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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    My home course usually plays summer greens all year round but now we are getting snow and sub zero temps all golfing is suspended, which for me is great as i did my elbow in recently. Every cloud and all that
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Dont agree with the above being a step backwards but thats just the opiion of a fan who's team has lost the odd match to poor refeering and blind linesmen not seeing the ball clearly over the line Ahhh, i get you. The way i was thinking was along the lines of a viewer(s) calling in to say player has, lets say, grounded the club in a hazard and the official would have to go back through the footage, which in hindsight would be a s*hite idea! Think i'll stick to shouting a blind linesmen.
  3. Im using 2008 "vintage" irons and love them. At my level new tech isn't that important. Plus the additional cost of buying new always comes into the equation. I'd much rather spend the money on my kids then new golf clubs. I do however allow myself the odd treat if finances permit but thats rare these days.
  4. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    @iacas, perfectly fair comments and yes, the spectator doesnt make the decision and like @rehmwastated, they will have a dedicated official (like the 4th official or video judge). I suppose its the nature of progress and whether people like it or not its going to happen. And like goal line tech in football, even the purists come round to it in them end. How common is spectators calling in? Would the number of calls increase once a dedicated video judge becomes standard?
  5. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Yep, golf officials managed for many many years without needing the help of Joe Bloggs calling in after pausing his TV for the umpteenth time. If they are going to use video analysis then just do it like cricket or rugby and go to the 4th official, make sure that person is sanctioned by the event to pass judgement using video footage. Hell, if we did this in football (soccer to you guys ) there would be hundreds of calls in during the match (half from me...im an expert armchair commentator! )
  6. Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    Thats a good point. Golf is more accessible now than it was 20-30 years ago, its not quite as "elitist" these days. Golfers are also having longer playing careers at the top level these days, whether thats down to modern day fitness, health, equipment or all the above, although im not sure i can see a time when an over 50's player wins on the PGA/European Tour's. I think that boat may have already sailed but there were murmurs of Langer being a wildcard in the last Ryder Cup.
  7. Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    I think that pretty much sums it up. Its a personal opinion to who was better or what era was better. Sure thanks to modern day technology, fitness levels and better understanding on getting the most from the human body, todays athletes are leaps and bounds ahead of those from past decades but does it mean they are better? Two exmples for me as a motorsport fan are: Senna v Schumacher. Senna wins hands down, sure Schumacher won more races and titles but his fitness was so much better (senna colapsed after a races on occasion) but Schumacher had better tech (semi auto gearbox) better pit crew. Sebastian Loeb v Juha Kankunnen - The Finn wins hands down for similar reasons as above. Loeb was mega fit (Kankunnen was a heavy smoker), had better tech and less demanding rallies. Kankunnen is the only person to win titles with 3 different manufacturers. Legend! As athletes, Schumacher and Loeb were at the pinnacle of their sport, but as sportsmen they were behind their predecessors in my opinion.
  8. I played there twice when i lived behind it and it was fun and a challenge when it was quiet but if you got more than 3 groups at a time it got a bit dicey. You learned to shout FORE even on good shots.
  9. Yep, its tiny. Tough though as the greens are small. Its also lethal as on some holes you are hitting over guys im the bottom of the valley.
  10. As courses seem to be getting longer and longer i realised i have as much fun on smaller layouts as i do on the "full fat" 18 holers. I have a number of 9 holers near me but i used to live behind this course and its tiny. Castlefields Golf Course, established 1903. 6 holes set in a natural bowl, 18 tee locations. Has anyone else played on a layout this small (or smaller) and what were your thoughts? Smaller they way forward?
  11. The Worst (and Best) Golf Club Logos

    Love it, need some of those just for all the "i've got Schwetty balls" jokes!
  12. Adam Scott Returning to the Long Putter

    Haha, im sure viewing figures would plummet!
  13. Par 5 Strategy in a Mike Malaska Video... Do you agree?

    @NM Golfpretty much hit the nail on the head. Im not the most knowledgable person when it comes to the finer points of golf but i have had nothing but positive help and friendly advice (emphasis on the friendly). @iacas just calls it as he see's it and if he thinks he can help you he just goes for it and get straight to the point, so dont take it as any form of attack. All the pro's and instructors on here are passionate about helping people improve, especially the higher handicappers (like myself). Right, i'll stop massaging Erik's ego now
  14. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    According to golf.com "It is unclear if those TGR irons are the clubs Woods and TaylorMade planned to develop together (or if they're older clubs simply stamped with the TGR logo), but they are certainly a new look for Woods’s bag."
  15. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Last i heard i was still using the Nike blades he's used for a while. Apparently only his woods, putter and ball wer being changed. Could be wrong though.

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