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  1. NFL 2017-2018

    I could not be enjoying this Rams-Seahawks matchup any more.
  2. The SW stats definitely show what I thought in the other thread - launch angle is your massive variable. P.S. I'll post my 3W too when mine arrives - that club goes all over the place. Currently, my Mevo package is still bouncing around every post office in New York...!
  3. Your Final 10 Rounds

    I really, really want to play here. Been on my bucket list for some time, but we keep going to the other side of Scotland... To add some more links to this list My top ten: Royal Lytham & St Annes. Just an amazing links course. Not the prettiest, but the best test of golf I've ever had - you have to play just about every shot imaginable. Rye (Old). Very old-school, exclusive and again, phenomenally tough links. Par of 69 with the sole par 5 as your opener, so would love to see how I scored again. Hindhead Was a member here for a long time - lots of heather and two very contrasting nines with some fun elevation changes. Hankley Common Top end heathland course - great design, lots of heather and so open that you feel you're the only ones out there. Burnham and Berrow (Championship) My current course; doesn't have a weak hole and in fact has a number of stunners. Great links and plays differently every day due to the wind. Turnberry (Ailsa) Played this just after it reopened and whilst the two I was paired up with (US tourists who took driver at everything, badly, then blamed the caddie for not being able to find their ball that had sliced some 60* right...) almost ruined it, it's certainly the most spectacular course I've ever played. Would love to do it again, properly. Western Gailes Loved every second of this round with lots of blind shots and the feel that you really had to plot the ball around the course. Royal North Devon So, there are sheep everywhere, no greenkeepers and you turn up wondering where you're going or what you're doing. 5 holes in and you love the place. The back nine was brutal dead into the wind, but I had a very close game with a friend here and this was the perfect course for it. Saunton (East) I like the West, but the East has some class holes that just lift it above. Big, championship greens, an amazing 18th to finish with and some really well thought-out stretches. Woburn (Marquess) A slow round and the only parkland course to make the list - towering pines and perfect greens made it feel like a US course. Some really nice design, but really it was just the grandness of the course that made it special.
  4. I think they are planning on coming out with a Combine-like feature, so that will certainly help. My bet is that it's one of: tempo. launch angle (are you delofting randomly) or contact. Work out which and then go from there. Additionally, as others said, pick a yardage and aim for that. Work out a solid 75 yard, 100 yard and 50 yard shot first of all and then adapt from there. Launch angle with the driver will be good for you to work on as well - they're the two main reasons I'm buying one.
  5. My Swing (b101)

    So today was supposed to be a practice day but snow and silly winds put that plan on the backburner. Instead, lots of work on the putting indoors ? Definitely getting there with the path, although stance changes still feel a bit strange
  6. By that, I mean a 3/4 pitching or gap wedge. Appreciate that maybe that's slightly odd terminology on my part!
  7. Useful - I'd never thought to take crooked yardages into account. Appreciate your time and input, as ever!
  8. Tough hole vs Gimmick

    I think I agree with most others in that there's a difference between a gimmick (not always a negative, IMO) and poor design (definitely a negative). The single worst hole I've ever played, for example, is this one: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/benpage101/round/930037?hole_id=24272786 You have to hit to about a 5 square yard section of fairway, or else it's simply punch round a corner and take your chances at a pitch and putt unless you fancy really trying hard to work the ball. The hole's only defense is that you have to be stupidly accurate/lucky off the tee. For me, it's therefore a poor hole as you need to hit the perfect shot to have a chance, rather than just a good shot. A good hole (IMO), should reward a good shot.
  9. TST Member Review - FlightScope Mevo

    Great review and it's good to see such positive and in-depth feedback. Hope you find a workaround to the net issue!
  10. No, but not by any means long either. What I meant was that, given that I don't think I'm a particularly big hitter, it's not the distance that I'd think should leave 3/4 wedges into greens
  11. Didn't actually play 16 due to lack of light, but yes, that would have been a longer club, for sure. I had a 7i into the 2nd and put myself out of position on 4, 8 and 13. Interesting aside that the only holes I ended up blocked out on were the longer par fours, so I wonder whether I knew that subconsciously... Certainly wasn't thinking about it specifically
  12. I keep finding myself coming back to this debate after a couple of rounds at non-Championship courses - whatever that definition is actually based on... I played at a local-ish course last weekend and whilst I wouldn't class myself as a big hitter (I averaged 245 or so from the tee in very wet winter conditions), I had one 7i into a green for a par 4 and a lot of full or even partial wedges. In winter, they move the whites and yellows together, so there wasn't much difference between the two there either. There's no way of making that course much more difficult other than tricking the greens up or (as it does at points) having very tight fairways and treelines that interfere with an approach shot. Rolling the ball back to make my drive 220 or so would allow for a few holes where I would take low irons and the odd 3 wood on a par four. At the same time, I was playing with three friends whose combined handicap would have been over 100. The golf ball doesn't really matter that much to them, but one of them can hit his driver well - just that everything else is very hit and miss. So, rolling the ball back would actually take away his strength whilst leaving his weakness (topped balls etc) exactly the same. The short answer is that there's no easy answer to having us both play the same course. It just takes a lot of creativity with game format and handicapping to make it work. https://golf.kingswood-golf.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/scorecard.pdf https://www.gamegolf.com/player/benpage101/round/1945637 Still remains an interesting debate and one that I have no idea about.
  13. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    Nice to see him admit a change of opinion... Loved seeing Tiger back - does anyone have an idea of how the ratings compared to other tournaments across the year?
  14. My Swing (b101)

    Played my first round in a while yesterday (off the yellow tees as I was with friends who play, very loosely, off of 32/36) and went round pretty well! Driving was on point meaning that I had my usual wedges into greens and those were pretty damn good, too. Additionally, when I did have an iron in, I was striking it pretty nicely and there weren't any real disaster putts... It's quite a straightforward course if you get your tee shot away, with the damage coming (see holes 3, 8 and 13 - although I actually pulled off my best shot of the day (7i punch draw through a tiny gap in the tree) on 13) when you miss the fairway and get blocked out. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/benpage101/round/1945637 Strokes Gained looks nice and I had some really comfortable yardages for approach wedges - mainly 100-115. I know that, based on the rule, I should find 80 yards easier, but I still haven't got confidence in that shot with my SW compared to the GW/PW that work so well from slightly longer distances. One poor hole (3) where I caught a muddy lie and then just failed to get up and down after that. Pretty positive though - the putting is improving and distance control getting miles better. Only drained one that I wouldn't have called a gimme, on the 5th, but it's getting there. It's the long par threes with anything over a 7i that I'm still unconfident on. Progress though - I'll be trying to make time for more putting practice at home and I have another round in a couple of weeks to target.
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/benpage101/round/1945637 +6 through 14 before light went. Really happy given that I haven't played much recently. Just had a bit of a nightmare on the first par 3, where I found two muddy lies and played poor wedge shots. Otherwise pretty decent!

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