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  1. DaveP043

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I've enjoyed each of the formats. This year, its fun to watch the points go up (or down) throughout the day as each hole was completed. Last year with the Yahoo system, I enjoyed being able to make mid-tournament substitutions, but didn't really like having to wait until the end of each day to see the points. If someone could combine the two, that would be a pretty cool format.
  2. I agree completely here, and the Ryder Cup scenario is the way I'd expect these guys to make their decisions. If they'd mark their ball in a Ryder Cup match, to avoid the potential that their ball could assist their opponent, they should mark it in stroke play too, so they don't assist their Fellow Competitor.
  3. In match play, they're allowed to communicate, aren't they? Its up to the opponents to request that the ball be marked. Its not like they're supposed to protect the field. The pertinent decisions under Rule 22 specifically address stroke play.
  4. DaveP043

    Home course flyover

    @RandallT created a Google Earth flyover of my home club for an outing we had here in 2016. Unfortunately, Google Earth can't re-create most of the 3-D aspects, but its fun to take a look at.
  5. DaveP043

    Time On The Driving Range

    Its funny, my practice is completely opposite this. Almost all of my practice time is spent doing work on my full swing. I'm a pretty solid putter, I doubt that practice there could gain me any more than a single full stroke per round. Our chipping green has been reconstructed over the past year, so I've lost a little bit due to lack of practice, I'll pay that part of my game a little more attention when it opens up in the next month. But full-swing is where I've been working on changes, and where my game has the biggest potential to improve. Reading LSW, full swing is where most players have the biggest room for improvement, Short game and putting work can pay off pretty quickly, but there's a limit on how much improvement is really possible.
  6. DaveP043

    Time On The Driving Range

    Its possible that you can download an app to get slow-motion video, even if its not supported in the based camera function: https://www.91mobiles.com/questions/is-there-slow-motion-recording-in-samsung-j7-max
  7. DaveP043

    Driver Off the Deck

    I use it occasionally, maybe a half-dozen times a season at most. It has to be a situation where a complete grounder doesn't put me in trouble. Usually its a shot into the wind, where I know I can't get a 3-wood all the way. It has to be a good lie in the fairway. I'd say I hit decent shots 60 or 70% of the time. I actually do practice this, just one or two cracks at the end of my normal warm-up session. Its a really good reminder to stay stable through the swing. If it matters to anyone, I'm using a Titleist 921 D3.
  8. Makes me wonder if Jimmy is crazy like a fox. Maybe he hates backstopping, hates the peer pressure to help his fellow competitors. He's shone a light on intentional backstopping, maybe that open admission will put enough pressure on players and officials to make them change what they're doing.
  9. DaveP043

    "Grooving" My Swing

    I'd suggest two things. Yes, continue to work on your mechanics, do whatever drills have been suggested. Many drills do not involve hitting the ball, so your club won't hold you back at all. Keep up with full-swing practice, within whatever parameters have been suggested in your swing thread. Continue to take video , in the two specific angles suggested and post the video in your Member Swing thread. You'll continue to get feedback about your progress toward a better swing. But a poorly fitting club or shaft can indeed produce erratic results. I wouldn't suggest you go out and get fitted for a $500 driver, but you might want to look at used drivers if you can find some locally.
  10. DaveP043

    Melt down!

    First, welcome to TheSandTrap! Second, I go to the clubhouse and have a beer and poke fun at myself. Not long ago, I shot a 93 on my home course, as a 6 handicap, my worst score in several years, and that's just what I did. If we didn't have bad days, the good days wouldn't stand out the way they do.
  11. DaveP043

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Thanks, John. This proves that the blind chicken DOES get a kernel of corn sometimes.
  12. DaveP043

    Shot Clock on the PGA Tour

    I believe the existing rules should be enforced consistently, for all players, and I'm not sure that it is. I'd favor a shot clock, visible to everyone, so that it DOES get enforced. And really, once a star gets hit with a penalty, every single player will find a way to avoid future penalties. They can afford to pay undisclosed fines under the current system, they just don't care, but when you start adding strokes they'll actually pay attention. And if a small number of popular players simply can't play well enough at the right pace, they'll be replaced by other talented players who CAN.
  13. Once I address the ball, just a few seconds, I'd be surprised if I got to 5 seconds. I'm trying to incorporate a little more "rehearsal" in my practice swing, a reminder of the changes I started on last Spring, and that's about all of the "swing thought" stuff i want to do. As I address the ball I have a couple of specific things I try to ensure that I do (knees tall, eyes down, feet flared) but then its all about just swinging.
  14. DaveP043

    NHL 2017-2018

    It was pretty cool to see the emotion on his face, during the last few minutes on the bench, and afterwards on the ice. He liked the Conn Smythe, but he was overjoyed to lift the Stanley Cup. I was really impressed with Vegas, especially last night. I kind of thought they might run out of emotional energy if they didn't score in the first 10 minutes of the game, but they were intense right to the end.
  15. DaveP043

    NHL 2017-2018


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