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    Hi, I'am looking for first names of several golf architects : Chatterton (in 80's) P Pfenning (in 60's) Hockey (in 30"s) Thank for your help
  2. Hi, I'm looking for full first names and Country origin for Champions and Finalits of the French International Amateur match play (Gordon Bennett cup). Mainly players from Great Britain. years Champions Finalists 1904 J. Owerbury (Ang) 1905 A.H Grosfield (?) 1906 R.G Graham (?) C.H Gray (?) 1907 S. J Chesterton (Ang) R.G Graham (Ang) 1908 W. G Pringle (Ang) G. Allis (?) 1912 C.B Mac Farlane (Ang) 1921 D.Stonor Crowther (Ang) 1926 W.L Richard (Usa) 1927 H. Van Alst Brower (Usa) 1928 A.H Vincent (?) 1929 R.Fletcher (Ang) 1930 R.G Morrison ( ?) 1931 C.E. Hardman (Ang) 1932 E.Noel Layton (Ang) 1933 G.A Dixon Jr (Usa) 1961 W. Pierce (GB ?) Thank for your help.
  3. saab1949

    French Amateur Championship 1904-1908

    Thanks for your answers I started with the french federation, but they have nothing at all about these events. I used old newspapers through "archives internet sites", it was enough after 1919, but iI have found notihng before 1914. At this time golf was not very popular in France. The French International Amateur Championship was palyed mainly by british players, it is the reasonwhile, it is possible to find results in british newspapers. It is the way used by "french historian of golf". But it is difficult for me to fond alone this information, it is the reasonwhile I need your help. I Have already found the winners and runner up, see below 1904 La Boulie H-G Beeche 9 et 7 J. Owerbury 1905 La Boulie A. H Grosfield 7 et 5 Sir Edgar Vinvent 1906 La Boulie R.G Graham 11 et 10 C. H Gray 1907 La Boulie S. J Chesterton 9 et 7 R. G Graham 1908 La Boulie W. G Pringle 3 et 1 G. Allis I'am waiting for new interesting answers. Regards
  4. Hello everybody I’m looking for the results of the French Amateur Championship from 1904 (the first one) to 1908. I have find nothing in France about these events ?? I already know the winners and the runner up, but I don’t know player’s name for the first, second and third rounds. I think that the number of players was very low, particularly in 1904. If you don’t know the answers, may be you know somebody who knows partially or completely the answers, please give me his email. Information to help you 1 approximate dates 1904 : ? 1905 : 10 14 june 1906 : 13 15 june 1907 : 14 16 june 1908 : 11 13 june 2 possible newspapers Western Times Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Dundee Courier Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Aberdeen Journal Gloucester Citizen Western Daily Press Nottingham Evening Post Edinburgh Evening News Hull Daily Mail Dundee Evening Telegraph 3 Other tracks Golfer magazines Many thanks per advance A poor French golfer asking help to “the country of golf”

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