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  1. You're welcome! *edit* I thought you meant the Snoop line.
  2. My home nine-hole course does a number of scrambles each season. One of them has a DJ at the "turn" that can be heard over the entire layout. It's pretty fun and if you happen to take your scramble results seriously, can make you focus that much more. Dropping a putt for eagle whilst singing along with Snoop Dogg - there are worse things.
  3. Chose the gold tees the last time I played there. A wise decision... Many years prior to that date, I would play either South or North with this group from the bar I worked at. Had to play from the blues (ego). I would rather get kicked in the chest than ever do that again.
  4. Good Lawd! I can't imagine shooting a 58 on the back nine just for that sweet $50 the following week. Very strange.
  5. Are you sure that their indexes are for nine holes? 19 and 22 looks like Joe Leaguenight's regular 18 hole index. In which case: You show a 17 index. You'd give two strokes to the opponent with the 19, on the two lowest handicapped holes on the card. And because it's a nine-hole game, and hole handicaps sort of split between the front and back nines, you may only give one stroke. This is how my league runs match play, based off of established, season to season Northern Nevada GA indexes. Sidebar re: scrambles. Never played in one with handicaps applied. Confuses this thread.
  6. The new Edel SLI looks pretty appealing, as well as the Cobra models. I've researched Paderson shafts though (in the new Edel SLI) and it's oddly high in torque for an iron. Perhaps that's part of the design. I have been playing with a set of the "classic" 1irongolf single-length irons. That company/website screams gimmick, but I wanted to try them anyway. 5-GW at 36" (typical 9 iron). In my experience so far, the 8-GW play very similar to regular, progressive sets because the length is comparable. It is quite enjoyable hitting the "little" mid-irons and I am serious when I say the d
  7. http://www.cobragolf.com/f7-irons Most of what I read re: SL irons says the major makers won't bother because people won't buy them. I suppose we'll see what happens after Xmas...
  8. If you really like your driving performance as of late, you may want to take note of the shaft specs you currently have. Useful the next time you go shopping.
  9. http://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/ping-i-black-dot-irons-steel/15pngm1stlblk4wstirn Like these?
  10. I get it. My main point was option four yields you gaining (or refining) the ability to hit different clubs 100yds or so. I have found it handier than depending on full swings with wedges that close. Years ago, I noticed a main difference between myself and my better playing pals was the approach they had to, umm, approaches. I was thinking "what's my 90yd club" while they would think "what do I want to hit 90yds from here, in this lie, at that green, etc." Does that make sense?
  11. I like to keep things simple and typically carry less than 14 clubs. Having said that, I recommend option four. You may be happier down the road knowing how to shoot a couple or three trajectories with your PW or a short iron. Something else to consider - 120yds in the hitting bay. Will this always translate to your usual course conditions re: roll, wind, etc.? Will that 100yd GW always play 100yds? I've seen a lot of no in my own experience, especially in the full wedge attempts. Good luck!
  12. Nicely written article. Began drinking TM kool-aide with the R11s, which I still have and like playing. Followed the hype and tried the SLDR white and mini. Played both RBZ and Speed Blade irons. After the constant barrage of new product, I started looking at other companies. The lure of very recent product at reduced cost was part of my attraction to TM. When that started to fade, so did my interest. Interesting to see it from inside the company. I am curious to see what TM's new owner does with the brand.
  13. In 2015, I worked my index down to its lowest - 13.6. Broke 40 over nine holes, good times. Started this season with some new gear (because I do that). A little winter rust but I shot another 38 a few rounds into 2016, and then a firm regression to the mean. Lots of 88, 89 combined rounds and an index trending up and now slightly over 16. I think too much - problems with my approach and not the clubs. I debate whether or not I should accept a natural shot shape or force cuts and knock-down irons all in the name of more GIR. Lately, I've returned to SGI irons that are easier to p
  14. Truth. I've gone backwards in index this season, so I've put the player's CBs away and broke out a fresh set of Adams New Idea SGI clubs. All on a lark, but the difference it makes in the mental approach to this rather difficult past-time is worth it to me. Oh, and they're shamefully forgiving. If you've been playing well and progressing quickly, why not stand pat for at least a little while? Unless you're past the point that zero mentions above, in which case go get fitted and be done with it.
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