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  1. Likewise. I know some on here (justifiably) dislike him, but I do think that his fall a couple of years back humbled him somewhat.
  2. Two closing thoughts: 1) How spoiled for Masters tournaments have we been in the last five years? We are really overdue a poor one... 2) Molinari's game feels perfectly set up for a US Open. He'll be back.
  3. In case people are interested, Tiger's post-round interview in full: A lot of painful questions in there, but the bit that will stand out to all of those who read LSW would be the amount of importance he stresses on missing in the right places - i.e. 12, 18. Throughout the interview, he comes across as very at-peace and humble - big fan of this interview. Not sure the wind got up, but I'll take this call!
  4. If he has a lead, he could just see him play 18 with a three wood. Agreed on 17... Birdie on 16 would give him a huge comfort zone.
  5. Oh no, Francesco - doesn't deserve that 😞
  6. When the storm gets here, is that us done till Monday?
  7. Dustin at -11 out of just about nowhere. Haven't seen any coverage of him.
  8. I really dislike Bubba, but that was a classy bunker shot
  9. Watch Augusta now go and plant a few more trees on that side of 11
  10. Ugh. Laptop deciding to randomly shut down and install all updates 15 minutes ago was less than ideal.
  11. Two hours for six holes. Not good...
  12. That up and down... Wow
  13. Totally agree with this. I'm sure he has about four or five green light holes and will make hay there.
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