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  1. When I was at MidPines in NC I saw they have Finn Scooters (or something really similar) for rent. I didn't take one, but they looked like a lot of fun: About Finn Finn Cycles are single rider electric golf carts that are sporty, invigorating and encourage ready golf. Get your Personal Golf Machine now!
  2. I guess when you KNOW you're missing the cut, might as well try something new. But was putting really his problem? Averaging 29 putts per 18 holes isn't awful in itself, but its possible he hadn't made anything over a couple feet.
  3. But that has been the rule in the LPGA since late 2010, more than 10 years. The NCAA already allows transgender players to compete in women's sports, with some stipulations. I don't see the Executive Order as changing much of what goes on in women's golf.
  4. How big do you think this trend is? What big step just happened? I honestly don't see a trend, but perhaps I've missed something.
  5. I don't think I would enjoy it more, I enjoy trying to score, I enjoy putting pressure on myself and then dealing with it, I enjoy competing in golf. I do enjoy practice as well, but its a different kind of enjoyment. Besides that, even at my lightly played private club I'm very seldom there at a time when I can practice in the way you described.
  6. Not quite correct. 100% (1 up to 1 horizontal) is 45 degrees, 90 degrees is "infinite" in percent terms. The tangent of 1 degree is 0.0175, so 1.75%. 2 degrees is 3.49%, 3 degrees is 5.2%. Even in those near-horizontal situations, its not linear, and its certainly not 100% correlating to 90 degrees. But no matter the actual correlations, if you're going to learn Aimpoint, and Aimpoint uses degrees of slope, I'd recommend buying a level that reads in percent, especially at 1/3 the cost.
  7. One thing about that, beyond the price, is that it doesn't read in percent, which is what the Aimpoint system uses.
  8. For better or worse, this is entertainment, like all sports. What the players "deserve" is some fair percentage of the revenue from all sources, which I imagine is primarily from TV rights, tournament sponsorships, and, to a smaller extent, physical attendance. TV rights are directly related to what the broadcaster can get for the advertising, which relates to viewership. Until the viewership for the LPGA gets close to that of the PGA, the purses for the players won't be close. I have a hard time believing this will happen in my lifetime. This isn't to say that the players work less h
  9. I just looked quickly at Amazon, saw one for $35, I think. Check out your neighbors' garages, you might be able to borrow one. For me, once I got fairly competent, I don't feel like I needed to do much more training that way. You can kind of calibrate your feel on the practice green by making a read and then watching the ball turn.
  10. One additional cost to anticipate, you may want to buy a digital level to help train your feel for slope. 12" long is enough, make sure it will tell you the slope in percent, I think I spent about $40.
  11. I prefer to drive, with the understanding that there are times when its best for me to walk and let the other player drive.
  12. I'll pile onto this, I look at "the ball", not a specific part of the ball, and not at "not the ball".
  13. As a first step, consider opening a My Swing thread here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ @iacas owns The SandTrap, is an excellent instructor, and gives very good advice there. He is also involved with www.evolvr.com . I've read of others who have had very good experiences with Evolvr, but I haven't used it myself. And I had this all typed when I saw Erik post his response above.
  14. Especially old fat guys. Not pointing fingers at anyone else, only at myself,
  15. If you go back to the very first post, @mvmac makes exactly this point, that many of us benefit from turning the feet out because it allows us to turn our hips more freely while remaining centered. The best players in the world are, for the most part, substantially more flexible than the rest of us mortals.
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