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  1. THANKS for rule 21!! That is what I was loking for!!
  2. Thanks.. Are you sure??? Any rule #'s ... to back that up. Not that i don't trust you but i want to be positive before i go back to my pro to tell him he made the wrong call in our club championship... Thanks again
  3. We both hit our drives next to each othar in Match play he asked me to mark in fairway i did and stupidly cleaned my ball... then I Said i think i was not supposed to clean it. one stroke?? or lose of hole? i won the tourny 3&1 after it was decided i should lose the hole...but....for future should i have been given just one stroke bc i admitted cleaning my ball???? thanks to all my opponent asked me to mark it in the fairway...
  4. Hi does anyone know the penalty in MATCH PLay for marking the ball off the green and accidently cleaning it??