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  1. I live a pretty good distance away from anywhere I can hit these irons, but will make the trip before long. As far as workability and forgiveness, how would these rank?
  2. I am putting a Diamana Blueboard is my L5V, but I dont know if I should get the 63gram or 73gram version. What are the pros and cons of the different weights. My SS is 98-105mph
  3. I have hit the X-forged and the MP-57. Hit them both about the same. How about the MP-52, how do they compare to the other two?
  4. What is the main difference in these two shafts?
  5. Well sounds like a forged club will take more strokes off my score since I cant hit off sandy, or rough surfaces. I will just better my lie!!!
  6. I just sold my X-20's and will be buying some X-Forged irons. My only question is about durability. I will most likely buy a used set off ebay, and am not sure about how these irons hold up? How long can you play with the X-Forged irons and how are the wear of these compared to the Mizunos?
  7. Great choice, I personally like the 755 and 735.cm's better than the AP2
  8. I was lookin at the x-forged myself, and with the release of the x-forged II, they might go down in price
  9. I have been playing X-20's and my ball striking is good enough to warrant some new irons. I just want to know what you think should be the next step. What irons would you recommend as a step up from X-20's? Thanks
  10. I have heard the topline on the new X-22 Tours are thinner and look less chunky at address. Golf Galaxy has the regular 22s for $699, so I expect the tours to be $799. Got to sell my X-20's first though
  11. When will the X-22 Tours be released? Golf Galaxy had the X-22's in stock but not the tours, and of course they had no clue when they would come in either.
  12. IMO one of the best drivers out there is the Hyper X. It is very underrated, and without a doubt the longest driver I have ever hit.
  13. Currently I have X-20s. I really like them but I feel like my ball striking and game in general is ready for a new iron. How much differerent or harder will it be to go to the MP 57? Those of you that play the MP 57, how do you like them and what iron did you play before? And if you want to recommend a similar iron, please do. EDIT: Also, how do the 57's compare to the new MP 52's?
  14. I play the ProV1x and they are worth the price imo. It just really hurts if you ever shank one in the water or woods!!!!
  15. Nike Ignites. Very underated irons that hit very well
  16. Fix your slice by adjusting your swing/grip first and then start looking for new drivers. If you start looking for drivers to fix a slice, then I guarantee you will be disappointed. Some drivers may help with a slice, but no driver will cure it.
  17. Same I have read as well. It is the combination of both clubs, which should be pretty awesome as I still think the 07 Burner is the best driver TalorMade has come out with.
  18. The new Burner comes out in a month and I believe it will be an awesome driver
  19. My thoughts are that if you want a Rapture, now is the time to buy. Used that is. I just couldnt bring myself to buy the v1 for $450, but I would buy one now for under $200. I am also interested to see the reviews of the v2. It should be a great driver, as the v1 was great.
  20. Just looking to get some feedback from anyone who has used callawaypreowned.com. Seems better than shopping ebay for authentic clubs
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