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  1. Thankyou both for posting, that image was eye opening as I didn’t realise how close my hands were to my body, and the drills in the golftec link were really helpful. For the time being hopefully I’ve found a way around it!
  2. Unfortunatly had to upload to YouTube but will work on getting a vid that can be straight uploaded.
  3. Hi all, it’s been years since I last posted but always keep a watchful eye on the forum. As my description suggests I really am struggling with the shanks at the minute to the point where I cannot find the centre of the face and quite simply I cannot attempt to play golf. My swing and game has come on leaps and bounds in the last year and my current HC is 15 but I have been shooting single figures over par. The shanks has crept in my game for about a hear now but it is getting progressively worse to the point where we are now. I’ve had lessons to rectify before but the pro in my area has let me down recently and not gotten back to me so I’ve been left to myself and recording swings to try and work it for myself. I’ve used foot spray, alignment sticks, golf ball outside the one I’m hitting I’m bereft of ideas! I thought I had cracked it a week ago but went to the range tonight in prep for an Easter weekend of golf and it’s just as bad if not worse then before. I’ve attached a video of 2 swings, one a week ago that I think looks pretty solid and also felt great and then tonight’s, any feeedback or thoughts would be of great help. Applgise of this should be posted elsewhere, I’m a man in desperate help!
  4. Its not really a shank though was it? He just smashes it straight at what looks like a Tee Box Marker in front of Him!
  5. @ZappyAd I get a cold chill down my spine every time I watch it, but I think he did it more then once...hence the change
  6. I've been interested about Ernie's issues with his putting over the past year, just watching the European Tour Dubai Desert Classic and the Big Easy seems to be going pretty well. If you didn't know he's struggled with the 'Y*ips' (must not be named) on the green especially close putts (there's a video going around where he is literally gimme distance and just pushes it wild right). Judging by his score so far today & recent performances he's coming back, this is an interesting read too... http://www.golfdigest.com/story/ernie-els-may-have-found-fix-for-yippy-putting-stroke I personally went to left arm low putting at the start of last summer, admittedly partly due to Jordan's success, but boy am I glad its paid dividends since and its one of my most improved parts of the game. It's interesting to see this method slowly becoming more and more popular, and one wonders if its not long before every newcomer will be taught to putt left arm low.
  7. So I guess some contributing factors to this could be down to the fact im 6'3'' and still using a set of Ebay special £80 wilson 'reflex' clubs, that definitely aren't long enough for me, this is just whats available to me at the minute unfortunately. However the posture issue is something to consider. With the hips, am I right in thinking the 'bump' forward coincides with turning that left hip higher, as a feel I assume its like a drive toward the ball? It's crazy you come looking for one thing that you thought was a bit off key & end up leaving with several
  8. Video below, as you'll see through impact I'm onto my heel and twisting out. Sorry seem to have forgotten how to embed since the site changed!?
  9. Hi all, I've noticed something occurring with my swing recently that may or may not be a bad thing. Over the last year and I gained vast amounts of consistency in my swing, however just recently I've been hitting a fair few thin shots & lacking accuracy I wonder if this could have anything to do with it. I've tried searching the site and google but a lot of the heel related issues occur to be around the right leg, this is my lead leg (left for a right hander) that as I come into impact, my toes/front of the foot rise and my heel twists out left, appearing to be taking the weight? If I'm really going for one I tend to end up chasing after the thing down the fairway. Could this be a pure weight distribution issue? Or perhaps I'm a victim of overthinking? I have a slow mo video I can attach if that description doesn't elaborate much! Cheers guys, Matt
  10. I used to ground the club but then the takeaway looked as though I was trying to control a full grown Rottweiler! Its interesting that this thread has come up, as Putting has always been my biggest struggle. I read in golf monthly last issue (I believe) Shane Lowry talking about not exactly grounding the putter but at the same time not hovering. I guess its a bit of half and half & I believe this is what you refer to as 'feeling the weight of the putter'. Well its something I have done ever since, for me at least it helps, ease the tension and give me grater feel on the putting stroke, putted pretty well Saturday!
  11. Just here to gloat/blow my own trumpet (its been a long time coming mind!) I managed to shoot 87 yesterday (& beat all my buddies for the first time to in our 4 ball, including my bro which is always a sweet one ) for the first time, & gee isn't golf fun when it all goes near enough to plan! Its not been long since I was struggling to keep my score under 100, I've been playing better then that for a while just things weren't pulling together, Thought I'd mention a few things why I feel I struggled to get to this point & what I've done differently. - There was ALWAYS a blow up hole, and not just your average blow up, I mean nuclear (one time It took me like 5 shots to get out of a wet wet bunker, there and then my first attempt at sub 90 & 100 went with my head too), now when its going well, I just try to keep going as best I can (I always have that fiery temper inside me, but the less I think about final round score the less the pressure gets to me) if I can keep things to no more then 7s on a few holes that's 'acceptable' damage ( I hit one 7 on the 18th yesterday). - I was wasteful with my putts, used to rush everything, didn't take enough time to consider the read, line, pace etc...little things like marking your ball to your line I have felt make a difference to your putt, I'm not the greatest at it and 3 putted 3/4 times yesterday, but this would've been more 2 months ago. - Keeping the ball in play, this is where the majority of my penalties/strokes come from, not that I'm erratic but I might have 2 holes a round where I will be 3 off the tee, yesterday was the first time I've gone round without having a 3 off the tee. - Know your limits, try and fight your desire to become Phil with the wedge on the tight lie, or Rory with the driver on that tight 370 yard Par 4, leave yourself clubs you feel comfortable with. Typically I will try to hit 9 iron at most 8 onto the green, otherwise I'll consider a lay up. I got caught out yesterday trying to flop with my 64 wedge, Said to my bro if i hit it well it'd land soft and perfect for the par save, instead of playing for the green attempting the 1 putt required & at worst it would've been 5, I ended up skulling it all the way to the back & was lucky to hit a 6. - Play for your shape, I desired the draw flight so much it affected my swing, in the end I thought screw it just aim a little further left and be more open, play with the fade or whatever it is you seem to be producing that day! - Have fun, yesterday was probably the most fun we've had playing it absolutely hammered it down with rain for the first 5 holes, then was glorious sunshine (good ol' blighty) and we were able to joke about, laugh at each others mishaps and all walk off with good scores.
  12. Go for it sounds like right good fun, it'll be nigh on impossible, but I bet you laugh all the way round!
  13. Thought I would add an update after being a little dormant! Been practicing and playing all through the end of spring and now into the season especially at Easter I played some of the best golf I've ever played (hit a 92 & 94) over that weekend, however it wouldn't be golf if something new didn't creep in! I have found myself coming from the inside better producing initially a nice draw flight but this has become a pull hook/ hook with almost all clubs but wedges. I think I'm the over end of extreme and find myself so far from the inside a couple of times I've completely missed the ball, it's gotten in my head and my scores have been affected by I in the last few weeks where I find myself again the wrong side of 100! These are some videos of me in the range last week consciously working on a fade shape or at least not coming too much on the inside ( sticks are down to give me a visual aid). [video]http://youtu.be/loKnGoKZ7zs[/video] [video]http://youtu.be/xaIsoy7icK8[/video] I wondered if anyone could notice from the swing points that may be the reason for my new found hooks and pulls, consequently I was hitting it amazing on this night in the range, so I'd be happy to hear some positive feedback as I thought I was nailing it! Apologies for just the DTL view and the light it was sunny for once here in Blighty! Cheers guys, Matt
  14. Christ I couldn't think of anything worse then a lesson from Crossfield, wouldn't be sure who to shoot first myself or him! Pretty sure there are plenty of good clubs out toward more Kent way assuming your S/E London and near that way, I would say hunt with Google, but unfortunately not my neck of the woods!
  15. So I wondered everyone's thoughts on this driver, I broke my RBZ Stage 2 Last week and my buddy has leant me his Cally diablo black whilst he's on holiday, similar spec (Stiff 9.5 degree) as my previous driver but this thing just feels so damn good. I know its getting on for 5 years old now, & thus I may loose some distance seen in modern clubs but the comfort I've felt with this club has led me to look to buy one for myself (or convince my bud to sell me his club!) I also think it looks great with a complete black finish (I never could get on with the white driver It just looked far to flash for my eye). Ideally I'd love to go and look at a Ping G25/30 or the new Callaway XR but for the meantime finding my feet in the world of golf I can pick up the Callaway on eBay for about £65/$90 used and on one site about £90/$140 brand new so I wondered if any of you guys have it in your bag or currently are gaming this club and what your thoughts were? Cheers Guys, Matt
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