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  1. RussUK

    Will Golf Be the Next Sport to Require Helmets?

    I know i joked about it in another thread but it's never going to happen, at least not in our life times. I dont think it would benefit the players/caddies from a safety standpoint much. It would need to be fake fur, need to be animal friendly and all that
  2. Well said. People like Lexi start their chosen career path but often end up becoming tole models whether they like it or not and in this modern social media culture there is, in my opinion, far too much pressure on these young people to live up to the image they believe their fans think they should have. The fact that "celebs" like Lexi are often in the public eye for more than they profession puts even more pressure on them to keep looking, as @mcheppperfectly put it, instawonderful and i'm sure that many are keeping their issues buried deep. I wish Lexi well, she is young and has her whole life ahead of her so she is doing the right thing imo.
  3. RussUK

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    I'm a fader. A draw looks cooler and i can hit the odd one (generally when i dont want to!!) but as i can hit a sight fade better i stick to it. Just a shame a few of the courses i play seemed to favour the right to left players. Find out your stock shape and try to master it then you can try and nail down going the other way.
  4. They tried a similar thing on a gameshow over here called A League of Their Own. Ex footballer and avid (and very good) golfer Jamie Redknapp tried the same thing as part of a charity challenge. He didnt make an ace but came close quite a few times.
  5. RussUK

    Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    While i think we can all agree that walking up to your ball and finding it in a divot can be very annoying its just part and parcel of the game. Sometimes lady luck is against you and sometimes she isn't. I have had the odd time, playing in the English weather, where i have landed in a fresh divot and had a better lie than i would have had landing on the very soggy turf. Other times it's royally screwed me, but as they say "thems the breaks". Making divots GUR would, in my opinion, be too difficult to enforce effectively. People just need to repair/replace their divots more often. I they did that then this topic probably wouldnt have existed.
  6. RussUK

    Practice Pressure Putting

    I use the PuttOut pressure putt training aid. Best £20 i have spent on golf. Pop it down anywhere and practice. I found it really helped especially on the shorter putts. where i normally feel the pressure most.
  7. RussUK

    Srixon Golf Balls

    AD333's, UK equivalent to the Q Star. Pretty decent ball. I like to try different balls so not sure if i'll stick with them next year. Trying to go back to budget golf again.
  8. RussUK

    Justin Rose to Honma??

    I'm pretty sure there are worse choice's he could make. Sure, they're not what you would call popular on the main tours but they are well made. My local course is an approved fitter for them and they look the biz. Not for us working class folk though, even the 1 or 2 star rated clubs are a "touch" on the pricey side.
  9. RussUK

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    I say the same thing every year....Play more often. Family commitments prevent me from playing as much as i'd like, having two sons (5 and 2) take a lot of my time. Still, wouldnt change it for the world as they are a nice "problem" to have
  10. RussUK

    A Up from a Damp, Cold & Dark England

    Welcome to the site. Good to have another Brit join.
  11. Probably intentional. Somebody wanting their 30 seconds of fame.
  12. RussUK

    Electric Car Range

    His is a Nissan. Really likes it. He tried the little BMW one but said the ride quality was poor and on the roads we have over here you really need comfort over "sportiness"
  13. RussUK

    Electric Car Range

    My brother got an electric car as a company car. He gets 160 mile off a full charge, If he is on a long trip and needs to recharge he uses an app to find the nearest supermarket with a fast charge parking bay as they can fully charge in 20mins.
  14. RussUK

    Cortisone Injection

    Hope you improve soon. Good news is that golfers and tennis elbow is treatable and most of us will get it at some point. bad news is that it can be a pain to get rid of. I had it bad 2 years ago and i ended up going to the doctor who advised me to not even pick a club up till the pain went. 3 months later i got back to golf. Once the pain went i started doing excercises to strengthen the muscles including wrist curls and squeezing a stess ball 20 times 3 times a day. The only way to get rid of golf/tennis elbow is to stop what is making it worse, in this case golf, till you are better. Once back playing ensure you warm the muscles up before you play, support them if need be (I use an elbow band from time to time). At least its getting to winter so you wont feel too bad not playing.
  15. RussUK

    When does it make sense to quit?

    In this respect you are no different from the many proffesional sportsmen and women who often say that they will retire when they stop enjoying what they do. Same for you and the rest of us. The moment we stop enjoying something and it just becomes a chore to go out and do it then maynbe its time to hang up the clubs. Dont rush into it though, maybe take 6 months or so away from the game. All you may need is an extended break. I've taken a couple of breaks from the game and after a while i get the itch again and the enjoyment returns.

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