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  1. Palm Springs in January

    I'm just happy that the temps are way higher than at home, but I'm looking forward to a new course. And of course, looking forward to seeing Mike.
  2. Palm Springs in January

    Slight change of plans for tuesday, PGA West Greg norman course, 10:30 . @mvmac I hope this isn't too late for you.
  3. Palm Springs in January

    Straight up 9 on Monday at eagle falls. Tom can make times 3 days ahead at his locals rate, so he'll call silverrock first thing tomorrow. This weather is SO much better than home. Looking forward to seeing you again
  4. Go to a random tournament on a Thursday, and wander around away from the popular groups. You'll see players and caddies, a dozen spectators, probably a teen-aged walking scoreboard person. That's it. No TV, no officials most of the time, so it has to fall on the players. And if those guys have to be responsible for their scores, the entire field has to be.
  5. Tiger's Swing "Dip"

    Oy, saying it is so easy, and illustrates so little. Saying it over and over doesn't make it any more true. I'm more than willing to be impartial, but I see illustrations and videos and still photos that appear to indicate you're wrong, and nothing but words from you. Would it be too much to ask YOU to provide some video, or even still photos, showing the difference in Tiger's swing, or comparisons to some of the other videos posted? And maybe post your videos in a Tiger dipping thread, instead of the Kostis thread?
  6. Palm Springs in January

    Thanks, @Golfingdad and @tristanhilton85, we'll miss you both. For @mvmac, I'll let you know our actual tee times as soon as I hear back from Tom.
  7. On Oahu, Ko'olau. From the "Resort" tees, 6400 yards, ratings 73.7/141. If you're not in the fairway, you're hitting another ball. The course is on the windward side of the mountain, so it gets a whole lot of rain, very little roll in the fairways. The standard advice, expect to lose a number of balls equal to your handicap. In Scotland, Championship Course at Carnoustie. Of course we played here on a rainy windy day, which made it tougher, but it seemed as if I hit a dozen fairway bunkers, and had to go sideways every time. Shots even a tiny bit offline rolled into the sand. Same around the greens, a little offline meant a bunker, and many times the only way out was sideways. Just a hard golf course, no gimmicks at all. And as with most courses in Scotland, we wouldn't have been allowed to play longer tees. Without special arrangements, guests play the regular men's tees, about 6600 yards..
  8. Leaving for Palm Springs on Saturday for a week of golf. In June I'll be in scotland for a week.
  9. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I know its possible to do lots of research, to really pay attention, but in a large part this is pure dumb luck. If it actually took skill, I wouldn't be (temporarily I'm sure ) in first place. Welcome to TheSandTrap, @Riverdad
  10. I'm a long way from being a tour pro, but the same general procedure is followed at most club-level competitions too. Its usually not hard to keep track of my fellow competitor's score as well as mine. If I do lose track, I ask. I tell my score to my "marker" as we walk off the green. If I think someone has given me the wrong score, maybe lost track or forgot a shot, I double-check the shots with the guy. At the end of the round, I compare the scores on my official scorecard ( that my FC has kept) with the scores I've kept for myself, to make sure the official one agrees. If there are discrepancies, I consult with my FC to make sure we agree on the correct score. At the end of the day, its MY job to report the correct scores for myself. From everything I've ever heard, the pro tour follows the same general routine. Its interesting that the people who complain about the scorecard procedure on the pro tours aren't the pros themselves.
  11. The Best Golf Courses in Every State

    I wish I knew! I was in college at the time, so it was in the late 70s, and my uncle, a retired hospital administrator, pulled some strings somehow. I wish I remembered it better, or had a chance to play it now, as I have a lot more experience.
  12. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Hey, one moment of glory is all I want, beats the last.two seasons.
  13. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    After two years of complete tape to tape mediocrity, I am momentarily in the lead!! Of course having said this will mean that every one of my golfers will go looking for a ball at the edge of the fairway simultaneously, fall over the guardrails (yes, they have guardrails to keep the carts upright), and never be seen again.
  14. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I think it looks good, and its appropriate for Hawaii. I wouldn't encourage him to take it back to the mainland. As for his heritage, Hawaii is as big a melting pot as anywhere, and Japanese have been around Hawaii for a long time. Japanese, Portugese, western Pacific islanders, Chinese, English, Americans (who are all mutts of one kind or another) Maybe some of the aloha shirts incorporate Japanese designs, I don't know.

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