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  1. If the Handicap Rankings are done properly, the number 1 hole is the hole where there is the greatest difference in scores between a low handicap player and a higher handicap. That's what @iacas is referring to when he says the low-number holes are where the higher handicap needs a stroke the most. It is not always the hardest holes.
  2. Are you talking about skins within a 3-player group? How exactly would you do this? In my view, there are only two ways to make this work out. Either each player gets all their strokes, or the players B and C play off the low ball. Of those two, the second is the option I think is best. This new "wrinkle" isn't really different from the previous question. What you are describing would be appropriate if the 3 players are playing a match against each of the other players, 3 separate matches.
  3. Thanks for reviving this, @saevel25. I saw Jackson Brown a few months back, more my wife's preference than mine, but he was really good. Next was the National Symphony Orchestra playing the score for the movie ET while the movie ran on the big screen. They do a different movie each year, and it really makes you pay attention to how the score improves the movie. Last, on Tuesday, we saw the Stray Cats on their 40 Year Anniversary Tour. A REALLY good show, I posted a recent video on the "what are you listening to?" thread. The opener was James Hunter, unknown to me previously, but really solid..
  4. I imagine it was inadvertent, but did he move loose sand or soil which could improve his lie? If so, he breached the rule in effect at that time, even if it was accidental.
  5. This is my impression as well. He moved material away from behind his golf ball, that seems like improving his lie. Intent doesn't matter, here's the rule in effect in 1974: I believe he violated the underlined bit by moving loose sand from behind his ball. If he had done that when making his real swing, it would have been OK, but this was a practice swing.
  6. OK, I'm old, a lot of my favorites are from decades ago. Last night I saw the Stray Cats on their 40th reunion tour. Had a great time, a bit of a sing-a-long, and lots of loud rockin'. I was also pretty impressed with the opening act, James Hunter. He played with just an upright bass player as his accompaniment, but his playing was strong, his singing was soulful, with a nice variety of tempos and styles. I'd go just to see him again, if he was playing someplace nearby.
  7. I agree completely. The funny thing is, we never look back and say "I had no right to make that 50-footer on the second hole", or "I'll never chip one in from THERE again!" I know I've never said "I shot 75, but it really should have been 80". We take those for granted as well-deserved good results from improbable locations.
  8. For sure, the second guy was a LOT better player!
  9. I think you've thought it through pretty well, I wouldn't suggest anything different. Play well!
  10. This reminded me of Jason Day a year or two back, when he said he'd continue to take whatever time he thinks is necessary for him to play his best golf. As much as I wish the slow-play policies would be tightened, its hard to really blame someone who manages to play within the requirements. And if the policies DO change, and if Bryson and Jason and some of the other slower players can't play their best at the pace required, someone will step in and fill their spots on Tour. We may wonder what happened to them, but I don't believe they'll really be missed by the golfing public.
  11. We did have a good time, while playing not-great golf. Both courses in fine shape, not a single flake of snow, sadly we had no excuses at all.
  12. I agree with this, and would support strengthening the Tour's slow-play policy. As @iacas says, it is way to easy to avoid being penalized for slow play. It will be interesting to see if the policy does get changed as aresult of the current review by the PGA Tour: PGA Tour to review pace of play, consider penalty Following days of controversy and a few high-profile examples of slow play involving golfer Bryson DeChambeau, the PGA Tour said Sunday it will review its policy and consider ways to penalize players even if their group...
  13. Over 2 minutes is certainly excessive, but do we really know if it SHOULD have been a penalty? I wasn't watching, so I don't know the answers, but was his group on the clock? If they were, was BDC given a warning after exceeding the allotted time once? If so, and he exceeded the time limit a second time, he should have been assessed a penalty stroke. But if his group was close enough to the group in front, he can take all the time he wants without being penalized. If this was his first time exceeding the time limit after being notified about being on the clock, he cannot be penalized. It takes a lot of slow play to actually merit a penalty under the current PGA Tour policy. I do have a problem with Slugger White saying he's opposed to giving players a stroke penalty. Once the policy is in place, his job, and the job of all of the PGA Tour rules officials, is to enforce the rules. All of the rules. By selectively enforcing rules, the officials ARE changing the competitive balance. If the guy who SHOULD have been penalized for slow play is the last one to remain eligible, he may be taking the place of a guy who plays within the rules. The decision to NOT enforce the rule has then cost the faster player his own livelihood.
  14. No problem. If you want to read it for yourself, you can check out Sections 4-1 and 4-2 in the USGA Handicap Manual. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14377
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