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  1. This is why there's a search function here.... That took just a few seconds to find
  2. I once bought a pair of knee length white socks in order to play golf in Australia. It was no big deal, its their rule, and I was fine with it.
  3. Yeah, that's the worst, but it happens to everyone once in a while. And you ARE long, someone needs to keep you on a leash.
  4. If you use a laser, I'd get a distance to the group ahead, and use that to define what you do. "They're 200 away, and I hit my driver about 230 most times, I better wait". Using actual numbers may make it easier for them to understand that you're not just being overly optimistic. Other than that, you'll have to learn their habits, and in turn they'll learn about you too.
  5. For me, I wear L in FJ shirts, but XL in everything else. I have one or two Peter Millar shirts, and they're sized in line with the majority, so I'd choose XL.
  6. On one hand, you say you have trouble with lag putts, then you say you're not a poor putter. And someone has told you that you're decelerating. My suggestion, a FEELING of acceleration might help you get more putts to the hole, especially the long ones.
  7. This is where reality and feel can contradict each other. If you're slowing down coming into the ball (which in my experience seems to be fairly common in poorer putters), you may need to FEEL like you're accelerating just to achieve the ideal that is described in this thread. Like many changes in a golf swing, you almost need to over-do the change to actually make it right.
  8. I know I started this by questioning @MasonAsher2014, but I think we've all gone a bit discussing what scores to post. @MasonAsher2014 clearly understands the posting requirements, and I take him at his word that his non-tournament golf isn't postable under the rules. Admittedly, if I'm on a handicap committee, and see someone playing most days but only posting tournament scores, I'd look a lot closer, but his situation is a pretty uncommon one in the overall golf world. Anyway, we should open a new thread, or revive an old one, to discuss what and how to post.
  9. I don't doubt any of this. However, without tournament sponsors, there would be no tournaments. Without the overall sponsorship of Fedex, there would be less publicity, and quite possibly fewer tournaments, and individual player endorsement deals rely on that publicity. Fedex is a big deal in fueling the whole cycle.
  10. I'm sure the PGA Tour made a decision that they believe is in the best interests of the majority of their members. Many individual tournaments are having difficulty finding sponsors, some of them won't be continuing. Without the sponsors, these guys don't really have a job. They don't wanna put up their own money, that's for sure, they wanna play for someone else's money. To have a company like FedEx sign up to provide major money for 10 whole years is a big deal, I don't blame them for accepting a few terms that they'd prefer not to have to accept. And the big few should understand where their money came from, and where it continues to come from, and thank Fedex every morning.
  11. I think it would have been more appropriate if he'd had on a golf shirt, but its really not something I'm going to get upset about. Jason Day in a T-shirt looks better than I do in a tux!
  12. These are the ones I'm not fond of, and that are disallowed at some places
  13. As I remember the announcement, they're still evaluating the idea of video reviews, whether done in-house or spurred by viewers calls or emails. That issue is still up in the air, as far as I know.
  14. I'm just going to agree with a large percentage of the previous posters. I believe there are golf courses available to cater to all types of clothing preferences. I too would feel odd playing golf in jeans, even though I'll go to the range, or to the tavern at the club in jeans. I grew up playing in jeans, and when the weather got warm, I played in cutoff jeans. But now, I wear proper pants or shorts, and a golf shirt. I'm not wild about the look of cargo shorts or pants, but our club allows them, and I wouldn't push to change that. I prefer shirts to be tucked in, it looks more appropriate to me, but I wouldn't make that a requirement. Hats have a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes, not to prevent you getting sunburn on your neck. I think to some extent, the idea of dressing properly for golf fits in with the idea of golf being a game of honor, of players choosing to play within the rules. I've read about an occasional instance of a dress code being overdone, or over-enforced, but for the most part I think they're pretty reasonable.