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  1. First eagle came a month ago. Dogleg right par 5, played driver to mid-iron and actually chipped in from a yard or two off the green. Funny part is I played the course the day before and left my chip for eagle sitting on the lip. Three holes later I got my second eagle; another par 5. Hit a 3 hybrid from 248. There were guys on the green which I didn't think I'd hit because I was looking to be about 20yds out (I shouldn't have hit but it was slow and mistakes happen). THe shot rolled up to the green, hit a guy on the bottom of his leg and sat 8ft from the hole. I went and apologized and bought
  2. Single goes through then couple holes later we go through. I figured I didn't have to spell it out in my first post but that was my logic.
  3. As an aside for this thread. If you're a single playing behind a three or four some on an empty course and they offer to let you through, play through for the love of God. I don't care if you're out practicing taking your time and don't mind waiting. My buddy and I behind you (whom you denied to play with) play fast and don't want to wait on you and the threesome every damn shot.
  4. Having a great year actually lol. They only get hit on weekends and every person making the tee time is aware of the policy so it's completely on them. Don't get me wrong, if they call ahead and let us know about it, we accommodate and don't charge them but if an entire four some doesn't show or a four some shows with two guys only, then we hit you.
  5. Quote: I'm not going to lie, I didn't read half the thread. With that said, a golf course really doesn't take up that much space in the grand scheme of things. I'm going strictly off my area (DC metro area) with my response. We have hospitals, parks, homeless shelters, and whatever else you mentioned should take it's place and we still have room for golf courses; so does every area in the US. It's not like we are hurting for space or bumping elbows with our neighbors when we walk out of the door. The country's foundation is built around capitalism. The idea of private ownership wher
  6. Quote: Couldn't agree more with you. I work in the pro shop at my course and my regular golfers get certain advantages and breaks that the non-regulars get. Not saying it's fair or right but it's good to keep the regulars happy.
  7. Even being a huge Yankees fan my whole life, I'd find it very hard to just give that ball up. Granted, he got some sweet stuff signed by Jeter but still, that ball could go for hundreds of thousands on the open market. I'd ask for lifetime season tickets at Yankee Stadium or at least for season tickets for 10+ years.
  8. Taylor Made R7's for me. Recently just changed from CG1 blades back to the R7's and have dropped from a 9.6 to a 8.3 with them.
  9. Quote: Be careful with that. Some courses will hit you with a charge for the guest that didn't show up. People try that all the time at the course I work at and on busy weekends, we hit you with a $25 charge per guest who didn't show up on the credit card of the person who made the time. As for the single reservations, on a busy day if I'm working, I'll make a time for a single only with a two-some or three-some. We won't make a time for a single on an empty tee slot because we gain nothing. Technically, you can make a time as a single online at the course I work at but it
  10. I don't know what I did but I went out and shot a 40 on the front nine today but couldn't finish. My swing didn't even feel that good but I scored well. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I play. I don't dare say I'm over the shanks though lol.
  11. I think number 2 is the winner. In the two weeks before I officially got the shanks, I had noticed that my divots were (for lack of a better explanation) looking like this (ME \ ) as I am a righty. In other words, cutting across it with a great over the top move. When I do hit the ball "decently" right now, I'm missing with a dead pull or a soft lazy fade. I might have to give that a shot tomorrow Cut. Makes sense since I'm knocking a lot of the hosel. Funny you mention that LL, I actually just began to walk up and hit the ball without much thinking or effort and went 2 ove
  12. I'm at an absolute loss right now. I went from shooting 80-83 consistently to not being able to break 95 my past 2 times out. My local pro has been working with me to release my hinge earlier and changing my grip to interlocked. I've got a big golf trip planned in 3 weeks so I'm keeping my swing what it is until I get back to work on everything but now my swing is beyond lost. For those who have gone through this terrible feeling, what did you do to get back into rhythm? The Golf God's are spiting me because I shook the hand of a guy and gave him a tough time about his own case of the s
  13. You only have a handful of choices down there quite frankly and I've played most of them. The best one in my opinion is Kilmarlic. It has more of a country club feel to it then the others and is always in good condition. It is probably one of the tougher courses down there but the one I enjoy the most. The Pointe is also a good choice. It's probably the easiest and most friendly course. Not a lot of trouble and it's wide open but the greens are always in great shape. The Carolina Club is the sister course to The Pointe and I like it more. It's a bit tougher than The Pointe but is in just as go
  14. Good lord Shorty, get off the guys nuts lol. You can be a straight shooter with him and tell him it's not a hole in one (which even he admitted) but relax dude. Who cares what some dude over the internet whom you'll never meet put down on his card as his score? Does it really bother you that much? The guy isn't on tour playing for money and neither are you. Great par OP. Frustrating but a good story nonetheless.
  15. I play 1-2 rounds a week right now working 25 hours a week plus going to school full time. During the summer I'll work 40 hours a week and play 4-5 rounds a week easy. Play at the crack of dawn and work at noon until close then repeat. My boss at the course plays at least 5 rounds of golf a week as well. It's a laid back atmosphere at my course though so it really might be different at other courses but that's my experience.
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