keeps trying to play like a 20 year old.
  9. Well, I just hope my grip change has the same results next season. I was out again and it held up, but you know what golf's like. Next time I might slice every shot.
  10. Well, I've never really had a golf lesson, just what I picked up from reading and playing with other golfers. But yes, it was to fight a slice. I never really thought that swinging shorter clubs would cause the face to close more quickly, but I can see now how that might be. I still use a strong grip on my 2 iron, and my 4 iron is about half-way between a strong and neutral grip.
  11. I'm basically using three grips: strong on my woods and long irons, half-way from strong to neutral on my mid irons and neutral on my short irons. So far, it's working.
  12. I've been golfing fairly regularly for 12 years or so, and never been able to figure out why I hook my irons so frequently. I started out with blades, then moved to cavity-backs to try and help get rid of the hook, which it did more or less. I recently picked up an old partial set of Haig Ultra irons (not sure how old they are, maybe early '70's), because someone stuck a 2 iron in my bag earlier in the Summer and I couldn't believe how well I hit it. I initially thought it would be good for getting out of trouble under trees, but then I hit it from the fairway a few times and that was it. That said, I took them out last weekend and realized that my old hooking problem would pop up again, once I started playing anything from a 5 iron down. So, I did what you're not supposed to do, made adjustments during a game. I tried weakening my grip gradually till I had a neutral grip from my 8 iron down and bingo, it worked. I always figured it was a problem with my swing mechanics, but the grip change worked all day. I was always told to use a strong grip so I never thought of changing it. Has anyone else heard of doing this to fix a hook?
  13. I think Rory can hammer a golf ball, but that's the only outstanding thing about him. I think Spieth will keep winning until he wakes up one morning and thinks, " Wait, I'm only Jordan Spieth. I'm not this good." So, while I don't think either are the second coming of Nicklaus or Trevino, I think Spieth will win more, maybe 6 or 7 majors.
  14. Playing Golf with Someone Carrying a Weapon

    Is this a joke? Does this really happen in the States? Why the Hell would you bring a gun to the golf course?
  15. Bulls Eye putters the best?

    I have a 1980's-vintage Slotline bulls eye model with a standard Lamkin Perma-wrap grip (round). Like many of the comments state, it's not very forgiving when you're offline. That said, I think it's easier to play a break with it than other weighted putters, at least that's what I've found. Modern putters seem so determined to put you on a straight path, whereas the bulls eye design lets you fade or draw a putt, if those terms can apply to putters.