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  1. I just started last Thanksgiving thanks to my bother that works at Redstone there in Huntsville. Haven't played any courses there just a 18 hole par 3 course in Arab, AL where my bother lives. I really enjoyed it and bought a starter pack and played a couple of times around here.
  2. rrives


  3. Read about this challenge last week never thought I would accomplish it. My goal this year was to either break 40 or 80. I walk 9 holes most mornings and hardly ever play 18 except when I get to play on Saturday's. Well today I played 9 holes at another course, We got finished around 11:30 and thought I don't have a lot going on at the office I may grab a hamburger and go to my course and play 9. Well I shot a 40 on the front 9 (record for me and no sixes!) So I just had to play the back 9. I shot 38!!! Broke 80 for the first time and finished with no sixes!! I almost screwed up 18, hi
  4. Sorry I don't have a swing thread. I just never seem to take the time to make one.
  5. Question? I have been playing golf around 2.5 years. For the most part I hit my driver around 190-220. According to GameGolf my average/typical drive is/was 199. For the past week and a half my longest drive might be 190. Typlical 175-180 (vs 190-220) I don't feel like I am doing anything different, but I am getting a little more slice (usually fairly stright or slight fade) But even when there is no slice my drive is only 185 while it felt like a 220 drive. Any thoughts on why this is happening?
  6. Like being able to check round on course. We have a couple of holes where the tee boxes are very close and the GPS sometimes gets the drives posted to the wrong hole. Like also being able to add penalty shot while on course. Also like having the round upload from phone ready to review when I get to my computer, though last round got lost, talked to support and they could not see what happen. Anyone else have an issue uploading from phone. I think somehow the device corrupted the file and upload failed. As when I tried to upload from device to computer it also failed with bad data e
  7. Odessy White Hot Pro putter A new pair of Footjoy Shoes And a few golf shirts
  8. Got a set of these at our Church Christmas party (Dirty Santa) went out the next day and shot 88 which was my best round to date. While I wouldn't have bought these I can't say they were that bad for a beginner golfer like me.
  9. Here in Mississippi able to play often in winter. End of December is a slow time for my work and was looking forward to playing several times. Temp in upper 60's. Only issue rain everyday for the next week big time bummed out
  10. 1. I have just finished my first year in golf and my goal was to break 100. I have achieved that, I would like to be breaking 80, though that might not happen as I am 52 years old and distance is not a strong point. My goal this year is to shoot in the 80's. I have achieved 2 rounds in my last four in the 80's and the other 2 was 90 and 92. I am getting there. 2. When I get satisfied is most likely when I stop playing (or play not as much). In my younger days I aspired to be a professional bowler, qualified to get my PBA card, but lack support from my family so I never did, but I ga
  11. OK I have a lot to improve on. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/randyrives/insights/share/b8618b2fd6
  12. Don't have a swing thread. Something I will ad after work slows down next month
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