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  1. In general, i'll take solid contact and poor scores over bad play and good scores... unless I am playing in competition, whether for money or for glory. Then only the score matters!
  2. Well, I mentioned a laser (with a question mark) in my second post about this, and I mentioned a gyroscope in my first post only as far as measuring the device being off of the vertical/horizontal. I don't know how the device measures the green's slope, so I was just adding a gyroscope to that measurement method, in my first post. Ok. Probably not the clearest post I ever made here (or elsewhere). But hopefully you understand what I meant now.
  3. Perhaps I don't understand this correctly, but a gyroscope should know that its horizontal axis (as it is bound to the device) is 1.3% off of level , then if it measures, presumably with a laser, that the green is off of the device by 2.7%, it could infer that the green is off of the horizontal by 1.4%, for example. It takes two gizmos built into the device to measure two things: a gyroscope to know the deviation from the horizontal/vertical and a laser to measure the deviation (tilt) from the device.
  4. Tiger uses metal spikes, to this day.
  5. Well, that's what a gyroscpope does, is it not? Measure orientation and angular velocity. It should know at all times how far away from vertical or horizontal the device is, and (perhaps with a laser?) measure the angle that the green is at from the device. Combine both info and you end up to the angle of the green from the horizontal (or vertical). By the way, a modern phone also includes a gyroscope...
  6. Perhaps it's using a gyroscope so it does not have to assume that it is held level? Still, why pay $200 for something that's included in every phone, and is not legal to play with?
  7. A couple of weeks ago, as I was getting ready to tee off on #14 which runs perpendicular to #18 (with that green next to the 14th tee box), I see a couple pushing a stroller, a grandma (I presumed) with a very small infant, perhaps 2-3 months old in the stroller, taking a leasury walk on the cart path behind #18 and heading towards the 18th tee, stopping and walking onto the middle of that fairway, taking pictures, selfies and whatnot, like it's a nice day at the park.... all while golfers are hitting their shots and coming straight at them! I ran towards them and yelled to get off the course and that they are putting the baby in danger, that they don't understand golf at all, that it could kill them or the baby. They don't seem to understand and they speak no english at all. I finally call them crazy with the international sign of making a circle around one's temple and they look at me like I am the devil. I make more gestures and loud noises about them getting off the course, and finally they comply, and head back towards the club house on the cart path, where they came from. And I call the pro-shop too to make them know and make sure they are leaving the course. These people had absolutely no clue, whatsoever, thinking a golf course is just like a park! SMH.
  8. You'll be glad to know that this course is now closed, for lack of play: it was ridiculously hard and unnatural, and they probably spent way too much money fitting a golf course in these canyons. I played it maybe once once a year when I was a glouton for punishment. I even once played it by myself in the winter when balls would plug in the fairway and I lost 15 balls, putting my last ball in play on #15, and barely finishing the round with it (in the high 90s, I think)... I wouldn't have rated it a 0, probably a 4 instead, but on second thought I think you are right that it was a 0.
  9. I was in my mid-twenties and in France then. I was visiting my parents that Sunday. With the time difference, this was showing in the evening and I remember watching every shot of the back 9, and see Jack triumphantly raising his putter.
  10. I started birdie, birdie yesterday (I don't think it's ever happened to me before!) and had a round with 3 birdies last week, but both were on a different course than the one I selected for this... In time, maybe.
  11. Mine went from 7.9 to 8.1. The recent scores were pretty consistent so going from 10 to 8 didn't change things much but removing the 0.96 factor did, by 0.2 overall. No biggie. My app (NCGA) is not available to download yet in the App store, so I posted online and my course was not available for HBH posting, so I just entered the total (no net double bogey adjustment needed)...
  12. I'm in. I think I had birdies on 13 of the holes there in 2019 (around 25 rounds), but there are a few holes that I don't really expect to be able to get a birdie on, probably ever. Fun thing to do and root for: thanks @iacas!
  13. Wow! I know the hole (and course) in question, and indeed your friend got lucky! You failed to mention that the reason for being a par 6 is that the last 200 yards are way uphill, probably on a bigger grade than the downhill part with the switchbacks... It's a very weird hole I thought. ETA: Kudos for you to be walking on that course, because nearly all the other holes have huge elevation changes, both up and down of course. You must have some good legs!
  14. 71 on a par 70 (6250 yards, 5 par 3s, 3 par 5s), rated 69.
  15. Would You Rather…? #11 Would you rather shoot a 67 the 1st day of Spring 2020 or win a $1000 lottery the same day while shooting a 95? I'll happily take the 67, which is better than my personal best by 4 and would also be on a much harder course (rating 72 or greater you said), whereas my 71 was on a par 70 rated 69. Yes, the $1000 could buy me a different memory, like playing Pebble (it's in my neck of woods so no additional travel expense really), but as they say: "you can't buy game", so it's unlikely I could buy something equivalent (say a hole in one on #7 at Pebble?). Even if that 67 is a fluke to never be repeated. It's still be a cool story for a long time.
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