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  1. And where in the world are you? Dress codes seem to be a function of local preference, so understanding where you live might help us to understand the culture behind the dress codes you see.
  2. DaveP043

    GHIN Reports?

    I just checked, we have a few members whose Home Club is different from our club, and their scores show up on my reports.
  3. There are plenty of reasons for a business to have some dress code requirements. Some of it is tradition, a preference by ownership to project a specific image, some of it is to avoid individuals offending other customers. Some dress codes in life are implied, some are clear and explicit. I have no problem with dress codes. If I don't want to comply, I don't patronize that establishment.
  4. You are herewith forbidden to check the price on something you were given as a gift! If it was worth it to your husband, that's all that matters. And obviously YOU are worth it.
  5. DaveP043

    GHIN Reports?

    I think you can add these members to your clubs roster, as a second club. their primary will still be inFlorida. once they're on your roster, you may be able to include them in your reports.
  6. "I bet if you buy a (insert garment here) like this you get a free bowl of soup......Looks good on you though <eyeroll>" I'm just teasing, of course, I've bought my wife a few items from Jamie Sadock, usually with very strong geometric designs, and she loves them, and looks good in them.
  7. At my club, we have a lot more of the first type than the second type. These guys only play at scratch with their buddies, and they just don't care about the handicap system. Yet there a few net events every year they want to play in. It took a fair bit of convincing (coercion maybe is a better word) to get these guys to post (almost) all of their scores. I offered to simply withdraw their handicap, so they wouldn't have to worry about posting scores. Of course, that would also mean they wouldn't have a HI if they got invited to their brother-in-laws Member-Guest at Oakmont (or wherever), so they wouldn't be allowed to play. I have no doubt there are bunch of the vanity cappers @bkuehn1952 describes, and we probably have a small number of those as well. I also heard through the grapevine that a local high-school golf course had told his players to post only their competition scores. Its a shame that someone in that position either doesn't understand the handicap system, or chooses to try to have his kids manipulate the system.
  8. You should really look at: Rule 14, which tells you of a couple of ways you can mark your ball, including placing a club next to the ball. Definition of Ball Marker, which talks about a number of different things with which you can mark the ball (including "an object made to be a ball marker") The section in the Equipment Rules that @Missouri Swede quoted, which talks about when an object manufactured to be a ball marker becomes an alignment device. The 2-inch limit applies only to objects intended to be a ball marker. The definition of "ball marker" allows you to use a "small piece of equipment". A tee may not be longer than 4 inches, so that's about the maximum size that would classify as a "small piece of equipment" in my interpretation.
  9. I have different opinions on a couple of these. For the first, its absolutely correct, but I prefer to tell my opponent that I want to go first, I don't think its appropriate to let them hit without a word, and only then invoke the honor rule and make them hit again. I would feel a bit guilty, and that doesn't help me to play any better. But you definitely SHOULD enforce the honor when you feel like its in your interests to do so. And if your opponent plays first even after you've asked him to wait his turn, feel free to make him replay the shot. Remember that a player can practice putting on a hole once play is complete. Conceding a putt doesn't mean he can't practice that putt before moving on. I would never disrupt my own personal rhythm in order to try to disrupt my opponent. I would try to play at a pace that is comfortable for me, but remain adaptable to whatever pace that traffic on the golf course forces us to play at.
  10. I think it is for most of us, especially for those who are playing on relatively level courses and go someplace with a lot of elevation change. My home club is pretty hilly, so I've learned to evaluate up and downhill shots better than ever before.
  11. For better or worse, there's no good (legal) way to actually measure the actual elevation change up or down, its all got to be eyeballed, unless you want to use something like Google Earth ground elevations in advance. But 15 yards, 45 feet, is a pretty big elevation difference. Do you maybe mean 15 FEET elevation change for a one-club difference? That would be closer to what I use.
  12. I agree with all of this, and @Club Rat is definitely a good match player. To me, Match Play is just golf, so practice like you would for any other important round. When you play the match, play your own game, there are very very few times when you should deviate from your normal plan. Aim for the centers of the greens (LSW), par, and net par if yo're getting strokes, will halve or win most holes. If your opponent hits one moderately close, still hit for the center, a two-putt par will still probably tie him. If he's REAL close, like 3 feet, then you can take a bit more risk, but if he's 10 feet he's only going to make 1 of 3 or something similar. If you're in trouble, still follow the LSW concepts, make the play that is most likely to give you the best score you can. You opponent is human, don't ever assume he's going to hit a great shot, he's going to screw up some of the time.
  13. There already is a requirement, the straight-line portion of a ball-marker cannot be longer than 2 inches. If someone sucks so bad at lining up their putt that they need this, and they can use it in a reasonable time frame, ,let 'em. I'm not worried that they'll out-putt me.
  14. To me, the image of having my address position be very similar to my intended impact position is a good thing. So I try to set up with a pretty straight line from my left shoulder to the ball (in-line impact). This means that I will always have a bit of forward shaft lean at address unless the ball is positioned about even with my left shoulder, and I only do that with my driver.
  15. We might consider merging this brand new thread with this other not-very-old thread That said, I use a motorized trolley, I neither carry nor push (or pull), yet I still get my 7 miles or so of walking in.
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