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  1. Thanks, av! Waiting for delivery of my G-650. You'll be my head-wrench?
  2. Got one? Outside the GWR top cincuenta, por favor. Got two drafts, this weekend. Ustacould pick one, but Peter Uihlein (my super-sleeper last yr) blew that up, now I'm gun-shy. Help a brutha out.
  3. I prefer the John Daly/Kenny G version. http://telly.com/1OVOSIG
  4. Major props to the PA man that had the song queued up!
  5. When I rip a drive down the sprinkler line, 300. Flip wedge.... and a one-stab. Alas..... creeping death,,, chili and a 3 stab. DIE, DIE, DIE.......
  6. I don't get it. You seem to want to denigrate M-A-J for his self-admitted foibles, whilst giving him props for admitting those foibles. IDK, mebbe too many double neg's for my bean.
  7. I think you'll fit in here. Lie your moxie.
  8. Upright character..... doubtful. To Sir: with love.
  9. Thanks! "count as a fairway, one over" lol. Never happened to me, but I've heard of it.
  10. That's a bit harsh, dont'cha think? The cat has been competitive in a few of the recent majors. Don't blame him for wanting to wait a few yrs. Absolutely love the guy. But wtf is that squirrel doing under his hat?
  11. 73 and sunny here Sunday. Former upper-midwesterner... so I'm diggin' the scene and year-round G. Still getting used to southern summers being the 'worst time' to play... and the other seasons being ideal. Used to watch the Masters in April (as a kid).... and look outside at snow on the ground. Brutal...
  12. Haven't read all 119 pages. anyone mention this? A good friend turned me onto it.
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