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  1. voodoo

    My swing (Voodoo)

    Ok thanks. Let me address the things you mentioned. - I know and have know for awhile I need to do something about my grip. Seems like I take the easy way out when it comes to changing it though. It just feels so comfortable and I figure why change it? (even though I know I need to). Living in NE Ohio and with this being the off season (although it's never an off season w/ my golf simulator room), now is the perfect time to change the grip. I can NEVER go back to overlap or interlock so I just have to find a 10 finger solution. I have dabbled trying to get my hands closer together but I struggle finding something comfortable. I'll make it a priority. - Never occurred to me to narrow my stance. Not sure what I accomplish by doing it but you know way more than me about the golf swing so no problem - I will narrow it. - I've definitely loaded and anchored into my left leg at address. I picked that move up from watching some youtube video and it just felt good. One of my misses is a fat iron shot and I figured if I anchor my lead leg that would be less movement required. I thought with less movement maybe I'd learn to strike it purer. I definitely have that feeling of "falling back" on the downswing like you mentioned. Not all the time, and certainly more so with the driver. - As far as allowing the left knee to rotate in more - that's an easy fix. (at least I hope it is) I hit balls and/or play daily on my sim - so I will implement these changes immediately. The grip may be the toughest thing to change and perhaps one of the most important. Thanks for the advice!
  2. voodoo

    My swing (Voodoo)

    I figured that would be one of the first questions brought up. You asked what is the story behind it? Well..... it is indeed a story.... so here's the deal. Years ago, when I couldn't even break 100.... sliced everything.... and pretty much just a terrible golfer - I tried everything to improve and nothing worked. So... one day I saw an advertisement for the Heard Super Swing. It was only like $40 for the "system" so myself, my father, and my uncle figured what the heck and ordered it. Not sure how familiar you are with it but in a nutshell, here's the concept. Ten finger grip, both hands turned super strong, and a no rotation of the club face type of swing. There's more to it than that but that gives you an idea. What it did was, was completely eliminate the slice...and the "miss" becomes a hook. I used this for a year or so but eventually the hooks did me in. I did shoot some pretty good scores, including some in the upper70s, and coming from the 90/100s...this was a positive step. So.... having success with an "alternative" type of swing that got rid of my banana ball....I continued my journey. This was about the time Natural Golf was gaining some popularity. While I never actually used this system, I did become quite engaged in an offshoot of it. Scott Hazledine was at one time, director of instruction for Natural Golf. He too ventured off on his own and created a teaching system title Ideal Mechanical Advantage. His theory was a swing based on the young Moe Norman, not the 60 year old Moe that Natural Golf copied or tried to copy. Scott's system had some flexibility with the grip and I naturally kept the 10 finger grip. The grip then became not as strong as the Heard grip but still 10 finger. It's also why, to this day, I tend to setup in a single axis manner. That is, the clubshaft and my trail arm in alignment. Then, I stumbled across the methods/teachings of Jack Kuykendall - another supposedly Moe Norman advocate (among other things). He believed in a split hands grip. So, being the type of golfer to try anything, I started splitting my hands a little. I think over time, they have stayed separated and now, when I try a more conventional grip, either interlocking or overlapping, it just feels way, way too strange. I can't even control the club. I have visited Erik a couple of times about 2 years ago, and of course, the grip became a topic. His thought was that a 10 finger grip was OK... but I should make the effort to keep them closer together. And I probably should do that. You asked... and that's my story.
  3. voodoo

    My swing (Voodoo)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 25 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8-10 My typical ball flight is: medium high in height.... draws w/ irons...who knows w/ driver The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Overdraws w/ irons, especially 7 iron thru wedges.... and fat shots Videos:
  4. Here's some pics both inside and outside. The sun room ended up being 16 by 20 but I wish I had went a tad bigger. But then.... more $$$$ of course.
  5. voodoo

    Practice mat

    I have a Monster mat for my home simulator. I know several other people who have these in their setups as well. It has some cushion to it.... better for the joints. I love mine. Very affordable too. No signs of wear even after 6 months of almost daily use. Can turn it and wear out another spot if necessary. Takes a real tee too. http://www.allturfmats.com/MonsterTee-Golf-Mats-s/36.htm
  6. No problem. I'll take some tomorrow when it's lighter out.
  7. Thanks for the hate! (love). I've actually been reading this site for years.... posted a very, very small number of times under a different username. I don't remember the username exactly and the email address attached to it I no longer use... so I just started a new name. I've even had two or three lessons from Erik. And yes, the set up is great. I'm very lucky to have a wife like the one I have.... she actually insisted I do it - I didn't want to spend the $$$$ but she convinced me. I'm a fortunate man. The golf room is a blast.
  8. I wish I had some advice for you. I had a sunroom (really a golf simulator room) addition built on to my house last spring/early summer. I live in NE Ohio and it's awesome to be able to play golf whenever I want. I mean really awesome. I play roughly 5 times a week and love it. It was not a do it yourself project for me (the addition) but we did do the golf simulator part ourselves after the room was done. It was not cheap & I'm going to owe some $$$ for a long time. But you only live once!! Not sure what you plan on using for the actual sim part - I use a GC2 which is easily the best option for accuracy/realism. Again, it's not cheap. Main drawback is if you have lefties and righties playing at the same time it really isn't feasible. Myself and any friends/family that play on mine are all righties. The software/courses available with the GC2 are unreal. I even play in an online league with others from around the country & Canada. Life is good. Any questions about the sim part itself & I would be happy to try an answer. Truth is... my wife is most of the brains here.

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