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  1. JohnTwing

    Loud Drivers

    Exactly. I love the sound. If I can hear an echo, I hit the sweet spot. Perfect auditory feedback.
  2. Not sure how courses like Clearview Park and Dyker Beach are in terms of club rental. Big question - are you going to have a car? If not, you're limited to Van Cortlandt and Dyker Beach (a very good way to get to/from dyker is the X28 Bus from Broadway right to Dyker.)
  3. 30 yards? I might chip a 6-7 iron.
  4. 83 (41-42) today at Dyker Beach. Probably the cleanest round I've ever played. +12 makes it my best round ever (once shot +12 on a par 70). 9 Pars, 6 Bogeys, 3 Double Bogeys. 6/18 GIR, 7/14 Fairways, 0/2 Sand Saves, 31 putts. Avg. Drive 240, Longest 277. Looks like it dropped my handicap by 0.8. Yay. :)
  5. ESC is 7 for me, so generally my 5th shot I try to get aggressive and set up a putt for 6, or my 6th shot I'm always going to try to hole it. If I miss, pick up, you're always going to speed up play.
  6. Playing Tiger 08 as Tiger on some absurdly easy courses we were able to score in the low 50's.
  7. Driving - 4 Approach - 3 Short Game - 4 Sand - 2 Putting - 6 Course Management - 5
  8. 89 (45-44) at Dyker Beach. 1 Birdie, 4 Pars, 7 Bogeys, the rest doubles. Always good to keep the 7's off your card. Had a 276 yard drive too, always good to get those guys.
  9. At Dyker Beach, Par 3 8th hole, 162 yards to the center. Swung a bit too slowly and left it short of the green. Uphill chip with a spine in the way, maybe about 35. Needed to play a bit of break, tried to get it close, and rolled it right into the cup for a nice 2. Always good to get those birdies without the GIR.
  10. This usually happens a lot with me because I'm trying a bit too hard to hit a perfect shot to set me up for birdie/eagle.
  11. Played from the tips, have not played in a month (was in Europe on vacation), and had an outing slowing down things horribly (as many as 5 groups on 1 hole sometimes). Went 0 for 14 on fairways. Argh. Still shot a 92 ;)
  12. 3rd hole at Cleaview from the tips. 430 yard Par 4, but downhill, but I hit the drive off-center, ended up 215 out. Took my 2h, and pured it with a nice fade (the necessary shape) to the back of the green (235 yards). 2 putted for par.
  13. 6 hours yesterday, we were stuck behind an outing. Oh dear god it was frustrating.
  14. Had to do it once, but was way too scared about messing up the green so I used a hybrid, still ended up in the rough, though.
  15. Yeah, the rulebook says "virtually certain", but often it is impossible to come up with another expanation.
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