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  1. DaveP043

    NHL 2017-2018

    I think the Caps did a couple of things to change the tide. Obviously, putting Holtby back in net was one of them. Grubauer was clearly better over the last couple months of regular season, but struggled in the playoffs. Holtby was solid. The other, they adapted to hold Panarin down. He had way too much possession in open ice through the first two games, and the Caps largely took that away as the series went on.
  2. DaveP043

    Future Golfer

    I echo this, CONGRATULATIONS!! Now go and post it on the Golf Talk forum, and get some thumbs. After all, she IS a future golfer.
  3. DaveP043

    Hole in One on a Temporary Hole

    I know a guy who did just that, and he's never heard the end of his "nice 3".
  4. DaveP043

    Hole in One on a Temporary Hole

    Well you COULD hit the ball from the tee, hole it, and make 3. On your second try. But as long as it was your first shot from that tee, its an ace, in my book.
  5. I wonder if Arcos market share has expanded over that time, and whether any expansion might have been weighted towards higher-handicap players. For something like this, I think it initially appeals to pretty avid players who want to track their shots. As it gains in popularity, I can see its use going beyond that initial group of avid players. Generally, I expect more avid golfers to also be lower handicap golfers (I know, there are lots of REALLY avid high-handicappers too, but I'm making a very broad guestimation). If my guess is right, the average handicap of Arcos users may have gone up, and that would generally correlate to shorter driving distances. OK, now that I read the actual article, they show that even within handicap groups the driving distance has decreased slightly. So much for my guessing.
  6. I think that in general, newer designs have a lot more tee options than older courses ever had. What I remember from my earliest days were three sets of tees, and often with relatively small differences in yardages between them. Now I see four or five tees, sometimes even more, and a much bigger variation in yardages between them. Certainly very short hitters, children, beginners, should be encouraged to tee it up even closer to the green, but I think courses are doing a decent job of including as many different levels of ability as possible.
  7. I stand corrected, obviously my memory is faulty. I did find an interesting read about the hole here: https://books.google.com/books?id=I24oNRbB0qsC&pg=PT89&lpg=PT89&dq=masters+seventh+hole+history&source=bl&ots=9ge2qEfnvD&sig=TfRUqRXBHa6cE47bpM341QcMp0w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi0hKyZ_8PaAhUhVd8KHep1CYU4FBDoAQhTMAg#v=onepage&q=masters seventh hole history&f=false There's a discussion of Fred Couples hitting 9-iron to the green in 1992, presumably shorter hitters did hit more club in the decades before that, but I just don't know for sure. There's also an indication that the green has been moved once (1930's) and renovated in 2006, the same time the hole was extended to its current length. Presumably, the green is designed in the way that Augusta National wants it to be. Otherwise they'd simply rebuild it yet again.
  8. I'm with others, I like the 13th best. It seems a great use of the contours, a significantly sloping fairway, a sidehill second shot to a demanding target, even a tough layup. Maybe my least favorite is 14. It seems that the green is so severely sloped that a difference of a foot or two can be the difference between a very short birdie putt, or a difficult 2-putt. Some of us old folks remember when this hole, at 400 yards or so, was played with a driver and an uphill 6 or 7 iron from 150 or so. Now that they've added 50 yards, and the players have gotten longer, its a 3-wood and an uphill 8-iron from 175. I kind of like that there's a tough nearly-straight hole at this point in the round.
  9. DaveP043

    How can I go up from 105 mph?

    Congratulations on increasing your speed. Would you want to share what exactly you've done to accomplish that? As to the somewhat off-topic comments, those are pretty common for most public forums. In your first post, you ask a single specific question. But we don't know a single thing about you, not your age, handicap, ball flight, haven't seen a video of your swing. Nobody here has any idea if you're actually capable of swing faster. Even though you WANT to swing faster, that might not be the thing you need most to play golf better. Most of us here are all about playing better golf, shooting lower scores. As such, its fair game to question whether swing speed should be your priority, and the questions are quite germane to helping you play better golf. For many players, working on swing speed would be a total waste of time, something else might be more important to work on right now. Anyway, welcome to TST, and good luck with your quest for speed
  10. Wow, now that golf season is just about here, I realize I have a couple of trips coming up. In about a month, Mary Anne and I will be spending a couple of nights at the Homestead, with 2 rounds of golf planned. And a month after that, I'll be in Scotland for 4 days in Ayrshire, and 4 days in East Lothian.

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