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  1. Beat me to it! Or take up cricket
  2. Something like this?
  3. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    I really like that phrase. Im not the best golfer and often miss greens short or short left and get annoyed. Nice to know GIR isnt the be all and end all.
  4. Wow, looks more suited to Croqeut than golf. Cant find anyting on the interweb about it. Looks like its pretty old though.
  5. Driving Range Etiquette

    I think providing people dont turn up in speedo's and flip flops it shouldnt matter what you wear. If im at the range i'll generally be in Jeans/Joggers, t-shirt and trainers. Personally i dont understand the guys that turn up in their full gear to hit a basket of balls then go home, but each to their own i suppose. The way i see it is the range isnt just for dedicated golfers. Its a place for people to try it out, to have a bit of fun or, in my case, to spend some time with my 4 year old that doesnt involve staying in building train sets (fun but nice to get out). If someone turns up and they are not dressed to your liking or sound like they are having "too much fun" just ignore them and focus on what you are doing. I find it actually helps me when there is noise next to me as if i can hit good shots with a group of lads laughing next to me then not much can distract me on the course.
  6. Suppose if you dont get the clubs as part of a sponsorship deal you'd go for the best yet cost effective club. Maybe many guys see that a Mizuno. For me if money was no object it would be Titleist
  7. changing golf balls

    Now thats a "budget minded" golfer. Makes sound a bit flash in comparrison! Currently have a dozen or so Srixon AD333 i got with a magazine subscription and a dozen Polara XD i got as an experiment with a gift card. I class those as free. Cant bring myself to use the couple of Pro V1's i have lying around though.
  8. changing golf balls

    Im an absolute cheapskate so anything that is under £20, preferably £15 or even free .
  9. Since i was 9 or 10 years old i have been fascinated with miltary history (first grown up book i read was 1st edition of Stephen Ambrose's Band of Brothers). I've studied, researched and read about WW1 and WW2 tech, tactics and personal accounts for years and decided to move to a different era (not that there isnt more to learn cos' there is....lots) So i'm starting to read up on the Vietnam war, again about the tech, tactics and personal accounts. I have "Rolling thunder in a gentle land" which is a good broad account but a little heavy on the political side, and "Chickenhawk" which is incredible story of a Huey pilot. Any of you guys have any recommedations?
  10. It all depends on the skill of the mushy human holding the club to be honest. I know far too many weekend and occasional golfers who drop £300+ on brand irons and £200+ drivers and i rock up with my £45 Hippo Beasts and £30 Ping G5 and i beat them (and im a crap golfer ). If you play a lot of golf then you'll benefit from investing in the more expensive clubs and fitting. Rec golfers can do fine with better priced clubs and pre loved clubs. just a quick note to @The Club Nut, fitting is great for many people but not essential. My Uncle is 70 yrs young, played since he was 10 and was a top amateur in the 60's and 70's (decided not to go Pro as he wanted a family) and he had his first ever custom fit for Ping's last year. His feedback? "Lovely clubs, hit them just as well as my Dunlop back-up clubs", typical Yorkhireman!!
  11. Vintage Equipment Event for the PGA Tour?

    I voted "no". Reason being there is/are sanctioned events and tours (e.g. Michigan Hickory Tour) and some are even shown on Sky Sports. They even have the Trilby Tour. This is a real amateur tour where the main stipulation is that you have to wear a trilby hat (i kid you not). Like many have said, the tech is soooooo different that it is more likely to be detrimental to their regular game that anything other than 9 holes or so for charity or exhibition wouldnt be worth it for them. That being said, some older pro's have switched largely to hickory golf with a lot of success. Sandy Lyle for instance won the hickory World Golf Open in 2014 and 2016. Still plays modern gear but in interviews says he enjoys the old stuff more. Difference is that Sandy isn't competing at the very top of the sport these days.
  12. When your son out drives you.

    My eldest is 4 and loves coming to the range with me. Once he's a liitle older and understands it more i'll take him to a par 3 near us. I have already said that as soon as he can outdrive me he's changing to cricket instead
  13. which club is more difficult for you?

    3w off deck and my lob wedge on full shots. The latter is a mental thing and getting better.
  14. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    I started with a 15* driver and it was terrible. It was pretty forgiving but went nowhere. Changed to a 12* and was a little better. Had a swing/club MOT at my local golf shop and was given a 10.5* to try. Still using a 10.5* now (swing actually helping and not hindering). For some more loft is better but its not that cut and dry. Imho its better to try different lofts with a pro or a good golf store with a simulator in the 1st instance and maybe take a demo club on a round or two.
  15. I dont think Jordan Speith would agree with that, unless he meant to play his shot from the lorries at the open Sure the 460's are more forgiving but if you make a club larger its a natural instinct to try and hit it harder. Bigger head, easier to hit is the common thought process. Doesnt always work out like that though. I do think the size of drivers for the pro's should be decreased but still using modern materials and tech.