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  1. I work in construction, and spend some of my time on jobsites. Maybe 15 years ago I first encountered a rule that required safety glasses to be worn full time by everyone. I'm an engineer, I don't do anything that would put me in danger of eye injury, so I was a little irritated by what I felt was an excessive rule. I had a chance to talk to the safety director for the General Contractor, and he explained it to me. In many cases, a worker may only be doing something that requires eye protection for five minutes out of the day. He needs to use a hammer and chisel to cut a cotter pin, perha
  2. Welcome to TheSandTrap!! I'm not going to critique your swing, but I'll critique your camera angles. Please take a look here to understand how to get better video: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing The best thing is to get a small tripod with flexible legs, and mount it to the top of your golf bag, to get about the right height from the ground.
  3. Welcome to TheSandTrap, @Juergen Straub. I'm afraid you won't get much response here, this thread is about 8 years old, but I hope you'll continue to contribute wherever you see something that interests you.
  4. I think it depends on how many clubs you already have in your bag, and on your budget. For myself, I carry a 5-iron that carries 180 or so, a hybrid that works to about 200 yards, 3-wood that flies about 215, and driver that goes 230 to 240 in the air. I have reasonable confidence hitting any of them, given a reasonable lie and appropriate circumstances around the target. I wouldn't want to be without that 3-wood. However, I am NEVER flagstick-hunting with any of those clubs, I'm happy to be on or near the green, or in the fairway, just about any time from those ranges.
  5. That's what happens when you swing a club in the living room.
  6. Welcome to TheSandTrap! As to which clubs to use, you probably need to see how far you hit each of those, as well as the remainder of your clubs. You might find that you have "duplicate distances" with two clubs, in which case you could certainly take one out of the bag. If you need one less club at the long end of the bag, you can add in an additional club at short end of the bag, as one possibility.
  7. In just the past week or so the pool noodles are out of the cups, and rakes are back out. We've had food and beverage service on the deck all along, with limited indoor seating all along, and we still have limited seating indoors. We're seeing a lot more two-person carts now as people are being vaccinated, but you can still ride as a single. We're not planning any shotgun starts for tournaments yet, trying to avoid larger gatherings. So we're progressing towards normal, not there yet. I think at the local Trump golf club, trolleys aren't allowed, caddies are highly encouraged. Yet
  8. A whole lot of stuff changed 15 months ago, including the minimum number of rounds to get an official Index (54 holes total, instead of 90), the number of scores counted in the average (best 8 of 20, instead of best 10), the removal of the 0.96 factor, and more. The pdf @dennyjones uploaded is a pretty good summary. You can also go here for the complete version: https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html
  9. I've had the slope feature on my laser devices for at least 5 years, and I basically never turn it on. Its a simple decision based on the Rules of Golf. If I can't use the slope calculation when I'm playing in a tournament, I don't want to rely on it when I'm playing for fun.
  10. Ya gotta love the name "bileyerheid" tho.
  11. I think the last 8 or 10 posts are well off of the original topic, which was advice on which rangefinder, if any, the OP should consider purchasing. If someone wants to continue to debate the value of rangefinders in general, a fresh thread might be appropriate.
  12. I went from a V4 to the Precision Pro NX9, and I really like the NX 9. The optics are significantly better. It DOES have a scan/lock feature, but works slightly different from the V4. I've never once accidentally turned on the slope feature, and I never use it intentionally. The internal magnet feels really strong, but I still don't trust it, I leave the unit in the cup holder. For the price, I haven't seen a better laser.
  13. I think that @mchepp was considering a hole where you can't see exactly where the ball ends up. @Shorty has suggested the player wouldn't be likely to be Virtually Certain that the ball ended up in the Penalty Area, it could be lost among the trees and rough along that side of the hole, and based on what I see from the photo I agree with him. In that case, you would have to take stroke and distance relief. Without Virtual Certainty, use of a drop area wouldn't be acceptable. But we're a long ways off from the original topic, that of a ball holed without the player's knowledge. Which b
  14. As Bill says, once the original is holed, the hole is over for that player. Anything else that the player does is immaterial, for the most part. I think its possible that the player could do something to get the General Penalty, such as giving advice, assuming his opponent still has a chance to tie. If the opponent cannot tie, the hole is over. Check rule 6.5.
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