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  1. I’m sure many of you have read about the Game Golf Pro giveaway, and I hope y’all have signed up for it. If you haven't, take a look at the offer here: If you read all the way to the end of the announcement, you’ve noticed that I’ll also be doing a review of Game Golf Pro. Although I’ll be posting a complete review in the blog page, I wanted to open this thread to keep everyone updated with my impressions as I go through the process. This is also a great place for anyone to ask questions, or to suggest a specific aspect that they’d like to see me evaluate. I can see this proceeding
  2. Remember P Reed being penalized for improving his lie at the Hero, in a sandy waste area? He moved sand in the same area where Phil did the raking. The difference, Phil was restoring the lie to its original condition as part of replacing his ball after marking and lifting it for the other player's shot. Thanks. And the rule applies to a ball in sand, whether in a bunker or not, so it certainly applied in Phil's case.
  3. 14.2d(1) says that when replacing a ball that had been lifted from sand, the original lie MUST recreate the original lie as much as possible. Raking away the footprint did just that. I'm not sure that the pre-2019 rules had the same requirement. As for whether the raking made the lie better or worse, I think it made it more predictable. I doubt that Phil practiced bunker shots with a footprint right behind the ball.
  4. Well, the golf ball is part of the equipment, you were right on target.
  5. Yes, those are the underlying principles, but there are many many exceptions and modifications of those principles. Most entered the rules as a response to the growth of the game, to its expansion into geographically and geologically and climatically different areas of the work, and in response to changing technology and agronomy. The rules around greens, marking the ball and repair of ball marks, came about around 1960, almost certainly due to advances in irrigation, in maintenance equipment, and in agronomy. Greens could be maintained in a much smoother and faster manner, so it was more a
  6. Hey, Phil knew the physics of that one. If he didn't stop it, gravity would force the ball to accelerate down the hill and off the green!
  7. I was just thinking the same thing, the discussion has moved quite a ways . I think its a good idea to move back to the Anthem, and to governmental efforts to require it to be played.
  8. I'm on board with this approach. I've said before, I enjoy it on the few occasions I attend a live event, so I (selfishly) hope it continues to be played. If a league or team decides not to play it, I'll miss it but I'll still attend the games. I just don't believe the government should be involved in the decision.
  9. Its not allowed at all now, Rule 10.1c. This was changed in the 2019 rules, before that the prohibition on standing astride the line of play only showed up in the Putting Green rules.
  10. I'm with @klineka, if you're playing for anything more than just the fun of playing, you "help" him to count each stroke he takes at the end of each hole. And if you're just playing for fun, let him record whatever score he wants.
  11. So I mentioned I'd post when I finished the test, and I'm finished. Overall, I'm confident I got a large number of correct answers. There were very few that I was really stumped over, maybe two or three. A large percentage I was certain of, and there were a few kind of in the middle. Overall impressions, the test administration went pretty smoothly. I had read that the initial online proctoring firm was extremely difficult, the USGA changed firms and everything was as smooth as I could hope for. The careful reading required for the 100 questions was a definite strain, I'm kind of b
  12. When I read the title of the thread, I was instantly reminded of this one: That would be the ball of my partner, @bkuehn1952, in the fourball play, first day of the 2017 Newport Cup. The ball was embedded in the face of the bunker on the par-3 15th hole at Talamore. This is one time when any player is glad to have a partner.
  13. Thanks, but I have years of study before I get close to that level. On the other hand, every question that gets asked here is a chance for me to learn something.
  14. At the suggestion of @iacas, who obviously took note of my interests in the Rules, I signed up and took the USGA/PGA Rules Workshop this spring. In contrast to previous years, when this was done as a 3-day in-person format, this year the workshop was all done online. We had 20 1-hour sessions, along with a full week (5 days) of 90-minute sessions. I think in some ways the online sessions are good, I know my attention would flag over the course of three full days. On the other hand, in-person sessions would allow a person to make connections, which are always valuable. Anyway, I've learned
  15. It makes sense to me to test those who are more likely to pose a danger to others, while not testing those whose vaccination choice makes them much less likely to pose a danger. And as @phillyk says, the PGA Tour is doing their best to follow the CDC guidelines. The players agree to it, its not like a lawyer SHOULD be able to build a case. It would be like a player hiring a lawyer saying he shouldn't have been DQ for not signing his scorecard.
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