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  1. Too busy with his youtube video's. Nice hat!
  2. RussUK

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    Sergio by a country mile. How could anyone heckle Kuchar other than "Koooooooooch!!"
  3. RussUK

    What Should a 5 Year Old Focus On?

    Getting back out with my 5yr old this weekend and cant wait. Putter shipping for him first (needs a new one) then range. He asked this morning if i can take him out on the course. He wants me to play the hole fully and he'll chip and putt. Told him he's got 20 years to get me the claret jug or a green jacket
  4. I also have 3 putters. GEL diamond, Yes! Stephanie belly and my current gamer a Clevelland Smartsquare blade. All really nice putters but cant bring myself to get rid of the GEL or the Yes! Keeping the belly as i'll either get it modified or keep it at 43" for when i can no longer bend as far to putt
  5. £35 for my Cleveland Smartsquare in a sale. As to how much you should pay, i think it's whatever you feel comfortable paying.
  6. RussUK

    Sergio DQ - Damaged Greens

    It will have all blown over by mid season. Yes he's been a major bell-end but i'm sure many other pro's have been just as stupid?
  7. Yep, they do say that they dont compare to new balls but as they want to sell as many new balls as they can they would say that. If i was running the company i'd say the same thing . There have been a few indie tests on Pearl, grade A & B which showed minimal difference to a new ball. Everyone will have different experiences with any type of ball, new or recycled. My advice is to play the best your budget can reach to whether that be new or recycled.
  8. RussUK

    The Mystery of This Putter

    That is a good looking putter.
  9. Normally do some stretching focusing on my shoulders and wrists (injury prone for me) then start with small swings to loosen up.
  10. RussUK

    What is Holding You Back (In a Few Words)?

    Lack of time. With a 5 and a 3 yr old quite rightly taking most of my time i'm not able to play as much as i'd like. I do get a bit of time at the range thanks to my eldest son so that helps.
  11. RussUK

    10 Finger or Baseball Grip

    10 finger for me. I have small hands so it helps me grip the club. Vardon hurts my little finger.
  12. RussUK

    V12 Driver

    Have you thought about ditching the driver for a 3w or 5w or maybe a high lofted driver? I'm certainly no expert but i'm sure there are options available that have less risk attached. with these "TV specials" there's usually no way to try before you buy. Maybe pop in and see your local pro as they may be able to advise you on the best option that fits your needs.
  13. RussUK

    V12 Driver

    Had to Google it tbh. Look's like the usual infomercial type of thing if it the below you are asking about? Just looks like a large headed 14.5* hybrid to me.
  14. Never had a problem. As long as you get them from one of the main companies. Place i buy them from here in the UK gets them from the US. The lakes/ponds etc. are cleared out once or twice a week so they dont stay in the water long. Modern balls a pretty resiliant little spheres
  15. I use recylced (not refinished) myself. Just got 24 "B" grade Bridgestone e6 for £8.99 delivered. Sure, they dont look as shiny as new balls (or pearl lake balls for that matter) but they are in good nick and feel decent and in fact better than the cheapo balls i had been playing. If you are a budget golfer like me you can make some great savings on top brand golf balls by going down the recycled/lake ball route.

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