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  1. I'm sorry. Bad memory. Didn't even remember I posted this earlier. Sorry for the bother! I guess I will go with 1.
  2. Hello. I have a small amount of scoliosis that causes my shoulders to be naturally closed to my feet and hips. I figure I have 3 options - 1) setup with my feet open so that my shoulders are square. Easy to remember but I'm sort of out of alignment still. 2) Work on remembering to open my shoulders and square them every time at address (unnatural and will probably will forget under pressure, but might be most correct) or 3) learn how to swing with my feet/hips square and shoulders closed. What is the best course of action here? I have read that the most important t
  3. Hello - I've noticed that, when I stand normally, that my spine has a curve such that my shoulders are naturally closed to my stance. I apparently had mild scoliosis as a child so that could be it. Is it ok for me to stand with my feet open to the target so that my shoulders are naturally square to the target, or do I need to work on squaring my shoulders with my feet at setup? I always forget. It would be much easier to just always setup a little open to the target line with my feet.
  4. That's the thing. I'm a chronic caster. My last 2 rounds have been 84 and 83, so I'm a pretty decent golfer, but that's because I practice my short game more than my long game. I don't think I'll ever get to the next level if I continue to cast the club on all my long swings. I am pretty straight but have inconsistent contact (I still duff the ball on occasion) and my distance is poor.
  5. Hello - General question here. I recently watched a few good YouTube videos on lag and I believe I actually incorporated the tips into my swing. It felt as though the clubhead was behind my back longer (just a feel) and I wasn't turning my forearms early as I normally do (and losing all my lag). It felt great in my backyard without a ball, but I went to the range tonight and all I hit was shanks and, if I was lucky, a really weak push. Clearly I'm not closing my clubface. I tried adding a lot of body turn early and swinging from my hips, I tried actually closing the clubf
  6. I just bought the Ping G30 driver and 3 wood. My hybrids (3 and 4) are pretty old and I want to upgrade them as well. Should I lean towards the G30 hybrids since I will be used to the driver and 3 wood, or does it not matter at all?
  7. Hello everyone. So I recently bought a Zepp 3D golf analyzer. I'll be posting a review on this site later. I've only had it for 2 days. One of the things that is measured is swing plane and hand plane. My hand plane is consistently about 5 degrees under plane, which I assume is fine. The odd thing is that my downswing plane is 20-30% below the plane, sometimes more. Assuming the thing works, is this a major problem? Is it a problem at all? I'm having a terrible time trying to get it closer to on-plane, and I'm not sure what the benefit would be anyway. I seem to hit
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