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  1. The green one allows your aim or start line, or some combination of the two, to be off by more because you can be wrong and hit more of the hole. @iacas this presumes pretty good speed control (on a 5' putt that's a pretty fair presumption)? Thanks for the post. Is a really nice way of looking at this
  2. No problem whatsoever, unless it is aimed at a competitor, fan or official I really don't care. Even then I'd be keen to understand the context before rushing to judgement.
  3. 2nd round for the year. Birdied 18 (par 5, near green for 2, got up and down).
  4. First round of the year, only 6 greens, no birdies😓
  5. I'm in. Aiming for 20 rounds at the home course this year. Let's see.
  6. Handicap down below 14 (from 18, which drifted out from 14) by 31/12, break 80 at least once this year, make an eagle in a tournament round 18 tournament rounds (1 down already) 9 lessons (1 down already) - with the idea to place total trust in the instructor and commit to doing the drills to continue to improve my swing. Go to short game facility regularly on my day off and systematically improve (putting stroke and read bead speed exercises, chips, pitches and distance wedges). Go to the range and be boring (commit to doing the drills set by instructor) more 3x a month
  7. 2nd hole at home course, downhill lie pitch across a lake, about 100 yds. Dead thin, skipped off water, rolled to about 15 feet, 2 putt par.
  8. I love the effortless myth. So funny. I think it is balance, but balance is hard, and boring, while effortless makes you think you can hit it as far as Ernie Els without trying very hard.
  9. Sadly for the first time since December 2015 my handicap is back in this bracket, got as low as 13.2, back to 16.5 as of my last round. I hope to leave you guys very soon but for now I look forward to being on this journey again.
  10. I vassilate between z star and z star XV - I think I prefer the XV. They feel really nice when I strike them well
  11. If you're with the Dalai Lama altitude is definitely influencing your yardages @BuckeyeNut🏔️
  12. Thanks to us mainly 🐺
  13. I'd be fully for this - I think it is a great idea. As much as I love it I think I'd rather devote a 5th rather than a quarter of my weekend to golf. The only drawback I can see IACAS is that a 6 hole round (the equivalent of a 9 hole round in 18 hole golf) would be a little too short to be satisfying.
  14. I feel the need to get my weight far in front of the ball and hit a 'flighted' shot with a low trajectory. This tends to get me hitting down more and more likely to strike ball before standing water. Also looks cool and makes a cool splash when you hit the turf.
  15. One of the few benefits of watching football in Australia is that the kick-off never interfere with golf, what with them being in the middle of the night. They will break your heart over, and over, and over again. Good choice, I see where you're coming from. 🐺
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