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  1. I have said this before but i think for higher HC's gps is the way to go. If you chunk a shot that goes 30 yards are you really going to reshoot your target? Will you be comfortable lasering from 240 out knowing you will be lucky to get within 40 yards of the green? You can look at gps discreetly. Its all personal preference but i like gps but 5 yards doesn't matter to me. As others have said you can try gps with your phone for free and see how it works for you. To each their own but thats my 2 cents.
  2. None of the Biogenies players suspended failed a test that I know of. Edit: Spitfisher beat me too it with much more information
  3. A club doesn't help you unless you hit it consistently. 200 yard shots are trouble. If you hit your 3w ok 2/3s of the time you are doing good.
  4. The rule I would like to see changed is eliminating the penalty for hitting the flagstick in the hole when on the green. This is just mostly to speed up the game. I don't think it would affect the game much at all. If a playing partner chips over the green and I am ready, I can go ahead and putt as they are getting to their ball, without having to pull the flag or having someone else do it. Possibly not having the flag replaced in time for the other players pre shot routine. If I hit a chip to 2' I can walk up while getting a look at the line and hit the ball in. If I have to pull the flag and set it down in an appropriate spot, I then have to refocus on the line and speed to hit that putt, so I will usually just mark unless the flag needs to be pulled anyway. Imagine if the next crop of tour players started to do this you would see much less marking close to the hole among amateurs. It can come into play when playing alone. If I have no one to tend the flag for me and make a long putt should I be penalized?
  5. I agree 100% how can they take out wrestling and leave or add games like curling or bowling. Wrestling is a basic human sport. Humans have wrestled as long as we have been in existence. I am not saying that I don't think world class bowlers or curlers(?) don't have incredible skill as well as natural ability, but to me that is not what the Olympics should be about. If you where to take the top 20 video game players in the world they would have the same traits (skill and natural ability) but I think everyone would agree that video games have no place in the Olympics. I am not a fan of wrestling. I personally find curling more entertaining but I think wrestling embodies what I think the Olympics should be. My favorite event in any sport or event in general is the Olympic 100m dash mens final. It is a natural human event, (who can run the fastest). It is also fairly exciting.
  6. Wait you mean like Golf?
  7. Hey at least your a better golfer on xbox then all these guys are in real life.
  8. I am going to post my last 50 rounds for anyone that is interested. I did notice that I do play a course that I feel is rated incorectly for my game (Lincoln Park) 65.1 107. This is a short course that has many birdie opurtunitys but anything long is most likely gone and some places if you miss the fairway you will have little chance of finding your ball because of high grass. The sort par 4's are all doglegs that unless you can shape the ball accurately you have to tee off with a mid iron. It also has a par three's of 193 229 and 230. I have only two rounds since 2010 at that course but it is possible that this may have influenced my stats before that because I have played there in the past. I guess I am a wannabe vanity capper because I never get a good differential at that course so I don't play it much. Date New Index Front Back Gross Strokes Net Score HDCP Differential Course/Tees Rating Slope 1 Edit 07/14/13 18.0 49/62 111 19 92 38.5 Metropolitan Golf Links (white) 69.80 121 2 Edit 06/23/13 17.8 44/43 87 20 67 14.3 Boundary Oak (White) 71.00 126 3 Edit 05/23/13 18.3 47/42 89 20 69 15.7 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 4 Edit 05/19/13 18.5 52/47 99 18 81 23.1 Skywest Golf Course (Yellow) 68.30 116 5 Edit 05/17/13 17.8 44/56 100 17 83 36.9 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 6 Edit 04/21/13 17.8 45/45 90 22 68 17.9 Hiddenbrooke (WHITE JAN 2013) 68.80 134 7 Edit 03/28/13 18.3 48/47 95 19 76 22.1 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 8 Edit 03/24/13 17.5 46/46 92 18 74 23.6 Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club (middle 2010) 68.20 114 9 Edit 11/11/12 17.5 47/41 88 19 69 17.8 Legacy Golf Club (White) 69.30 119 10 Edit 11/09/12 18.0 55/51 106 19 87 34.8 Legacy Golf Club (White) 69.30 119 11 Edit 11/08/12 18.0 50/46 96 17 79 25.7 Angel Park Mountain (WHITE) 66.00 110 12 Edit 11/07/12 17.4 51/52 103 17 86 33.3 Angel Park Palms (Champ. (Blue)) 67.10 115 13 Edit 10/15/12 16.9 45/46 91 19 72 17.5 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 14 Edit 10/14/12 17.3 46/47 93 19 74 21.9 Tilden Park Golf Course (White (2012)) 69.20 123 15 Edit 05/20/12 17.3 45/47 92 18 74 21.9 Monarch Bay (MEMBER) 69.10 118 16 Edit 05/09/12 17.3 48/50 98 19 79 24.9 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 17 Edit 03/21/12 17.3 49/43 92 19 73 19.4 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 18 Edit 03/09/12 17.5 47/50 97 19 78 21.2 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 19 Edit 03/04/12 17.6 48/50 98 19 79 23.5 Franklin Canyon GC (Middle) 69.60 127 20 Edit 09/16/11 17.1 50/44 94 19 75 20.3 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 21 Edit 09/11/11 17.2 46/43 89 18 71 19.5 Earl Fry Golf Course (Blue) 68.80 117 22 Edit 08/21/11 17.5 50/41 91 20 71 19.7 Blue Rock Springs W. (Blue) 68.70 128 23 Edit 07/08/11 17.8 44/46 90 20 70 17.5 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 24 Edit 06/27/11 18.4 42/50 92 21 71 15.7 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 25 Edit 06/26/11 19.1 44/54 98 20 78 26.6 Monarch Bay (MEMBER) 69.50 121 26 Edit 06/14/11 19.1 46/49 95 21 74 22.1 Harding Park Golf Course (White) 71.10 122 27 Edit 04/10/11 19.2 45/39 84 21 63 14.8 Tilden Park Golf Course (White) 68.30 120 28 Edit 03/20/11 20.1 58/56 114 22 92 39.2 Franklin Canyon GC (MIDDLE) 69.60 125 29 Edit 02/04/11 20.1 46/52 98 19 79 31.6 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 30 Edit 11/13/10 20.1 49/45 94 21 73 23.5 Legacy Golf Club (White) 69.30 119 31 Edit 10/10/10 20.2 46/41 87 23 64 16.9 Blue Rock Springs East (White) 68.30 125 32 Edit 09/19/10 20.9 43/40 83 21 62 15.6 Earl Fry Golf Course (White) 67.50 112 33 Edit 08/20/10 21.1 63/50 113 22 91 41.0 Sunnyvale Golf Course (Blue) 70.20 118 34 Edit 08/01/10 21.1 43/47 90 22 68 21.9 Poplar Creek (Gold Re-Route) 67.90 114 35 Edit 07/28/10 21.4 42/46 88 20 68 24.2 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 36 Edit 07/07/10 21.4 43/44 87 20 67 23.1 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 37 Edit 06/20/10 21.5 51/50 101 23 78 31.2 Lake Chabot Municipal (White) 68.10 119 38 Edit 05/23/10 21.5 46/50 96 25 71 22.3 Summitpointe Golf Club (Middle) 70.10 131 39 Edit 05/05/10 21.9 43/44 87 23 64 16.6 Sharp Park (Men's White) 70.00 116 40 Edit 04/18/10 22.4 50/49 99 24 75 28.9 Tilden Park Golf Course (White) 68.30 120 41 Edit 04/14/10 22.4 44/43 87 22 65 23.1 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 42 Edit 03/30/10 22.9 40/47 87 21 66 23.1 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 43 Edit 03/21/10 22.1 51/46 97 23 74 25.7 Monarch Bay (MEMBER) 69.50 121 44 Edit 03/10/10 21.6 47/43 90 20 70 26.3 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 45 Edit 02/24/10 21.0 43/45 88 20 68 24.2 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 46 Edit 02/22/10 20.8 43/45 88 19 69 24.2 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 47 Edit 02/10/10 20.2 43/45 88 19 69 24.2 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 48 Edit 12/26/09 19.6 45/51 96 18 78 32.6 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 49 Edit 11/28/09 18.9 47/48 95 17 78 31.6 Lincoln Park (White) 65.10 107 50 Edit 11/14/09 18.0 52/62 114 19 95 33.0 Legacy Golf Club (White) 69.30 119
  9. After seeing the responses after I got home I decided to see what my last 20 rounds were. I came up with 95.55 gross score on my last 20. I get these charts from my online handicap calculator. I only get the score chart when I enter the score hole by hole so you are correct that I play more rounds than I show in my stats. I would guess that I do 2/3 of my rounds hole by hole and the other 1/3 by just entering my front/back. I am not selective in how I do this I will do it if I have the scorecard but my last two rounds a net 92 and a net 67 it was a tournament and they wanted the scorecards so I didn't have them when I got home but I could remember my front and back. Fourputt in my chart they have a column for triple and then they have a stat for other. I am proud to announce that I average less than one quadruple bogey or worse per round. But I do average about 1.25 triples. I do think we play differently. I can hit the ball a long way for my skill level. I go for it when I shouldn't but sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. Last round, one that I didn't enter the score by hole I had 2 12's and a 10. I think I still had at least 4 pars but 10's and 12's will kill your score. My HC and especially my anti HC would be higher if it wasn't for ESC
  10. This is true my current handicap is 18.0 and my anti handicap is 26.6. My last five differentials have been: 29.1 14.3 15.7 23.1 36.9 When I shot the 14.3 I was an 18.3 so I shot 4 under my differential. With the 15.7 I probably was close to 3 under my differential. If I played these rounds against 10 low handicappers I would have a very good chance to beat them all twice but if I played 5 matches against one low handicapper he would most likely beat me 3 to 2. When figuring out my anti handicap I also noticed I had a 6 round stretch where my net score was: 63 92 79 73 64 62 That is why net stroke play between more than 4 players of different skill levels doesn't work well at all. I would also say that a skins game and even a four ball with 3 low and 1 high handicapper benefits the high handicapper especially if they are erratic. My stats for the past are Frequency of Score per 18 holes Year Rounds Double Eagles Eagles Birdies Pars Bogies Doubles Triples Others 2013 3 0.00 0.00 0.00 5.67 6.33 4.00 1.33 0.67 2012 9 0.00 0.00 0.67 4.11 6.89 3.44 2.00 0.89 2011 7 0.00 0.00 0.57 4.71 5.86 4.14 1.86 0.86 2010 9 0.00 0.00 0.33 4.78 7.00 4.22 1.44 0.22 2009 9 0.00 0.00 0.44 3.33 5.00 5.89 1.89 1.44 2008 18 0.00 0.00 0.78 4.11 6.78 4.06 1.06 1.22 2007 21 0.00 0.00 0.38 4.71 7.10 3.19 1.67 0.95 Just as a rough guess I would say I average .5 birdies 4.5 pars and 6.5 bogies per round. I am and have been very close to an 18 HC for all this time so against a scratch player I would get a stroke on every hole. I don't think many scratch golfers average .5 eagles and 4.5 birdies per round. I also doubt that they average 2.75 doubles or worse (that would be my triples or worse) but in that case I hope my teammate has a good hole or in a skins game that the good players tie.
  11. My take on this is if your so concerned with making sure the pace of play is acceptable for you and the golfers that will play behind you, you should have joined him on the first tee. That way if he was taking too long you could have said something. By not playing with him I would get the impression that you were not in a hurry. Just for my own curiosity why didn't you join him, you were playing behind a 2 some He wasn't holding anyone up because you stated that he joined the group in front of him at the fourth hole. I doubt they waited for 10 minutes to let him to join them. I have been in the situation where I haven't played for several months and on the first couple holes I look like someone that hasn't held a golf club in their life, but sometime mid round I get it together and start hitting the ball solidly. How did he play after he joined the 2 in front of him?
  12. Fine for the sake of this argument I will agree that you only cost each group 5 minutes. I don't agree but lets say you are correct. You play through 6 groups of 4 costing them 5 minutes each. The total time that cost other golfers is 6x4x5= 120 minutes. I doubt that you playing through 6 groups will save two hours on your round but even if it does the net time saved for golfers on the course is still zero. It just gives me the impression that you think your time is more valuable then everyone else.
  13. No I have no problem with having a ball on the green when I putt. I just think if you have marked and the only time that you can replace the ball without possibly disturbing someone else, is when another player is replacing and getting ready to putt, you should wait unless you know each others putting habits and it won't create uncertainty as to who is going to putt first. I agree, most of the time if I am nowhere near any ones line or close to the hole I will just put my putter down to mark the ball. I then take a quick look at it to make sure there is no mud on it, take a quick wipe on my pants so I look like I had a reason to pick the ball up in the first place. I will then leave the ball there until it is my turn. I don't think a grass stain has ever caused me to miss a putt.
  14. I would agree, but you have to know who you are playing with. Sometimes when this happens to me I will have to ask whose turn it is. I can't always tell who is away and I don't want to putt just before someone else putts, nor would I want someone to do this to me. If they are a slower putter you should let them get started in their routine before placing your ball. Like someone said earlier you can read a put without having the ball in place. If you are someone that uses the line on the ball I understand you want the ball in place. On another subject about putting using the line, you can put your ball down and take a look and make an adjustment if you want to, but don't make a second adjustment or god forbid a third. If you find yourself doing this there is a product that might be able to get rid of one of those adjustments. http://thesandtrap.com/t/18200/anyone-else-buy-a-scotty-cameron-ball-tool Edit: I also wanted to say that I don't have a problem with you replacing your ball well before your shot but I think replacing it at the same time as someone else causes confusion. I don't like people acting like they are about to putt when I am putting
  15. Yea I tried that. I played a four ball with someone I didn't know very well last weekend, and he didn't know of my yips/missing 18" puts, and when I tried to give our opponents an easy 2' he said he wanted to have them make it. I thought it would come back bite us but unfortunately we ended up losing 3 and 2. A lesson to everyone: if your opponent gives you a 2' right at the start you should make him put those 2' until he proves he can make them.
  16. In match play whenever it is less than 3% that I will win or halve the hole, or if I am winning big and my opponent is having a bad day and I like the guy. In stroke play never. The only time I will concede a put to myself is when I am paired up with strangers, if I hit it close and someone hits the ball back to me I will count it as good and not make a big deal about it. If it wouldn't affect the chemistry of the round I might say I always like to putt out but most of the time I make no comment unless it is especially charitable. If I was allowed to give myself gimmes I would have a much better Handicap.
  17. I use subjective because I have played with players that I will call optimists. The optimist hits a shot to an area that can't be seen from the tee, the optimist says it opens up over there. When we get there he can't find the ball after searching for 5 minutes but see a LWH, he thinks in his own head that the ball must be in that LWH. I know I am using an extreme example but after you hit your shot towards a LWH if you are virtually certain that it is in that LWH you should be forced to make that determination right there not look for a while and then say well it must be in the LWH. I have never question someones drop but I have seen many people drop in a different area than I would have. I don't question it for one or more of the following reasons, A.I am not positive that they are incorrect. B.We are not playing for anything important just dinner, or drinks, or just pride. C.I don't want to make the rest of the round unpleasant. D.I am playing well and I don't want to lose my mojo dealing with someone elses drop. How about you Fourputt have you ever questioned another player's drop. Have you ever thought they dropped in a different spot that you would have and how did you handle it. I am not talking about a clear cut shot that starts right at a LWH and goes in with a splash. I am talking about a ball with lots of sideways movement on it that clears a meandering creek while still high up in the air.
  18. They are subjective in regards of where your ball last crossed the hazard. Look at Tigers shot at the Players. They are subjective in regards to whether you ball is virtually certain that it is in fact in the hazard. Once you have determined that your ball is virtually certainly in the hazard and that you have determined the correct spot that it crossed the hazard line I would agree that you have a set or rules that you should be able to follow from that point on. My argument is that determining those points is subjective. Hey what else are we going to do on a Tuesday night
  19. I realize that our impressions of how the rules should be applied are affected by the courses that you play the most. I would think someone that plays in Britain on a course that had knee high grass just off the fairway but no water would hate the lost ball rule compared to the LWH rule. Whereas someone that played in the USA on a course that was perfectly manicured but had water all over the place would think that a ball in a LWH shouldn't be as penal as a lost ball. I love the fact that the rules are the same for everyone at all skill levels on all courses, but that is what making the rules for golf so difficult. I just feel that if you can't find your ball on the course you should take the same penalty as any other ball you can't find on the course. Not to mention that the rules governing LWH are complex as well as subjective. I say eliminate LWH and the game is less complicated and you won't have as many people complaining about stroke and distance penalties.
  20. Sorry for re quoting myself but I think you took my comment about Tiger out of context. My point wasn't that Tiger cheated. I understand that Tiger did what he was supposed to under the rules, but their was a lot of discussion on this forum and elsewhere about if he dropped in the correct location. I think the consensus was that no one could tell for sure if the drop was in the correct location, but he did the right thing and asked others who saw the shot what they thought. My point was that if LWH was eliminated their would be less confusion about where and how to drop. If you find your ball in bounds you can play it like you would any other ball i.e. 2 club lengths with penalty, play it as it lies, or play from the original spot with penalty.
  21. My point is if you can't find your ball for whatever reason the penalty should be the same. I am off to work so I won't be responding until tonight.
  22. So its just the rules that make it a worse shot. I thought the point of this thread was should a shot that goes O.B. or a ball that is lost be penalized the same as a ball that goes into a LWH. In a discusion about change rules, you can't say because the current rules say it is that is a worse shot that is the way it always has to be. I think OB, LWH and lost ball should be treated the same, now should the penalty be 1 stroke or 10 that is a different issue.
  23. I just want to be clear I should have said. I say get rid of red stakes or LWH, if you can find it on the course you can play it, if not go back to your last shot and take your penalty.
  24. No[quote name="Fourputt" url="/t/67379/poll-ob-lost-ball-vs-hazard-unplayable-lie-penalties/60#post_851049"] A ball in an unplayable lie through the green is also a ball you can't play. Should a player be required to take a stroke and distance penalty just because his ball rolled a couple of feet too far and got into some tree roots? The ball in the hazard still has the potential to be playable if it isn't under 12 inches of water, while the ball out of bounds does not. Again, a difference which is fundamental to the treatment of the two situations. [/quote] no but their are a separate set Rules that govern this situation for one you found your ball, if you take unplayable you only get 2 club lengths to give yourself a shot. So you didn't hit the ball way off where you were supposed to. Please don't introduce unplayable's into this discussion you will just confuse me.
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