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  1. Just do what i did. Got rid of all the grass and replaced with the top grade synthetic grass. Cost us £3000(ish) to do the back garden but we can use it all year round, dries quick, no muddy footprints in the kitchen, the kids love it plus its great for golf practice (i use a mat so i dont damage the grass). No lawn mower, no watering and looks good all year. Got it done last year and best thing we did. Just need to sell the Flymo now
  2. The young players today can express themselves in the game while following dress codes. Look at the stuff they can wear. Golf shoes that look like Nike Air Max trainers, bling belts, flat peaked baseball hats (they're the fashion or so i'm told) bright coloured shirts and pants. Hell, some of the young guys i see at the course look more trendy in golf attire then they do in their £100 ripped jeans with their undies showing. The manufactures are coming out with golf gear that looks the bizz while still respecting the dress codes FWIW, i played the local par 3 on Sunday and wore jeans and a hoody (always wear golf shoes though) but if i'm on the main course it's always golf gear even though the dress code is relaxed at that course.
  3. +1 I wouldn't even consider swinging a club until it's fully healed, All it takes is a small knock and you're back to square one.
  4. I'm starting to really like my 60*. Because i wasn't able to play golf for a while i practiced my short game like crazy. I use my 60* if i'm off the green with too much grass between me and the green or need to get over a hazard (otherwise i putt-chip). I stated last year that i couldn't get the hang of the Mickleson style hinge & hold technique but after having practiced it most days for 2 months it really lends itself to the 60*. Served my well on the par 3 course i played sunday as with the small synthetic greens anything lower than the lob wouldnt have stopped.
  5. Yesterday I took my 6yr old son out for a round on our local course's par 3 course. Was a sunny morning but grass was wet so we finished with wet feet but very happy. The course was modified to enable use for footgolf using the same greens as for normal golf a couple of years ago so the artificial greens are now a bit hard (and small) but the pro didn't charge for my son which was really nice. Now, they normally have golf from 7:30am to 9am then follow the last tee time around taking the plugs out from the hole to turn them into footgolf sized holes. To save time they have stopped doing this, the result being enormous holes which my lad had to stand in to get his ball out (which we both thought was funny). We've all heard the debate in the past that larger holes make the game more fun and speeds play up and after yesterday I have to agree. Seeing my son, not only achieve his first par, but chip in twice made us both very happy. I'm not suggesting we move to the cavernous footgolf holes, and not even larger holes on all courses, but larger holes on par 3 or short 9 hole courses (where the short course isn't the main course) could have benefits to those new to the game or who can't get out to play as much. I was surprised by the fact it wasn't as easy as I had expected due to small hard greens (sun was in my eyes too, and it was wet plus other excuses ) but it was such a laugh and we can't wait to do it again. I know changes to the norm can often seem taboo subjects, but what do you guys think?
  6. Over here they try and send you home the same day you have the op (they dont like having sick people take up the hospital beds ). Cartilage ops are really common these days.
  7. Puma's Autumn collection is a little different this year
  8. Going to see the Amazons in November. Really good British band.
  9. As per usual i'm a little late to this party, but I totally agree with what most of you guys are saying. Golf is a game, a hobby, an escape from daily life for a bit, nothing more (unless it's your job of course). It's supposed to be fun. I used to get really hot under the collar at bad shots and it's taken me getting pretty ill and having to manage a condition for the rest of my life to realise that it's a waste of energy to get pissed at bad shots. I'm now happy to be able to just play (got some new irons out of it as well so win win!!)
  10. @JayMartry Hireko golf. They do chippers that you can choose what length shafts you want. Prices are pretty good as well.
  11. I'd go try both, you may find that the one you dont like the look of actually fits you better than the one that suits your eye. Pro shops often have a laser attachment they can use to check how you line the face up before and during the swing to see what style would suit you better. Plus, it's always fun having a play with a load of different putters
  12. I think it should have a tag line of "Train while you Strain"
  13. Got you covered there.......
  14. Honma because of the good resale value and to be able to afford them in the first place i'd have to be stinking rich..which would be nice . Plus they make stunning clubs Second choice would be Srixon, great irons.
  15. You've not heard of Jack Nickolas, Kirklees district pitch and putt champion 1972??!! some say he's the GOAT, others say i may have made him up
  16. I adopted a similar method to what Jack Niclaus used in that i stick my elbows out so it prevents my wrists from being over active. I have trouble with using rocking my shoulders to power the stroke and this really helps. His "golf my way" video is on youtube, watching the putting and chipping (similar concept) really improved those areas of my game.
  17. I think as long as it helps you play and enjoy the game then there is nothing wrong with it. My 6 year old son has gripped "cack handed" as we call it over here since he picked up a club 2 years ago. No matter what i do he automatically goes back to left hand low so i let him do it. There are so many ways to grip the club, whether its overlap, double overlap, interlock, 10 finger or whatever as long as they allow you to deliver the clubhead to the ball as square as possible then all are good. I personally use a 10 finger butterfly grip (best thing Leadbetter came out with!) and it works for me.
  18. Saw this this morning on Sky Sports News and was thinking what happens if the player fails the online rules test? Do they miss the next tournament, do they have a timescale to retake or if they fail "x" amount of times do they lose their card? I think its a good idea on the whole and pretty brave of the Euro Tour. Be good to see how it pans out.
  19. Bit of an update. I went for my first ever custom fitting on Saturday. I've always thought at my level a custom fitting wouldn't be that impoprtant but I have to say I was so wrong. We started off with my current irons (an old set of hippo beasts, heavy steel shafts) and my 7 iron was going just 120-125yds. The pro said my swing was good and the impact was decent. All my stats we around average on Mizuno's fitting range but my speed with the 7 iron was down. Cant swing as hard as i used to now. After some baseline swings with a Mizuno swing gadget he set up one the current JPX (i think) heads with a reg graphite shaft and got me hitting, result was an extra 15-20yds bit a slight push. After hitting the lie board i was hitting toe down so needed 3 degree's upright. After a browse at the clubs on offer he showed me some end of line stock they had which included Srixon Z155's with reg myasaki shafts. After a chat with the wife i was back in that afternoon and walked out with the srixons for £279 inc the fitting. Just need to get used to the different lie and shaft which the pro said will take a little time but already i'm seeing the benefits when my swing clicks. Very happy and cant recommend a fitting highly enough. Even if you aren't going to buy at the time it's worth having a fitting done.
  20. Anyway, an oversized golfing iron is much more of a walking stick than a crutch. On a serious note, if someone came up with a club with the head the size of a dinner plate and it turned me into a golfing god i'd play it, even if i did look a complete bell-end using it.
  21. Welcome to TST from t'other side of t'peninnes. I would have a dig at you for being a L**ds fan but I cant really, what with me be being a Huddersfield town fan
  22. Still have 2 briefcases full of tapes with games for the Sinclair Spectrum 48k, each has about 20 games per tape and there are 50 to a case. We used to rent games from the library and make a copy if they were good. Those were the days.
  23. Going to try a few graphite irons at the weekend but have seen some decent Yonex irons on Golfbidder for £120-£155. They are VMS and VMX, regular flex HS700 high stability shafts. Cant seem to find specs on these shafts bu tgoing by my driver swing speed of not more than 95mph and my 6 iron carry of around 150yds (yep, i'm a short hitter for my age) i'm pretty tempted. Has anyone any experience with Yonex (and these models in particular)?. Obviously i'll get checked at the golf shop to see but would reg graphite suit a 90-95mph driver swing speed?
  24. I wasn't going to comment on this but on reading a few of the comments by a fellow countryman i feel i need to chime in. Not sure whether it was an attempt at the old fashioned British humour but I found it a little cringe worthy. Anyway, back to the point. I've only been married 13 years and my wife knows I love my hobby. However, for me, golf isn't all important. I happily give up a day of golf for my family, my wife appreciates that and in return is happy for me to go out to the range or a round. Marriage is like golf in that you have to work at it and like many a golf swing its about compromise. To the OP, I would say speak to your husband, sit down and tell him how you are feeling and that while you are happy for him to enjoy his hobby you feel you are at times being pushed aside. Its important for married couples to have "me" time as it helps us reset and helps keep the bonds strong but its equally important to spend time together. If i could make a suggestion, have you thought about a weekend away to a golf and Spa hotel?. This could be a good compromise as your husband can enjoy a round of golf while you pamper yourself at the spa then spend quality time together for a meal in the evening. I hope you are able to sort things out but the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are happy.
  25. I do, the guy's mental. Always a good laugh, more so that he's not a pro, just a normal Joe Public like the rest of us.
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