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  1. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    So, after searching for a while, "not so extensively, I might add" I finally found Coach Greg Sands' email, and I contacted him about potentially walking on due to the fact that I haven't produced any results that would truly catch anybody's eyes. He emailed me back today, and frankly, while it may not be much, it's something. So he emailed me back saying that while his roster is full, to keep him updated on my results in case a person drops from the team. He also said that if I was playing in a tournament soon to let him know so that either him or one of his assistant coaches could come watch me while I'm playing in said tournament. So I told him of two of the tournaments that I am playing in this semester, one of them being at Texas Tech's home course, therefore not only is it easy for one of them to make it, but since they are hosting one of the NCAA Regionals there, the course is playing much more difficult than usual, therefore adding interest if I were to play exceptionally well there. That tournament seemed to interest him a little bit, so he might come and watch me play! Needless to say, I'm bouncing off of the walls just from what he said, and I guess that we shall see what he says from here, and hopefully it's only good news from here on out.
  2. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    ok, so then I shall now start a new thread that I will deam as "How about TTU?" I have some new info from Coach Greg Sands at Texas Tech that is absolutely exciting. So y'all go check out my new thread, hopefully this one will be a little better.
  3. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    Ok, so I've come to the conclusion that even though I've talked so highly about Baylor, I've decided not to go to Baylor, nor because of golf, but because of the fact that is rather go to Texas Tech University and pay 5 times less to get just as good of an education. Frankly, my family and I live near Tech and it would be much easier on us. Therefore, I wish that I could change the title of this thread to 'Journey to becoming a Red Raider.' I have tackled to a friend's who had talked to Coach Sands at Texas Tech and he said that if you qualify for the match play rounds in the US Amateur, or qualify for the US Open, you get an automatic spot, so that will be my goal for this upcoming year. To qualify for either or both of those.
  4. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    Ok, so earlier today, I got some an email that wasn't exactly what I wanted to find out about, but I guess I'll roll with the punches and play my heart out in every tournament imaginable. Dear ******, Thank you so much for your e-mail and especially for your interest in Baylor. You are a very good player, and an excellent student as well. I have no doubt that you will have a very successful college golf career. Unfortunately, I have already signed four players for next fall, and have no more positions available on the squad. Since my team will be very large next year (probably 13 players), I have decided to turn my recruiting focus to the Class of 2016 and beyond. In fact, I also have one verbal commitment from 2016, and have had over a dozen other young men visit our campus. I should be completing that Class sometime this spring. I know this is not the news you want to hear, however, it is the reality of my situation as it stands. I hope you can understand, and I want to wish you the very best in your search for a place to play and study. Sincerely, Coach McGraw So we'll see what galena from here on out, but for now, it's not looking too great, hopefully I can put on a performance for him that he just can't deny...
  5. Ok, then shall I say 10 feet or is 15 feet something that you're more willing to not be skeptical about?
  6. Personally, most shots from 40-60 are a touch awkward for me. Personally, 80-90 yards is my sweet spot, and I rarely keep it out of 8 feet from that distance.
  7. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    Ok, so many of y'all may have seen my previous thread ([CONTENTEMBED=/t/78969/should-i-try-to-walk-on-baylor layout=inline]​[/CONTENTEMBED]) that I started about trying to walk-on at Baylor University. I will be enrolling at Baylor here very soon, and being a National Merit Hispanic Scholar, I'm receiving several thousands of dollars in scholarships. But now, the question is whether or not Coach McGraw, a coach of multiple teams that have won the National Championship, will take me under his wing. So far, I have emailed him several times, and he has responded once. I'll keep y'all up to date on my progress with him and in tournaments big or small. Lastly, below I'll post my set makeup, just in case if I post highlights, or what not, and slightly I like to think that my clubs are the best that I could personally pay for: Driver: RBZ Tour 9° with the stock stiff shaft 3 Wood: R11 I have it set at 16.5° so that it'll be easier for the ball to land softer and carry a touch farther. 3- PW: Taylormade Tour Preferred Forged MB Irons, I have them cut a 1/4" short, I like the control that it offers. 52° & 56° wedges: Both are older Srixon egress from about 5 years ago, again, they're cut 1/4 inch short 60° wedge: CG14 standard length, I haven't cut it because I don't use it on full shots, just in bunkers and around the greens, therefore I'm just going to choke up on the club anyways. Putter: Taylormade Monta Rossa, I have it cut down to about 31.5" with a Fatso grip on it, I like to bend over a little bit when putting, and the Fatso grip really relaxes my hands a lot. Thank y'all so much for all of the feedback and the interest in my doings, I'll update this whenever anything happens.
  8. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    Ok, so I'll post a new thread and title it "Journey to Baylor", and I'll keep everybody updated on any new scholarships I receive, anything that I receive from Coach McGraw, and if y'all would like as well any of my tournament results from either big tournaments, such as US Open qualifiers, and school tournaments, etc. Would they be something y'all would follow?
  9. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    And I completely understand that, that's why I've been mainly working on my mental game, so as to ensure that I can carry over my momentum from my practice rounds to highly competitive tournament golf. And I know that I have it down now, since in my last tournament I shot a 70 to take second.
  10. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    Yeah. With that cap I'm thinking you shouldn't walk on, you should prolly moonwalk on.
  11. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    You have a great point, I have contacted Coach McGraw about it, so we'll see.
  12. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    I'm going to be attempting to make in Civil Engineering, and if I have the time and the grades, minor in Psychology.
  13. Walking On @ Baylor? Now TTU?

    So I'm about to enroll at Baylor University, I have a +1.7 USGA handicap, and for being a National Hispanic Merit Scholar, and getting a 1300 Superscore on my SAT, I'm receiving quite a bit in scholarships from Baylor. So now, my question is, should I try to walk-on and be a part of Mike Mcgraw's team by my sophomore year? Or am I shooting for the moon and barely getting past the Empire State Building?
  14. What was your memorable shot of 2014?

    Ok, so y'all will call me crazy but I have a clubhead speed of about 112, therefore, a lot of short par 4s are within reach for me. One of my 4 best shots of the year came during a tournament where I drive a fairly tight green in the middle of the tournament to end up shooting 3 under for the day. This particular shot was on Hole 16 at Butterfield Trail Golf Course in El Paso, Texas. My second of the 4 came at Diamondback Golf Course in Abilene, Texas on hole 2, the hole is a really long par 5 and I miraculously hit a booming dive right in the sweetspot down the middle of the fairway, I then proceeded to hit a 5 iron from about 210 out, uphill to roughly 30 feet from the hole. From the green (this is the shot that I like the most of this hole) with the greens so fast you have to hit the ball with the shadow of the putter, I hit it downhill, and right to left to drain my eagle putt to take me to 1 under for the day. My last 2 are birth at my home course, The Rawls Course at Texas Tech, which ha add been voted as a top 5 University Course in the nation. My first one was on Hole 16, a 250-270 yard Par 3. Going into this hole I was -1, therefore my mentality was "You've been striking the ball beautifully all day, there is a no trouble on the right, so let's hit a soft 5 wood, aim right, and draw it in." And boy, did I ever. I ended up sticking the shot to 1 foot and made the putt. I ended up shooting 70 in that round. Lastly was in the middle of a raining tournament, the course was playing a lot longer than usual, which is ridiculous because the course is already 7400-7500 yards long. It was on my last hole, which was hole 4 at Rawls. I hit my driver, softly to about 125 yards out with a great look at the hole. Sing that the pun was very accessible and that I was only 125 out, I decided to get aggressive, I was 2 over at that point in those tough conditions and I stuck the shot to 2 feet and I proceeded to make the birdie to finish in the top 5 of the tournament.