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  1. alleztom

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I vassilate between z star and z star XV - I think I prefer the XV. They feel really nice when I strike them well
  2. If you're with the Dalai Lama altitude is definitely influencing your yardages @BuckeyeNut🏔️
  3. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    Thanks to us mainly 🐺
  4. I'd be fully for this - I think it is a great idea. As much as I love it I think I'd rather devote a 5th rather than a quarter of my weekend to golf. The only drawback I can see IACAS is that a 6 hole round (the equivalent of a 9 hole round in 18 hole golf) would be a little too short to be satisfying.
  5. alleztom

    Swing Advice for Saturated Fairways

    I feel the need to get my weight far in front of the ball and hit a 'flighted' shot with a low trajectory. This tends to get me hitting down more and more likely to strike ball before standing water. Also looks cool and makes a cool splash when you hit the turf.
  6. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    One of the few benefits of watching football in Australia is that the kick-off never interfere with golf, what with them being in the middle of the night. They will break your heart over, and over, and over again. Good choice, I see where you're coming from. 🐺
  7. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    These two points are related for me. VAR helps remove the randomness which allowed the richest to sometimes lose.
  8. alleztom

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    The answer I suppose is both until you actually play a round with him, or don't play a round with him. Damn quantum superposition.
  9. alleztom

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    And it is still one more stroke if a putt hovers over the lip and doesn't go in, lips out or if the put rolls 6' by. That's golf hey?
  10. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    We are stacked. Last year was a little bit like playing a computer game on cheat mode. I reckon mid-table mediocrity here we come. I reckon you guys will be fine though, well organised puts you a step ahead of a lot of bottom half teams.
  11. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    If 5 years ago you'd have said we'd be facing each other in the big dance I'd have thought you mad. My wife supports Huddersfield so I hope they have a good season too (and as an Aussie I hope you keep a hold of Mooy and he has another great year).
  12. alleztom

    Premier League 2018-19

    With the World Cup finished, the new season nearly here, and my Wolves recently promoted, I thought it time to start a thread for the football this season.
  13. alleztom

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    On one level I absolutely agree, my course has a really bad habit of doing this as well. However more philosophically, the ball is either where you can see it or it is anywhere else in the universe. Maybe the animal spirited it away, maybe a wormhole opened up and it's in Nevada. Can you absolutely know for sure? 🤔
  14. alleztom

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    More existentially - how do you know it is still in bounds if you haven't found it?
  15. alleztom

    2 holes in 1 in a single round

    If not for the 6 that would be a very satisfying (OCD wise) scorecard. I was wondering if anyone has shot a 90 with 18x5s.

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