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  1. Just read the last post above mine. I'll guess we'll see what happens with me I'll keep u posted
  2. I've always been a good athlete but didn't get into golf seriously until about 5 years ago. I played a few times a year growing up and always used the interlock grip I was taught. Using this grip I went from around a 15 handicap (5 years ago) all the way to scratch about 6 months ago. I noticed, however, as I learned the Golf swing my miss was a hook more and more. I was getting pretty frustrated with it and my handicap started to climb again. Last week after watching some moe Norman youtubes I decided to try the 10 finger on the range. Couldn't believe how straight I started hitting the ball. Even my missed shots, which are now thin, went straight so I know the club face is square. I used it for the first time in a round yesterday and shot a great 73 on a tough course. So I started doing more research and found this thread.. Great stuff. I'm def gonna stick with the grip. Also noticed when I open the club face more on the backswing it has helped if anyone looking to try new stuff. Thanks