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  1. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Ok. Remove my post altogether then, because there are a lot of bunkers that have hardly any sand around here, even at some high-end courses such as San Juan Oaks or Eagle Ridge, in Northern CA. Both of those are supposed to redo their bunkers completely "soon". In the case of SJO, it's been "soon" for 2 years! They even tell you to treat them as GUR if you don't like them. Not just one or a few specific bunkers as the rules allow, but all (as no local rule is permitted to do...)
  2. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    That's what I am facing too, a majority of the time. The rest of the time, the sand is too fluffy and I have no idea how to handle it... Needless to say, greenside bunker play is not my forte!
  3. Skins Game Question

    @Lihu, you and your buddies have this ESC thing wrong. You are supposed to post every round played within the rules of golf (or at least 13 holes), including the ESC adjustment. That goes for "competitive rounds" and tournaments too. In other words, your actual score in those (and really in all rounds) is what you actually shoot, or total strokes as you call it, but your posted score in the GHIN system is the ESC score. See? Not at all what you described and no excuses of "competitive rounds" for your buddies...
  4. Golf Goggles/Glasses

    I wear bifocals with transition material so they darken in the sun, and the near/far invisible line is set low so i mostly see out of the far prescription, including the golf ball at address. My problem is that my bifocals (continuous multifocals really) have a very narrow field of vision, so almost any sideway move of the head blurs the ball. In a way, it's nice to know i moved my head a bit, but it hurts the shot when i do, in more ways than one! I will consider going back to distant correction only in my next pair of glasses (i can almost see fine without glasses at close range anyway) and eliminate that problem, as I don't think i can get rid of all movement in the head...
  5. Are you a brand snob?

    Then, I must be a brand snob... maybe. Or, those big brands are just more available and easy to get one's paws on to try. Anyway, my bad for mis-reading the question. But I still like the sound (in my head) of "Ehhhh". Maybe because I am distantly related to Canadians, eh?
  6. Are you a brand snob?

    I know. Hence the smiley face. I still think "Ehhhh" because I used to have a mix of way more things in my bag, including Cleveland wedges, a Cobra hybrid, a Bridgestone ball (instead of a Callaway Chrome Soft now), a Scotty Cameron putter (it was a gift, but I didn't like it as much as my Odyssey)...
  7. Are you a brand snob?

    I voted "Ehhhh" Look at my signature and the equipment listed there, and decide for yourself?
  8. How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    Only one yesterday, but it was a 4-putt. Wait: does that still count as a 3-putt? The pin was on one side of a high ridge, on the slope itself and there was no way to stop the ball before the hole, even starting from a dead stop at the top of the ridge (I tried afterwards, just to see), and in fact the ball was gathering enough speed to end up a good 25-30ft away from the hole, in a long curve. Of course my ball landed on the green on the other side of the ridge, so it was mission near impossible to get down in two. I misjudged the steepness and curve on the comeback putt so I was still 4 feet below the hole after 2 putts, and grazed the hole with a tad too much speed on the third putt, leading to a 4-putt. Who the hell 4-putts? Apparently I do... ETA: I still ended up with 32 putts for the round on tough greens, so not too bad...
  9. Favorite Team Game

    I don't know the name of this game: play 2 against 2 where both scores count: you match the 2 low scores against each other for a point or tie (like best ball aka fourball), but also match the other 2 scores for another point or tie. So you can win 0, 1 or 2 points per hole. Automatic presses (start another bet) for every time a team is down by 2, played on front and back and total, like Nassaus. ETA: I think this is a lot like @iacas described, but with sort of only High and Low. Anyway, the automatic presses make the holes 7, 8 and 9 of the front and back most interesting.
  10. I voted 6 for solid contact with irons (some days are better than others, so it could be 7-8 or it could be 3 but probably averages close to 5-6). It's more with the driver though (and 9.9 with the putter! ) The less than solid contacts are usually on the toe and some are high on the face, also towards the toe. Probably all due to my alligator arms at impact, lol. I voted zero for sweet spot (i.e. maybe 1 or 2 per round) for irons. It's those 1 or 2 shots that make us always want more. I feel like I am hitting the sweet spot more with the driver though: out of 12-14 drivers, on good driving days, I feel it's 4-5 are hit in the sweet spot, usually with a tight draw of just a few yards, and the wind seems like it has no effect whatsoever on those.
  11. Rules official resigns over ...rules issue.

    I haven't seen images of the greens in question either, but I seem to recall that some time ago on the men's tour (perhaps it was in Europe?), the distinction between green and fringe was very difficult to make and they had blue dots of some kind, spaced out every so many feet, at the boundary... Either way, I can't believe so many players would be so careless if they couldn't tell where the boundary was, and that the decision to drop the first round scores was taken as a result. SMH.
  12. Natural Born Putter?

    @amishboy51, I don't know your specific experience with golf in general and putting in particular, but I can tell you that when I started golf around 15 years ago, I was the worse putter the world had ever seen. Even as I was able to hit the green on some (relatively few) short par 3s in regulation after a while, I took me years to get my first par, because I was 3 and 4 putting nearly everything! Fast forward to now when I have been tracking my game with lots of statistics since 2011: I can tell you that in those last 6 years, I dropped around 1 shot per round in putting (counting the number of putts per round), every year. In truth, the putting improvement is probably even better than that as I am finding more greens now than 6 years ago. I average just over 30 putts per round now (it was briefly in the high 29s), and it was at around 36 putts per round 6 years ago. I have worked a little bit on my putting, but it's been by no means an obsession. But, it is no longer the weakest part of my game, and probably is now the strongest part. I am nothing special in that regard and you too can achieve that, following the advice given above (Read, Bead, Speed), with speed being the most important in my view, unless you can't hit the center of the putter face to save your life...
  13. Excellent golf all around you guys, and thanks to the crew who keeps us updated with messages and pictures throughout. I feel like I was there (except in the bunkers, ah!). It sure looks like a lot of fun and a tight match overall. But the Red team is now where it needs to be: on top!
  14. What an awesome sight! Good and friendly competition in a great setting with perfect weather and lots of fine swag! It does not get any better, does it?... Actually it does, with the red team winning!
  15. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Played another round with one six on the card: on #17, a par 5, I pushed my second shot into the next fairway right and the third shot was a tad short going over the tallest tree in line with the flag, ricocheted right across the cart path, hole high. A good pitch left me about 8 feet short and still hole high, and the putt barely missed on the low side. I shot 79 (+9) with 9 pars and 9 bogeys... This challenge is not that easy and I am glad I already claimed the award: I still thrive to succeed in that challenge every round as it is improving my course management and overall likelihood of a lower score.

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