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  1. Well I can confirm @Nett Swingis a brave man for playing golf in the north of England in October with one shoe . Heck, playing with 2 shoes in a wet October in the north takes balls of steel
  2. This is something i have been wondering about. My Srixon irons are graphite but by my 52,56 and 60 are all steel. Not sure if any advantages would outweigh the extra cost?
  3. When you get asked to do jobs around the house or do the shopping, make sure you do such a terrible job you dont get asked again. Once this is done wait until your wife/partner is about to do said job then offer to do it. After a short while you'll be told to clear off somewhere you cant cause any problems (e.g. the golf course)
  4. The course I often play had boxes on each tee filled with sand. Pro shop said they used to be a mixture of sand and seed to repair divots but they noticed alot of people using it on par 3's to tee the ball up with like "the olden days".
  5. This is great advice. One of the things the Pro recently advised me to do was this. I was over coiling causing me not only pain but crap contact. Looking at those "half swings" they really weren't. I often see guys at the range overswinging by miles.
  6. Had a read of that. Thing is if you read their 2019 ball test: https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/ They say, and i quote, "A soft ball is a slow ball; it’s that simple. If you are playing a “soft” golf ball, it’s probably costing you distance off the tee (unless you swing under 85 MPH) and spin around the green". Its hard to know who or what to believe. One person says a swing below 95mph wont be able to compress a higher conpression ball, another is saying you'll lose distance with a low compression ball. Buying golf balls has turned into a bit of a minefield lately. Looking on the Decathlon website (they sell the Inesis balls) the 3 they offer are: Distance 100 - 95 compression Soft 500 - 65 compression Tour 900 - 90 conmpression. Reviews have been positive on all 3 balls with MGS rating the Tour 900 highly, Golf Monthly saying the Distance 100 performed suprisingly well for a 2 piece distance ball and a decent online review on the 500 soft. Tempted to get a dozen soft and a dozen distance an test them tbh.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with the Wilson DX2 range of balls? I'm looking at moving to a softer ball (in yellow, crap eyesight!) and can pick these up for about £14 a dozen. Thing is the compression is 29!! I have an average swing speed (90mph or so with driver) so not sure if these would be too soft. Other options are the Taylormade project (S) at £17 or the Inesis 500 soft at £14. At what swing speed do low compression golf balls become negative on a persons game (if at all)?
  8. Exciting times for space exploration. One thing that made me smile was when NASA announced the Orion spacecraft. Essentialy a larger, 5 crew version of Apollo (controlled by what looked like Ipads!). Back to the moon in no time. My 6 yr old was doing a project about space before christmas so I had fun going through my old space books with him.
  9. Welcome to TST. You'll find this a very friendly place (even from Town fans like myself !!). Maybe start a my swing thread as there are members here who really know a thing or two about the swing who should be able to help you out. Up the Town!!!
  10. Providing he can stay healthy I reckon 2-3 wins and possibly one major. I wouldn't even mind if he won the Open for his major.
  11. I think I quit after every round. My retirement from golf usually lasts around a day or two
  12. Yeah, I can do the 18 miles in about 30 mins, British motorway traffic permitting.
  13. I really need to play more golf. Due to illness last year I played about 3 rounds of golf . I spent a lot if time practicing although I struggled with the full swing due to my condition even looking at the Jim Venetos swing, it's viable, it stopped me from experiencing pain in the kidneys but knackered my left hip. A chat with a local pro got me sorted out and so far (touch wood) I'm hitting well with no kidney pain thanks to a more efficient (and less violent, pain inducing) swing (still think JV is good for certain golfers). Its a fade rather than a draw but i'll take it. Short game is bob on and putting is good so a few more range sessions, wait for the weather to get better then i'm hoping to hit the courses hard this year. My 6 yr old son got a new set for Christmas so we'll be out together a lot too i hope.
  14. I have been looking at ways to play golf for less and realised if I book online using Golfnow I can play my usual course for at least £7 less than i would normally and a local championship course for around £20 on a weekend. Compared to booking over the phone its so much cheaper (the championship course is double the price when booking direct). As i can book up to 6 days in advance I have now so many more affordable courses I could play. The only question is how far to go for 18 holes?. For me Leeds is about 18 miles away and is do-able without taking the wholw day up. How far would you travel to play golf (just a normal everyday course for everyday players)?.
  15. I used to be too competetive. Probelm was I'm not a great golfer but still found myself trying to compete with mates who were properly good. Hitting 9 iron to that 150yd par 3? I'll hit the same, all that sort of stuff. Result? Frustration at not being able to match them. I've since learned to play my own game. If they hit 9 iron on that par 3 what does it matter if i hit a 7 as long as i get there. As I'm not a long hitter i've worked on my short game to help out when i'm short of the green and my putting is good. Now, play for the fun of it, ignore what they are doing and play my own game. I often find that i can stay with them as by not trying to compete with them really gets in their heads and messes them up. If you cant beat them....play mind games and watch them implode
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