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  1. I was out on the course a few weeks ago and a dad and son were ahead of me. The son would hit maybe 30 drives while the dad coached him until he hit a good one. I had to wait for this at the tee off for 3 holes before they finally let me pass. Its fine if you want to do stuff like that but NEVER hold someone else up because of it.
  2. Here is some advice that I received and am doing: 1. take lessons - at your local club or online through evolvr. No use practicing if you are doing things wrong and not sure what to do right 2. Post your videos here too 3. Practice at the range/course as much as possible - I go 2-5 days a week. 4. Check out lowest score wins, the book. Its worth $30. I read it a few months ago and am starting to read again. 5. Get a golf analyzer app. You can get them for like $5 and compare your swing to pros. This helps tons with your lessons.
  3. Latest. Lots of range time lately. Shot a 45 on a par 36 today. Drives and shots are getting much better. At least straighter. Got 2 GIR, had two 3 putt holes, 3 pars, 3 doubles, and 3 bogeys. The 3w in the fairway kept hooking but my drives were all 220-230 which is better than the 200 yard ones i was doing a few weeks ago.
  4. Haha i probably only tracked a few of the best drives with that club so saying 190 was prob not accurate. I use it on all 155-165 yard holes off the tee. But my 152 is from tons of 7 iron shots. I just dont get why my irons are so close to my drives
  5. If my average 7 iron is 152 (190 off the tee) and my driver average is 209, i should assume my drives are not nearly as far as they should be?
  6. I play 9 by myself 2-3 times a week. Its faster and i can work on things.I play by myself in about an hour and i walk.
  7. From the original question and reading through the posts it looks like GI improvement irons are not as accurate when swung perfectly as players irons? Is that right? But most players benefit most from GI irons until they get that perfect swing, right? Just trying to wrap my head around this
  8. I went out on Tuesday afternoon and got heat exhaustion. I felt dizzy and confused after about 3-4 holes. I continued to play like that for 9 but it was not a good idea. I have felt terrible with a brain fog the last few days and finally feel better today. It was 90 degrees out but I didnt think anything of it as I am 36 and workout all the time. Anyway, just a warning to everyone as summer is approaching - drink water and watch the heat index.
  9. Working on getting my legs to stretch with my upper body and working to position myself correctly (ie setup). The evolvr lessons have been really helpful for me thus far. I was only just trying them out and already into my 2nd month dont see myself stopping anytime soon. If anyone is on the fence I would recommend going for it.
  10. I hate a few things... 1. Slow players that dont let me pass 2. Slow players that drive, walk to their ball 150 yards out, and wave me through to drive assuming i wont hit them
  11. Is it early in the season for you? Are you hands always sweaty or sticky? Is your skin dry? All of those kinds of things can cause blisters too.
  12. I started up after a long break (18 year break) this january. I was shooting around 62-65 on 9 holes. I am now down to 45 on a really good day and averaging 50-55. I assume its going to take me a long time to have a good shot. I am doing everything I can - practicing/playing 2-3 times a week, taking evolvr lessons, watching videos, etc but its just something thats going to take time. My goal by the end of september is to be shooting 45 consistently with no mulligans (counting all penalties) and have a straight solid drive.
  13. Haha yea they are pricey. I got 50 on ebay for like $30. I recently went to walmart and picked up cheap new balls for $5 a dozen. Cant beat that. Im sure they are not good but until I have a good straight long consistent shot I dont think any ball will help/hurt me. Right now I lose a ball to a slice almost every other hole so there is no way Im using good ball until that stops. I will spend the money I save on balls on lessons.
  14. There are apps that detect speed (mph) so I dont see why it cant exist but I believe those use gps.
  15. New videos. Working on stretching the front leg.
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