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  1. We're back, and I thought I'd add a few comments on the places we played. I want to thank everyone who posted suggestions throughout the life of this thread, it was very helpful. I'll arrange these comments from least favorite to most favorite. Mission Inn - Las Colinas. Our first day of golf, the layout is pretty decent, with small greens and some really narrow driving areas. There's a bit of vertical relief as well. But the course was in so-so condition, thin grass in the fairways, and some patchy areas (repaired with plugs and still healing) on the greens. Falcon's Fire. A n
  2. I have my USGA handicap through my state association, which uses GHIN. GHIN has recently changed their log-on procedures, you'll need to set up a profile. Once you've done that, you'll log in using your email and your newly established password. I'm guessing they made this change to increase the security of your account. Previously, anyone who knew your GHIN number and your last name could post scores to your record. Go to https://www.ghin.com/create-profile to get set up.
  3. I've never seen the DVD, but an one person seminar is worth the money.
  4. I don't remember a caddie at the Old Course using a trolley, so bringing a carry bag would be doing them a favor. I did see caddies at other places taking a trolley of they're carrying double, but they don't double-bag at the Old Course. The trolleys I do remember all had wide "jaws", so any bag will fit, but if you're going to push it yourself you'll want to have a lighter bag. Take a couple if bungee cords to secure your bag.
  5. At the moment, we're holding off on coming to Palm Springs. Tom, our friend with the house there, has delayed his departure for a few weeks. Rick and Lisa are driving across country, and don't plan to arrive there until February. We're kind of holding tight to see how things work out. We'll miss is, but there's always next year.
  6. I agree to an extent with what @iacas said, Augusta National is small enough and rich enough that they might have delayed inviting a woman member specifically to avoid the impression of caving to pressure. I don't believe that the PGA of America is in a position to be nearly as independent, so seems to me to be more susceptible to a pressure campaign.
  7. Not to argue, I know a number of people who have retired to FL very happily. But for some people it doesn't work so well. The Carolinas are full of "halfbacks", the folks who retired to Florida for a few years, and ended up moving halfway back to where they started. Yeah, we may have missed the sweet spot for property values. On the other hand, we don't need to be in a hurry, we'll find something we like, and it'll still be a LOT less expensive than our home in the DC suburbs
  8. They certainly are, but I don't believe anyone will voluntarily miss a major championship.
  9. Greg, I've merged your new thread with this slightly older one, you may find some good advice here. I'm in the same boat, and looking very closely at the Pinehurst, NC area.
  10. I am transitioning to retirement at the moment, and I'm sure my golf days will increase and my days at the office decrease. I picked 3-4 days per week, but I won't be surprised if I start out playing every day that I can, at least for a while. I've played 8 or 9 days in a row a few times in recent memory, and I know that I've felt a kind of golf fatigue near the end. Some of it is physical, but some is mental, I just have an increasingly difficult time concentrating. I have a feeling that my sweet spot may be 2 days playing, and a day off. That works out to be 4 to 5 days a week. I may e
  11. I think there has always been a certain proportion of golf fans who had this opinion all along, but I also think it was a pretty small percentage. I don't have any data, that's really just my guess. But with yesterday's events that percentage may grow, maybe significantly, and that would be the motivation to change venues. I don't think golf fans in general would really miss Bedminster, I'm sure its a fine course, but its not a revered classic.
  12. I think you're right with this, at this moment business associations with Trump's organization probably have negative connotations in a big part of society. If the PGA of America chooses to make the change quickly, its hard to imagine much pushback from players with yesterday's images fresh in so many minds. But in six months or a year, those images will (probably) fade, which would make the motivation for a change somewhat less. My best guess is that they're already considering their options, and what it would cost to break the contract with Trump. If they can make it work, I'd bet they'
  13. If you can get the data in a spreadsheet format, you could easily chart each point to develop the "Shot Zone" that @boogielicious talks about. You could combine a number of sessions (with each club) that way. You can develop a Zhot Zone with each club that you try. A simple average could be a problem, unless you eliminate outliers, the shots you cold top or shank or whatever, your average will be substantially less than the center of that Shot Zone. And of course @billchao beat me to it.
  14. That's the same article linked by @ChetlovesMer about a dozen posts back. I agree, it makes sense, but Brandel doesn't suggest a mechanism for making it happen. Will the PGA Tour voluntarily take steps to reduce driving distance in its events, let the grass in the fairways grow? I just don't know.
  15. Get the Rules app for your smart phone, you can look them up while you're playing
  16. I remember reading that Bobby Jones said Nicklaus played "a game with which I am not familiar". (I hope I have that quote right). Jack sees guys playing a game with which HE isn't familiar. Only one of those two has said that the equipment can't be allowed to advance, that it should be rolled back.
  17. For comparison, the 1860 Open was played over 36 holes, about 11,400 yards total (5700 for 18, basically) The winning score was 174 (so averaging 77 for 18 holes). The original "standard" score was "bogey", basically what it is now, one higher than what we call "par".
  18. This is how pretty much all of us learned, by having a situation, and researching how the rules handle it. This one is a little more interesting because some of the rules regarding teeing areas changed in the 2019 edition. This particular application, taking stroke and distance relief, didn't change, though.
  19. We'll keep it in mind, thanks.
  20. The March meeting isn't something new, its just been delayed by almost a year due to the COVID issues. And the results of the March meeting will be an enumeration of specific possible actions which will be studied further. A list of the likely topics for further study was included in the Conclusions of the Distance Insight Project released back in February. But when we talk about things that the USGA/R&A have the ability to regulate, course set up isn't one of them. Maybe the PGA Tour voluntarily will take action to decrease the motivation for the USGA/R&A to change equipment rules
  21. First thing in the morning, I think its a 730 AM direct to Dulles.
  22. In this case, you haven't lifted or moved a ball in play. Your original ball is in the lake. You are going to put another ball into play under Rule 17 for Penalty Areas. One of the options shown in the diagram there is Stroke-and-Distance, which refers you to 14.6. 14.6 tells you that if your original stroke was made from the Teeing Area, you may play from anywhere within the teeing area, and that you may tee the ball up. Rule 9 really doesn't apply, you haven't lifted or moved a ball in play.
  23. Rules 6.2a says: So you're going to take stroke-and-distance relief from the Penalty Area, the underlined bit applies Rule 6.2b(2) says: Rule 14.6 says: Does that make it clearer?
  24. Of course @ChetlovesMer is right, posting some videos of yourself would be helpful. But what I'm reading here is that you don't really want to change your swing, you just want better results. Unfortunately, some type of change is almost certainly going to be necessary.
  25. @Missouri Swede has provided one really clear reference allowing you to tee the ball up. The full rules in 6.2 tell you that ANY TIME you are playing from the teeing area, you may tee the ball. This includes the first shot on a hole, any time a rule has you playing from the teeing area (including stroke and distance relief from a Penalty Area), or when your ball in play comes to rest in the teeing area. If you tee off, hit a tree, and the ball comes back to the teeing area, you can pick it up and put it on a tee. But the underlined bit is also not accurate. You should look at Diagram
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