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  1. How about Fernando Torres! Scored another big goal today. He's on fire lately and too bad he was sent off after a brilliant goal vs Barca this week. I like Barca a lot but the favoritism uefa shows them is comical. Barca lost again today so Atletico is only 3 pts back in the tables.
  2. It's very easy to sit on the couch drinking a beer, watching television and criticizing.. a 22 year old that is currently leading the masters, has led the masters for 7 consecutive rounds.. (He was also leading 2014) and is the defending champion. It's golf, mistakes will be made but this kid is really special and is becoming an enigma. People either like him and admire his skill or hate on him and are tired of him winning so much want to see him fail. Just enjoy.
  3. Should be a great final round tomorrow. Everyone knows the Masters doesn't truly start until the back nine of Augusta on Sunday.
  4. This is a quote from ESPN about Jordan when he was in the zone : "Jordan wasn’t even a 3-point shooter, but it didn’t matter. He was hot, and he was letting them fly. It all culminated with Jordan hitting that triumphant sixth 3 of the half and, as the crowd lost its mind and his teammates cackled on the bench, Jordan turned and shrugged. Even he didn’t know what was going on. It’s one of the most iconic images in NBA Finals history. Michael Jordan, the greatest player ever, hitting so many 3-pointers that he not only amazed the crowd, his opponents, his teammates, and the millions watching
  5. The concept applies to any endeavor, not just sports. A composer may write several masterpieces in a row out of the blue...before returning to normal. Getting Hot, El Fuego, Locked in, On Fire, In the Zone, Playing unconscious... are all great sayings. They are simply describing an elevated state in performance where the person is executing flawlessly for a constant period of some time.. The performance streak is suddenly far better than the norm and even the persons norm even if they are elite at their trade..before they come back to earth. Its best to just enjoy it when it happens and certa
  6. The semantics of the thread is a little different, however I agree with the premise. Playing with confidence and off instincts is premium. Thinking too much about technique while trying to golf your ball... never works..
  7. I address the ball square to my target. However, although it's very subtle, I do barely open my club face just the slightest (so small would not even noticeable) before my takeaway.
  8. Average bad drive... 275 yards.... So your average Good drive is......? Think about that for a minute....and then go read the PGA Tour driving distances...
  9. A Scotty Cameron Classic Newport is what you are looking for. Then again not even those go for that low of a price... for $200? You should stick with an Odyssey
  10. Ask a touring professional, if the range is a waste of time....
  11. Can't speak to others, but perhaps Dufner's is exactly what mine is, just to simply relieve any tension and get the club/body in a little fluid motion... Then go...not a rehearsal off the actual swing. Just my thought.
  12. I certainly agree higher lofted clubs are easier to hit than lower lofted clubs. However isn't the premise of the original post basically, " how do I really step on a 7 iron and get 170 yards out of it?" Makes no sense to me. This is one of those topics I should have smiled and passed over...
  13. [quote name="saevel25" url="/t/32564/how-do-you-hit-170-yards-with-7-iron/180#post_1144712"] Higher lofted clubs are less likely to curve. Less likely to curve means that the only way they go offline is if you push or pull them. This makes the more accurate. So if you take a guy who hits a 7 iron 170 versus a guy who hits 4 iron 170, the guy hitting 7 iron will have a built in advantage because 7 irons curve less than 4 irons. Also they land at a steeper angle as well, so getting them to stop on greens is an advantage as well. 7 irons will have more spin as well, another advantage. We a
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