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  1. yep, thats normally the case in most sports. Nothing makes you play better than getting your arse kicked week in week out. I say normally the case as my football team have had their butts kicked all season and didn't improve
  2. I think that unless golf is your job and your livelihood depends on you playing well then you shouldn't take it too seriously. After all, golf was created to be a way to unwind and have fun. I used to play golf witha a lad about 4 years ago and we would play most weekends. He was too serious in his golf, he didn't just want to win, he wanted to as he put it "destroy his opponents". Dont' get me wrong, he was good but he was such a bad loser. I beat him once in 4 years and that was the last time we played.
  3. @looseleftie i'm going the same route somewhat with my swing. Started this winter with the aim of being more consistent. I started toying with a very very short backswing but with a full finish, using my core to to power the whole thing. I was surprised at how far i could hit with such a short swing. From there i moved to where i had a full shoulder turn and stop the arms there. My arms are about parallel to the ground and my wrists are firm but mot stiff. I'm hitting it better than ever and while i have lost a little distance (on the shorter clubs) I'm sure once i get confident and get more aggresive with the rotation through the ball i'll be longer. I looked for Pro's with short swings and mine looks similar to TA3's swing, however i am no-where near as stylish! My main swing thought is left shoulder down to start the backswing.
  4. Agree, i think Molinari is going to go from strength to strength. I was also pleased how well Poulter did, plus in the interview post round with the BBC he seemed pretty humble at the prospects of being in contention simply stating that while he and Tiger are the same age Tiger is way better so he was just happy to be there and playing well. Always liked Poults but he's gone up a bit more in my estimation after this weekend. Plus some great golf from Finau, Koepka and that Xander Souffle fella
  5. Deff no penalty for Tiger, yes he threw his gum into the bushes but DJ got caught on the BBC cameras spitting after a tee shot and no penatly so both as bad as each other really. It was brought up by the commentary team stating he shouldn't be doing it. Gum takes a while to break down and it's common for birds to ingest the gum and it can kill them so not great in that respect. Were litter bins provided on each tee? If not then something for the organisers to look at in future If they were, then players need to be educated in how to use them! Either way, didn't take anything away from a great Masters and a well desereved victory for Tiger. Best Masters in a while IMO.
  6. Let me put it to you this way. If you were told you could play at Augusta every year, even though you had no chance of winning i'm sure you would. How many people get the chance of at least to rounds (not inc. practice rounds) of golf at that place? The Masters has a certain magic to it that entices past winners back year after year for as long as they are able to. Just because they are exempt they can choose not to play. Larry must just love the place. Good on him.
  7. All you need to do is google "Golf Tantrums" and you'll see what sometimes happens when golf is taken too seriously . You can still play in comps and still have fun but if you prefer to play with your buddies then prioritise golfing them. I'm sure you'll make more memories playing golf with your mates then in comps.
  8. Took my 5yr old son for his first taste of a real golf course on Saturday. We played a local 9 hole course, i played tee to green and he chipped, putted (drained a 20 footer then told me to "follow that Dad!") and loved getting the ball out of the bunkers (SW from greenside bunker to 10ft!!). Never thought i'd see someone so happy to be in a bunker!! He loved it, I played really well and we cant wait to get out again. Next time he wants his driver as the 3 tee shots he hit with his little 7 iron were fun to watch. All in all the best afternoon of golf i've ever had.
  9. It's certainly a step in the right direction. It's about time imo.
  10. 1 inch from the cup.....I'm deadly at that range Seriously speaking, i'm not bad within about 50 yds with a little gap wedge pitch.....crap from anywhere else
  11. I have The Golf Club 2 and i have to say its very good. Love the fact there are so many courses you can play from the servers. Some are very very well done and others are so crap they are hilarious to play.
  12. Nothing wrong or weird. I've seen plenty of guys wipe the floor using cheap, cobbled together sets against those who are like walking adverts for the pro shop with £1000 sets. One questionn though. The Zero iron, is that used for those worm burner shots and for getting under very very low obstacles?
  13. Completely agree. We are lucky in my local area that there are a number of really good courses that you can play 18 for less than £20 and even less for a summer twilight round. It's such a difficult balancing act for many courses in this day and age in that they have to be priced low enough to attract business but but not too low as to affect the profitability. Sadly it gets to the point for some that the owners can make more by selling the land to developers than running it as a golf course.
  14. I know there are a few over here in the UK but with land being at a premium they are actually closing some course's in order to build houses (my home course is slated for closure in 2022). For the PGA/USGA/R&A/Golf England etc. to sponsor them it has to be profitable so I couldn't see free course's being an option. Public courses are a little different but a true public course isn't just for golfers, its a public space available for walkers and the like. We have one in Gotts Park Leeds. It was a council course that was closing and the members bought it. They charge £12 per 18 holes and its not "bad" but it isn't great. Sharing with walkers however isn't a problem as they do seem to realise its a golf course first. For many many many years St Andrews was a public course but the private companies step in and turn it into a business. Sometimes this is the only way to keep courses running. I would like to see more munies and affordable privately owned courses but i'm lucky in that 20mins drive I have just that.
  15. Like others have said, it depends on the lie, the distance and whats between you and the green. If i need to get it up a little i'll use i kind of stabby 8/9 iron if im not too far off the green. If i need to get over a bunker i'll pull either my 56 or 60, ball a touch forward, quater/half swing, start rubbing those rosaries and fingers and toes crossed it lands on the green Just off the green i've been experimenting with a hybrid and it actually feels pretty good and easier than choking down on a 7 for me at least.
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