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  1. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Still only two back. Stranger things have happened...
  2. 11/3/18 - Had a very short range session this morning, just to get some feels back when hitting balls. Now spent about 30 minutes rolling putts on the mat and checking setup in the mirror. Setup mostly good, but pushing ball position a little further forward has made a good difference to start line.
  3. 10/3/18 - Another 10 minutes of slow motion work, this time with the medicine ball, targeting shoulder turn against the hips.
  4. 9/3/18 - Getting back on this after a week or so off due to crazy low temperatures and snow. Spent my 5 minutes with the medicine ball, working on the shoulder turn whilst limiting hip movement and then progressing to slow motion work with a wedge.
  5. 26/2/18 - 5 minutes of mirror work on the shoulder/hip turn without a club. Still trying to get that feel of the coil working and it's far too cold to do anything outside at the moment!
  6. 24/25 /2/18 - replying for today and yesterday (birthday, so kind of forgot to update). 24th saw a good 30 minutes of putting in front of the TV working on the Visio template and tempo. Today, played about 8 holes before retiring due to it being -1 and just unbearable. Couldn't feel my hands, so it was becoming a bit of a pointless exercise!
  7. 160 yards to break 90?!

    Yeah, not buying this. What do you do on a 200 yard par three? Play your 7 iron into trouble, then try to get up and down? Just feels like clickbait IMO. This is where I never understand the 'take 3 wood over driver for safety' argument. My misses with a 3 wood might be better, laterally, by I'm about 100 more times likely to top it or sky it and have it go nowhere. Also, as @billchao mentions, it's very easy to say just 'two putt every hole' and don't miss close range putts. Anyone struggling to break 90 just has no chance of doing this without actually working on their stroke and fundamentals. Maybe, but it's hardly a strategy for long-term improvement...
  8. 23/2/18 - Better work with medicine ball, trying to make the same swings but really feeling my shoulders turn against my hips. Will continuing to work on it, but liking the coil feel
  9. 22/2/18 - 5 minutes of medicine ball ribcage swings in the basement this morning. Will really try to generate a bit more time tomorrow as there's other areas to focus on!
  10. 21/2/18 - short gym session (not totally golf-related, but it all helps!) including more of the medicine ball work. Then did some more mirror work on backswing feels at home
  11. @nabzi - definitely worth doing. Felt like it took ages to arrive, partly due to mine travelling over Christmas, and expect a small charge from Parcelforce (mine was £19 in the end as their standard 'handling fee') but it's the best way to do it. Erik was also great with keeping me updated and just helping check where the parcel was.
  12. 20/2/18 - Short range session still working on the same feels with medicine ball and ribcage swings.
  13. 19/2/18 - Didn't get much time today, but made enough to do some more medicine ball work, alternating that and swinging a club very slowly to try to blend the feels. Hoping to get some range time tomorrow if all pans out, so that'd be nice!
  14. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    I can go to sleep pretty much anywhere with no issues. That said, I will either read or watch something very light to start feeling drowsy then switch off and am usually out within 2 minutes.
  15. The benefit of lessons

    This is almost always the issue with people who gripe about lessons, IMO. Obviously, there are some poor instructors out there but I bet the percentage of people who don't practise between lessons is worryingly high.

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