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  1. Gotta like the BLUE accents. Moving east, @kpaulhus??
  2. I'll chime in, and probably echo what many others have said. When you're playing for score right now, hit the longest club that you can reliably put in play. This selection may change if there are bunkers or hazards or doglegs, make the right choice for each shot. For the future, learn to hit the longest club in your bag reliably. Its not that much different hitting a good driver than it is hitting a good hybrid, learn to do it!
  3. We all need friends who will tell us when we're acting stupid, you did him a favor.
  4. I have to agree, at least about his intent. I might suggest to him that choosing which scores to post is choosing to manipulate your handicap. Intentional handicap manipulation is the definition of sandbagging, and sandbagging is cheating. "Do you want me to cheat?"
  5. We were definitely not walking in Phoenix. I've walked in the DC area, in pretty good humidity, in temps up to around 90. I've clocked my water intake on those days, and I've had on the order of 8 refills of a 20-ounce gatorade bottle.
  6. I had the same impression at first, I found it difficult to be comfortable in the reads I got through my feet. With time and practice, your sensation will become better tuned.
  7. Golf Pride grips are just fine. Knowing this may be an interim solution, you could use one of the lower-priced grips like Tour Wrap or Tour Velvet. The other option, if you can find someone who uses air to mount the grips rather than tape and solvent, is to buy more expensive grips that can be removed and re-used at a later time.
  8. Something I've learned at TST is that video can also be a great tool while you're practicing between lessons. If your instructor has explained clearly what he wants your body to be doing, you can check that you're practicing properly. Knowing that you're doing the right thing is great feedback, especially when the changes feel so completely unnatural and awkward.
  9. I think Snell will sell a mixed dozen, half the GetSum and half MyTourBall, with no shipping charge. Click on the Snell logo to go to their website
  10. This reminds me of the other answer to this question. You certainly have a reasonable chance of becoming a golf professional (perhaps a PGA member), and there are many potential careers within that realm that don't involve actually PLAYING golf for a living. You can work as a club pro, or in golf course management, you can work in sales, you can become an instructor, and many other options.
  11. Starting golf in your teens, a pretty aggressive ambition would be to get a scholarship to play college golf. You'd have to do damn well to get that far. If you can do that, then you can think about going to the next step, but almost all college golfers end up NOT on the pro tour. No matter what your end goal is, look at the first step. If you want to get to the pro tour, find a good instructor, practice properly, and see what happens.
  12. As one of those "fat old guys" who worked as a marshall at the 2014 US Open at Pinehurst, I resent this characterization, even if it IS accurate. I know that the USGA prefers a few traditional things, like the hands in the air without signs, and scoreboards operated by real human beings. I always felt bad standing in front of someone, but I made sure to move around slightly so it wasn't always the same person.
  13. I work construction, and a recent jobsite had a truck wash triggered electronically. Instead of a garden hose, this one had about two dozen jets, and the power of a fire hose. It wouldn't take long for the word to get around of something like that
  14. I suppose land mines are out of the question?
  15. It depends, how were you missing them? Did you miss your intended line, miss the read, hit it too hard or soft? Each problem can have a number of different solutions. My most common problem, when it happens, is missing my intended line, and I'll often hit a practice putt or two if time allows. If I can't do this on a green when the play is done because people are waiting, I'll hit a couple on the next tee, concentrating on keeping my head still (not following the putterhead, which seems to cause some of my problems).