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  1. RussUK

    The march of technology?

    That's Taylormade down to a T. Lots of "facelift" models but no major improvements on the one it replaced from 6 months ago
  2. RussUK

    Golf Ball ...Help

    It depends what you want from a golf ball. If you struggle for distance or have a slow swing speed the new lines of soft balls like DT Trusoft, Callaway Supersoft etc. may help you in that respect or you may like the "feel" of a soft ball. What do you play at the moment?
  3. RussUK

    Premier League 2018-19

    Yeah, pre season there was talk of Martial not being happy with how much first team football he was getting. There are still a few European clubs after hime before their transfer windon closes.
  4. RussUK

    Premier League 2018-19

    Thing is, Man U have got plenty of talent. Problem being the talent dont seem to get on with Jose, Pogba being a case in point.
  5. RussUK

    The march of technology?

    I wonder how much of the technology these days is marketing spiel and how much is of actual benefit to the golfer? There is obviously some useful tech out there to aid forgivness in the likes of GI and SGI irons and in the new generation of soft golf balls but when it comes to drivers and distance im still on the fence getting a sore arse!. The amount of times i see a review of a new driver that has promised extra yards or better off centre hits and the reviewer cant tell the difference between the previous model makes me wonder how much more technical "advances" they can find within current regs?
  6. Do you think it could be a subconcious thing as in your mind telling you that you cant take a divot on the matt and if you do you slam the club into the ground and possibly hurt your hands/wrists? Just speculation but if you hit your 56 good off turf then your technique cant be that bad. I could be talking bollocks, which i have been known to do from time to time .
  7. RussUK

    High lofted hybrids

    I had both a 6h and 7h custom made. They are Acer XDS with Apollo steel shafts. I got them when i was really struggling but now use them during the winter months (less stinging on a cold morning). I was suprised how good they played and just easy to hit even when the swing has gone all Pete Tong!. I may have to but the 6h back in the bag. You can get them through Nordica Golf and sometimes on Amazon. They cost me about £34 each
  8. RussUK

    Golf Ball ...Help

    Another option would be lakeballs. I have played them in the past and as long as you go for the top two quality ratings (different suppliers have different ratings like pearl, AAAA etc.) then you cant go too far wrong. You can often find the likes of Pinnacles, Noodles and Callaway Warbirds in large boxes for not much cash and Topflites for next to nothing. Once my last dozen AD333's run out i'll probably go back to recycled Titleist golf balls. Stay away from refinished though.
  9. RussUK

    What tee to play from?

    ^^ same here. Yellows (or Mens Tees as it still says on some score cards ). If i ever played the whites i think i'd end up a jibbering wreck by the the back 9!
  10. RussUK

    Premier League 2018-19

    After 2 "practice" matches against chelsea and Man City our season starts on Saturday against Cardif. We need to get a result seeing as i'm taking my eldest to see it. He's a lucky charm as when he came to watch the friendly against Lyon we won 3-1. Come on you Terriers!
  11. RussUK

    Do You Hit Full Shots With High Lofted Wedges?

    No, my highest loft is a 60 and with a 3/4 ish swing it normally goes 60 yards but nice and high. I usually only like to go to a half swing as i can be a little eratic at times with the ol' lob wedge. If i need to get a certain distance with a wedge i prefer to club up a swing less.
  12. I have found that when my arm is just above parallel to the ground i hit it better than when i try to make what i "think" is a full swing. Distance is better as its easier to get the swing in synch, therefore better contact.
  13. I'd say 6-10 years. The irons i buy are "new" to me but generally 2nd had. Golf is a luxury so with a house, 2 kids and 2 cars to pay for new irons are low down the list (or at the bottom according to the wife). I'll play with what i have then the plan is to get custom fit for some new irons for my 40th in two years time, whether they are OEM or the likes of Acer/Dynacraft im not sure. At the moment i just add new cluns as and when needed or when there is a deal i cant pass up. For example i just picked up a brand new Adams Blue 3 wood for £45.
  14. RussUK

    Man Arrested After Biting Off Finger Of Fellow Golfer

    Charged with Mayhem, love it. I can imagine it now. "What are you in here for?" "Armed robbery, what about you?" "Im in here for Mayhem" "Holy crap, stay away from me you crazy psycho!"
  15. I think regardless of any financial outcome, what will hit Stadler the most is the fact that his actions caused someone a lot of pain. It could have been a lot worse for the person hit by the clubhead. Sometimes its just a matter of millimeters between stiches and something more serious. I'm sure Stadler will realise that and it will stay with him for a very long time. The main thing is the injured party is doing ok. I think we can all learn from this as im sure we've all lost it to some degree on the course.

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