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  1. 36 is anything but my handicapp. I should probably edit that. Just looking for a decent set to play on the weekends with and don't wnat to spend 60 minutes at my local golf galaxy listening to the sales folks try and convince me to spend more than I want to.
  2. Still a bit more than what I was looking to spend. I was looking to spend between $300-$500.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but you're talking close to $1000.
  4. So I have my choices narrowed down to the following: Nike Ignite II Irons Adams A3OS Irons I've been searching around Craigslist, TGS and Rockbottom and found a few deals and am tempted at a few local ads: $850 for everything below 08 R7 CGB Max HT Driver with matching 3 &5 Wood with movable weight technology Regular Flex Graphite Shaft (Covers Included) 09 Burner Plus 3 & 4 Hybrid Regular Flex Steel Shaft (Covers Included) 09 Burner Plus 5,6,7,8,9,PW Regular Flex Steel Shaft (Covers Included) 09 Burner Plus 56 Degree Sand Wedge and 60 degree Lob Wedge Regular Flex Steel Shaft (Covers Included) 09 Taylormade Rossa Daytona Putter (Cover Included) 08 Bag Boy Revolver Cart Bag with individual sleeves and club locks, the top revolves 360 degrees for easy access and has two outside club holders with locks New Taylormade Golf Towel 75 2 3/4 inch 5 point no friction tees Taylormade Movable Weight Technology tool with case Then found this for $225: For sale is a very good set of Ping I3 Irons 3-SW green dot. The shafts are Rifle 6.0 Flighted except the SW with is standard cushin Z65. Also, for sale is as Taylor Made R5 type N drive 9.5, very long with headcover. Then this for $200: Ping IST K Blue dot This this for $225: Ping G5 irons-Green Dot. 4-PW Steel regular shafts(+1/2")+ Stand Bag Any advice? I'm just a weekend warrior who plays maybe 6 times a year. Wish I could play more, just don't have the time. Looking to spend between $300-$500 only.
  5. So I'm in the market for a decent used set of clubs as I sold my X-14's (graphite shafts) to my cousin. All I have left is my YES putter. After much searching on this site I've lined up 6 lessons but need to get some replacement clubs first. Given my horrid ability out on the links I figured I would settle for a decent used set off Craigslist or the local Golf Galaxy. Here is what I have considered: Adams Tight Lies Complete Set $300 shipped from Rock Bottom Golf (New) Adams Idea Hybrid Irons (New) Ping Eye 2 (Used) Ping G5 (Used) Nike CCI (New) Also, should I consider a hybrid over the traditional 3 and 4 iron? What should I expect to pay for a good used set? Not worrying about a driver now. Would like to focus on irons and putting. I'm sure neglected to mention other brands above so feel free to suggest.
  6. There, I said it. My overall game actually sucks. But playing a par 3 course the other day, I am close to hitting the green from the t-box every time, however, I dread having to use my wedge for the reason below. What is the difference in the different types of wedges (lob, etc.)? I have one in my bag with a simple "P" on it and each shot with it differs. Sometimes the ball will go straight up and other times it will go like a line drive. I am sure it has everything to do with my poor swing more than anything. Do I need to add a different wedge to my bag?
  7. Squid from Virginia

    Now is a good time to buy just about anywhere. We'll probably move within a year. Twin Lakes is actually very nice for a county course. Good fairways and clean.
  8. Squid from Virginia

    I'm actually thinking about buying my next house there.
  9. Squid from Virginia

  10. New to the game and have a full set of clubs gifted to me by my father: X-14 Callaway Irons VFT Callaway 3 & 5 wood Now I snapped ths shaft of the big bertha ERC so bought a new driver last night. I get the feeling I made the wrong choice. I bought a Taylormade R5 dual driver with a 9.5 degree and stiff shaft. Paid $100 new at Sports Authority. Feel like I should've bought a used club to see what I like first. 1st off, I have no idea what the differences in the degrees are. Any advice on a driver for someone new to the game. Tere are too many to choose from. I don't want to spend more than $150 on a driver as even the most grandest driver in the world would still make no difference in my game. 2nd, the putter in the set given to me is older than me I think. I found a Ping Karsten B60 putter for $80 on craigslist yesterday and it caught my eye. Lastly - The bag that I got with the set seems pretty heavy. I think it's a Callaway Hawkeye. Any advice for a lighter weight bag?
  11. Squid from Virginia

    Hi all from Virginia. Squid is a term used for new motorcycle riders so I thought I would roll it over to golf as well. Been browsing the forums for a few days now and it seems to be a wealth of information so I figured I would register to solicit advice among other things. Where do I start? I was given a set of clubs from my father who doesn't play much anymore and have played 4 times on a course. All other experience was limited to the range and putt-putt. To make matters worse, I grew up playing baseball through high school and I swear that has doomed any potential for a good golf swing. So the good: A set of Callaway X-14 steelhead irons 3 & 5 wood VFT Callaways ERC Callaway Big Bertha Driver with an 11 degree (recently snapped the shaft) No name putter Callaway Hawkeye bag Who am I to complain? While I am not as familiar with the game or the equipment that comes with it, Callaway seems pretty popular (and expensive to me). I've played at Beachwoods in Myrtle Beach, Blue Mash in Gaithersburg and Twin Lakes in Fairfax (for free through a hook-up). My goal is to become a decent all around player who doesn't embarrass himself or have to take more than 1 tee shot because my ball is in the drink or the woods. Additionally, learning about etiquette & proper technique interests me as much as the game itself. I am not much of a reader, but if something catches my interest I'll get hooked. Plus I am activley looking for a decent instructor to take a few lessons from to diagnose my excuse for a swing. Why do I all of a sudden like golf? One of the worlds hardest, expensive, frustrating games. Besides the relaxing atmosphere, that one good shot will always get you tome come back for more.
  12. Overrated Players

    I haven't had a chance to read through all of this but does winning a major make you exempt from being overrated? I find lefty incredibly overrated.
  13. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Hard to argue with Tiger at this point given his age and what he has accomplished. On the flip side, could he do it with the inferior technology, training, etc. that Jack had while he played? 2 different era's and not easy to compare. Plus I am one who never even picked up club until I started watching Woods, so his impact on the game is not a point of arguement over Jack if you ask me.
  14. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Asset Manager for top 5 largest real estate owner in the country