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  1. At long last, I've completed my vlog Just to be a little different, I added voice-over in my best announcer voice. And to consolidate, I've quoted my previous posts, I think its all together here.
  2. My guess is that there'll be very little change. Most yardage books are really accurate, I think initially the DMDs will serve to confirm that has already been established by pacing yardages from known points. Eventually, they may start with the DMD, especially lasers, and use the books to calculate other distances (over bunker, to a ridge on the green, etc) based on the yardage books. Either way, there's still going to be simple math and discussions of the target distances, I don't see much change in pace of play.
  3. Be sure to read this, so that the videos you get are as useful as possible. Poor camera angles make it harder to tell what's really going on in your swing.: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing I think most modern cell phone cameras can do a decent job with video, and slow-motion can be even more helpful.
  4. It really depends on whether you want to become a better golfer or not. If you're happy with the way you play, and don't care to improve, keep doing what you're doing. There are a few players who have become successful, and still allow their left elbow to bend, but they're in a very small minority. You say you're really just getting into golf for the first time this year, this year is the best possible time to learn good basics. One of the single most important things in golf is putting your tee shots consistently into play, while consistently achieving good distance. A straighter left arm is one component in being more consistent with the driver. The thing is, there may be other things in your swing that are more important to work on right now. Find a good instructor, or post some videos of your swing in the My Swing part of this website to get some competent advice.
  5. Thanks. I still feel a little uncomfortable with my weight toe-ward, but not so bad. A sign of progress, I was at the club yesterday, talking to a friend about what I was working on, and tried to demonstrate the set-up I'd used previously, and THAT was extremely uncomfortable. 10-4 For the next few days, I'll be taking a golf stance every time I stand up from my desk. I'll be checking the stance in a mirror every time I go past one, looking for straighter knees, more vertical but comfortably rounded back, and head down to face the ball. On the range, I'll check with video regularly to verify that I'm making the changes suggested. So far, that general procedure is taking me in the desired direction.
  6. I got it there for you. Now sure why it didn't work, I ended up deleting yours and inserting a new point, and it worked. First one in Iowa, congratulations!
  7. Welcome to TST, enjoy yourself! Good to hear you're getting instruction, and that you'll be starting a MY Swing thread. Be sure to read the info about taking videos the right way, that'll help the smart people to help you. I'd also suggest letting people know what you're working on with your local pro, you don't want to be getting conflicting advice from different people. I'll be coming down to Southern Pines in a couple weeks, are you anywhere close?
  8. Here's how I did it. First search for the desired location, in the box near the top of the map. If more than one thing comes up, select the right one. You should end up with a " box", pointing to the location. Inside that box, click "+ Add to map". THEN inside the box, click the "edit" icon, looks like a little pen along the bottom row. You can edit the label for that location, something like DaveP043 plays golf at....."
  9. Oops, and its too late to edit. At least you got my point.
  10. It seems to me that the way to increase your average distance is to minimize the slices and mis-hits. Good instruction and proper practice could be the keys. Last time I saw you posted in your My Swings thread was summer of 2015, it might be time to start that back up again.
  11. OK, a follow-up from yesterday's post. First, a comparison photo, I think I'm a little better with a more rounded back and chin down. Second, the video. As noted, I felt much more on my toes. The extra ball and club were there to give consistent distance from feet to ball, something I probably wasn't consistent with in my first attempt. I'm doing my best to avoid analyzing myself (its not easy, never thought it would be), other than the couple of specific instructions I've been given, so I'm going to stop typing here and wait for feedback.
  12. If you're hitting it consistently in play, and 240 carry, I don't see a lot to fix. If you're working with an instructor, keep doing what he tells you to do. Its all about priorities, and driving the ball sound like it should be real high on your list of things to fix.
  13. I was struck by the swing speed numbers, 120 mph is pretty uncommon outside of professional golfers. Looking at the swing videos, I just don't see that kind of swing speed. Is it possible that the ball speed numbers are accurate, and the clubhead speed is exaggerated? The Jerry Kelly video shows a clubhead speed of 111 mph, I'd be really surprised if the OP had a swing speed that high, let alone 10 to 15 mph higher. Here's the other issue. If the problem is a wide variety off offline and mishit shots, perhaps the best solution is to improve your swing. Smash factor will come, if you're making center contact, with the club aligned in the right direction, and travelling in the right direction. All the swings in the simulator won't fix a faulty swing, not unless you're getting some good instruction there too. Improve your swing, THEN worry about smash factor.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, and meeting the lucky lady. Last year @GolfLug's wife came in too, I haven't heard whether she's coming this year or not. My own wife will almost certainly be on the golf course well before us on Saturday.
  15. You continue to talk about legality, and ignore any issue with right and wrong. The lead driver's actions turned a bad situation worse, and put a number of people behind him in more danger than they were already. That's simply wrong, whether it was illegal or not. He didn't have to roll down his window, swerve between lanes, or throw bottles to be wrong. I'll ask one last time, since you haven't answered yet, if you were the lead driver, you saw the accident in your rear-view, and you learned later that 3 people had died, could you sleep well?