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  1. Rick Shiels bought a Taylormade driver from wish and it was so bad that the injection ports on the club face were just painted on. Unless the Honma irons are an older model I'd get them checked although if they are fake getting a refund from wish may be tough. Like has been said, if a deal looks to good to be true it probably is. Hope they are genuine though.
  2. we have been in the minus temp figures last few days (even had to put my big coat on 😛). Snow has been the problem as I live high up. Want to get out before Boris puts us into tier 4 which I think is inevitable given the current circumstances. If I don't scratch the itch soon my ebay window shopping may turn to real shopping!
  3. If Brandel was on it he would just be poking his head round the corner.
  4. Bobby Jones, Arnold palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Peter Aliss (just because of what he brought to golf on tv)
  5. been a crappy 2020 for so many. I lost my job not long after the UK went into lock down part 1 but got head hunted a month later so good things still happen. Can see light at the end of the tunnel now we have vaccines but still some way to go. For me golf just stopped to a point, 2 rounds but practiced every day while on furlough last summer, plus didn't even log on here since pandemic started. I feel lucky im in the position I am as so many people are in a worse situation. Times like this people need to pull together even more.
  6. Holy crap, I'm away from the site for 9 months and come back and this thread is still alive and kicking. The pandemic altered my priorities a little (lost job, got new job, a lot less playing golf but months of practice) but back on it now. Happy new year by the way. Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.
  7. My usual golfing haunt has advised 2 of the 3 courses are open for play. Just pay online or via phone. Obviously restrictions are in place regarding flagsticks and rakes but other than that people are welcome to play. I would love to get some play in but not sure I will. Will stick to chipping and putting and hittng foam balls in the garden till further notice.
  8. Public Health England have said outdoor pursuits that dont involve large numbers of people are fine as being in the fresh air (providing you are feeling well and dont have covid-19) is the best place. Things like running/jogging, cycling, fishing and golf, amongst others, are fine providing you dont celebrate by "shaking hands or hugging". Never celebrated making a par with a hug before so i should be ok
  9. I hope it wont however not being able to play for a few weeks is pretty insignificant compared to staying healthy. I wont lie and say i'm not worried as I am a little. My parents are both 75 and look after my kids after school two days a week so i worry about them but they seem unflustered about it all. I have kidney disease so im slightly more at risk than a healthy person but less at risk than those with respiritory issues. They do say that in 99% of those who get it they will have a mild to moderate case of covid-19. All the deaths in the UK have been patients with serious un
  10. Looking at trying the Wilson DX2 Optic in yellow or Neon green.
  11. Forget the camera phones, just strap a GoPro to your head then you can watch and film (and look like a tosser )
  12. Yep, he used to drink bottles and bottles ok Coca-Cola every day.
  13. Well I can confirm @Nett Swingis a brave man for playing golf in the north of England in October with one shoe . Heck, playing with 2 shoes in a wet October in the north takes balls of steel
  14. This is something i have been wondering about. My Srixon irons are graphite but by my 52,56 and 60 are all steel. Not sure if any advantages would outweigh the extra cost?
  15. When you get asked to do jobs around the house or do the shopping, make sure you do such a terrible job you dont get asked again. Once this is done wait until your wife/partner is about to do said job then offer to do it. After a short while you'll be told to clear off somewhere you cant cause any problems (e.g. the golf course)
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