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  1. Saw this this morning on Sky Sports News and was thinking what happens if the player fails the online rules test? Do they miss the next tournament, do they have a timescale to retake or if they fail "x" amount of times do they lose their card? I think its a good idea on the whole and pretty brave of the Euro Tour. Be good to see how it pans out.
  2. Bit of an update. I went for my first ever custom fitting on Saturday. I've always thought at my level a custom fitting wouldn't be that impoprtant but I have to say I was so wrong. We started off with my current irons (an old set of hippo beasts, heavy steel shafts) and my 7 iron was going just 120-125yds. The pro said my swing was good and the impact was decent. All my stats we around average on Mizuno's fitting range but my speed with the 7 iron was down. Cant swing as hard as i used to now. After some baseline swings with a Mizuno swing gadget he set up one the current JPX (i think) heads with a reg graphite shaft and got me hitting, result was an extra 15-20yds bit a slight push. After hitting the lie board i was hitting toe down so needed 3 degree's upright. After a browse at the clubs on offer he showed me some end of line stock they had which included Srixon Z155's with reg myasaki shafts. After a chat with the wife i was back in that afternoon and walked out with the srixons for £279 inc the fitting. Just need to get used to the different lie and shaft which the pro said will take a little time but already i'm seeing the benefits when my swing clicks. Very happy and cant recommend a fitting highly enough. Even if you aren't going to buy at the time it's worth having a fitting done.
  3. Anyway, an oversized golfing iron is much more of a walking stick than a crutch. On a serious note, if someone came up with a club with the head the size of a dinner plate and it turned me into a golfing god i'd play it, even if i did look a complete bell-end using it.
  4. Welcome to TST from t'other side of t'peninnes. I would have a dig at you for being a L**ds fan but I cant really, what with me be being a Huddersfield town fan
  5. Still have 2 briefcases full of tapes with games for the Sinclair Spectrum 48k, each has about 20 games per tape and there are 50 to a case. We used to rent games from the library and make a copy if they were good. Those were the days.
  6. Going to try a few graphite irons at the weekend but have seen some decent Yonex irons on Golfbidder for £120-£155. They are VMS and VMX, regular flex HS700 high stability shafts. Cant seem to find specs on these shafts bu tgoing by my driver swing speed of not more than 95mph and my 6 iron carry of around 150yds (yep, i'm a short hitter for my age) i'm pretty tempted. Has anyone any experience with Yonex (and these models in particular)?. Obviously i'll get checked at the golf shop to see but would reg graphite suit a 90-95mph driver swing speed?
  7. I wasn't going to comment on this but on reading a few of the comments by a fellow countryman i feel i need to chime in. Not sure whether it was an attempt at the old fashioned British humour but I found it a little cringe worthy. Anyway, back to the point. I've only been married 13 years and my wife knows I love my hobby. However, for me, golf isn't all important. I happily give up a day of golf for my family, my wife appreciates that and in return is happy for me to go out to the range or a round. Marriage is like golf in that you have to work at it and like many a golf swing its about compromise. To the OP, I would say speak to your husband, sit down and tell him how you are feeling and that while you are happy for him to enjoy his hobby you feel you are at times being pushed aside. Its important for married couples to have "me" time as it helps us reset and helps keep the bonds strong but its equally important to spend time together. If i could make a suggestion, have you thought about a weekend away to a golf and Spa hotel?. This could be a good compromise as your husband can enjoy a round of golf while you pamper yourself at the spa then spend quality time together for a meal in the evening. I hope you are able to sort things out but the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are happy.
  8. I do, the guy's mental. Always a good laugh, more so that he's not a pro, just a normal Joe Public like the rest of us.
  9. Thanks Marv, the hospital caught it early so the damage and scarring to the kidneys isn't too bad so good news is it's "controllable" with pills. Hopefully a good few years before i need anything drastic doing I've been window shopping and looking at some used Yonex VMS, reg flex. Wont pull the trigger just yet as i think a few hits with similar at the golf shop will be a good choice.
  10. Morning All, I have returned to hitting golf balls after 3 months off after being diagnosed with Beurgers disease and recovering from the tests and biopsies that they love to put you through . I'm good to return to golf however have been left struggling with my irons. Currently use steel shaft, reg flex and my distance has gone and my body screams after a dozen shots. Hitting with my woods and hybrids (graphite) i'm fine, long(ish) and i feel i could hit them all day. I'm considering going to graphite irons and having a chat with a local golf retailer but wondered if anyone here has switched at a fairly young age (i'm 39) and what your experiences were. I love the game but i'm not so proud that i'd rule out a switch if it helped my carry on playing for as long as possible. Thanks as always.
  11. Is that kind of like making them sit on the naughty step? "you've been very naughty so you must follow Sergio till you learn your lesson"
  12. ^^ Spot on. I think its often overlooked that its not just the player that is affected but all the people who have paid a fair bit of money to enjoy watching golf and its even worse when there are kids in the crowd. What kind of example are these muppets setting for kids? The players want the crowd to cheer, clap and, when appropriate, have a laugh. But it's not one when the hecklers do it out of spite or dislike for a golfer. It's tough to enforce but needs to be done even if that means the players take the lead.
  13. Once did an experiment atthe range. "Does shouting POW/BOOM with a regular drive equate to more distance?" Result was...No, but there was an increase in funny looks!
  14. I'll give her the benefit of doubt. Things like this are easily done especially if said person is rushing/late or just plain stressed. But, i agree the driver shouldnt have waited so the other players wouldn't have been affected to much. I just can't see anyone intentionally causing 30 or so players to miss a practice round, nut hey, maybe im just too nice a person
  15. 2 sets of irons, 3 drivers, 4 putters, 6 hybrids (various lofts) a driving iron, 2 #3 woods a 5 wood and for some strange reason a chipper that i used 3 times. Always window shopping for new clubs though
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