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  1. RussUK

    Florida Mid-Am Ends in (Alleged) Face Punch?

    Very strange. I cant see what the problem is. If someone asks if the cup is damaged, as in the article, its just good manners to answer. Maybe the caddie's response was a little conveluted, had he said "no its fine" or "it its, get the official" that may have been a little clearer. Re the punch, at least he appologised in advance for decking the poor bloke
  2. Go for it. Sure its always strange joining a new group of people but two things to keep in mind: 1. You've probably done it many times during your life (remember going to a new school and that feeling you had? Just the same as a grown up) 2. All the guys on the league will have gone through the very same process at some stage. After a while you'll be one of the guys. And when a newbie joins you'll be the one that helps them feel welcome.
  3. You can buy boxes of assorted AAA golfballs on Amazon for less than the price a dozen premium balls. Mix of the likes of topflite, Noodle, precept, pinnacle etc. If you lose balls constantly there is no point spending too much money on balls. If you do a bit of legwork you can find decent deals on bulk buy boxes of balls on line.
  4. RussUK

    What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    Soccer: Escape to Victory (classic) Auto Racing:Rush, Senna (cried at Senna) or Guy Martin: Closer to the edge (awsome TT film) Golf: Tin Cup Boxing: Rocky Other: Cool Runnings
  5. RussUK

    Rogue X Question

    Could you not demo the clubs for a round or out on the range? If you are worried about the wedges/9 iron offset the best way to find out would be to try them in the real world as opposed to. Most pro shops will let you try them, albeit in taped up form. I'd be interested to see what effect they have on your shot shape. If you like them its your choice at the end of the day not the reps.
  6. RussUK

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Thats kind of the way i see it. To me its one of those "no win" situations, whatever the USGA/R&A decide someone ends up being unhappy. Leave it as it is for the moment seeing as bi-furcation isn't an option.
  7. My dad used to have some of the clubs my uncle started out with in the late 50's. He had a few hickory shafted irons then a later steel shafted persimmon driver. They were very well used with the heads on the irons well worn. My Uncle used to make his own putters from scratch. I think we still have the centre shafted croquet style putter that he milled from a block of aluminium (sorry aluminum for you guys ) when he went through a Sam Snead style putting phase. I'll see if my dad still has it and post some pics.
  8. RussUK

    Warrior Golf Balls

    2nd post in 10 months and only on the topic of warrior golf balls. I hope i'm wrong but just seems a bit iffy to me.
  9. RussUK

    Fastest Objects In Sports

    Lewis Hamiltons testicles. They reach over 200mph at times!
  10. RussUK

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    My 4 year old asked me to take him to the range this weekend so i'm looking forward to that. I find it actually helps me practice as we share a bucket of balls so i have to maximise my practice time. He's started getting to the point where i tell him what i'm working on and he tells me how i'm doing. Going to take him next time I play 9 holes to walk the course and maybe do a bit of putting so he gets used to being on a course. Little nervous as i've not been on a course since i had my aneurysm last October
  11. RussUK

    Swing with ankle injury

    As others have said its best to stay off golf till the ankle has healed. All it takes is a slip while swinging or even walking down the course to make it a whole lot worse. Look on the bright side, the break from golf while your ankle heals will give you time to do other things that golf normally stops.
  12. RussUK

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    Yep, some people just dont want to hear the truth. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind (in all walks of life, not just golf). I've seen it all, Pro at the range gave one guy some free advice on his swing as he was coming way way ott and the results were horrific. Rather than say thanks to the pro, he basically told him to keep the advice to himself and clear off.
  13. RussUK

    Golfing on a (very) active volcano

    As long as someone posts the pic on here so we can critique your final swing
  14. RussUK

    Poor Lucas Glover

    Problem with some (not all) WAGS is that they become acustomed to the lifestyle. They start to enjoy dining at fine restraunts, wearing Prada and driving flash cars. Problem is, for the majority of spotstars their time at the top of their game can be fleeting. When the wins start to dry up and the winners cheques stop thats when the trouble starts. However, we dont know what goes on behind closed doors. Im sure there will be more to this story than what the media know about.
  15. RussUK

    Tesla Autopilot and Driver Awareness

    Some people are just crazy. I barely trust myself behind the wheel let alone a computer (plus the other gizmo's) Having auto pilot does bring up loads more police scenarios. "do you know how fast you were going sir?", "Sorry officer i dont. I was asleep in the passenger seat at the time"

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