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    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    I just returned home from Palm Springs, played 6 rounds there. We left the flagstick in most of the time, although a couple guys preferred to have it out on shorter putts. In my view, there is the potential to save a little time if everyone chooses to leave it in. In a "mixed" group, if all players communicate, it shouldn't slow things down. If I'm the closest to the hole, and I know player 1 wants it out, player 2 wants it in, I simply won't set the flag down once I pull it for player 1. I can have it back in the hole essentially as soon as the first ball stops rolling, so it wouldn't delay anything. Its a slight change in habits, and it depends on communication, but it can work just fine. That said, I'm talking about an ideal situation with communicative players, and I know that's not always the case. As for changing success rates putting, we didn't see much difference. We saw very few putts hit the flag at significant speed and stop bear the hole, we saw only one at what appeared to be "firm holing speed" hit the stick dead center and stay out. I know that's a possible outcome occasionally, and doesn't do anything to disprove the statistics, but I wonder if those occasional occurrences will make a player a bit gun-shy. I'm probably going to consider leaving the pin out for putts that I consider to be make-able, 15 feet and closer without a severe slope.
  2. In just under a month I'll be headed to Palm Springs, CA, from 1/16 to 1/23. My wife and I are lucky enough to have a friend at our home club who has bought a second home at the Golf Club at La Quinta, where he spends a few months each winter. He's invited us and two other couples to visit. He arranges most of the golf, taking advantage of his "local" status. Last year we played at his club, as well as both courses at Desert Willow, Silverrock, and PGA West's Stadium Course. If anyone has suggestions for courses, or dining options, please let me know. If anyone would like to join us for a round or two, that might be a possibility. We have four couples, but only 5 to 6 golfers (two wives don't ply at all, and another isn't an every-day player). As I learn more, I'll post more details. It would be fun to get together with other TSTers in the area. @Lihu has already said he'd be interested if we can work something out.
  3. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    Sorry to hear that, get well fast.
  4. DaveP043

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I think its also a matter of communication. If everyone tells the others what his preference is, each time, its not that tough. The player nearest the hole should always be prepared to pull or replace the flag as necessary. If the flag is out for the first guy, and in for the next guy, its easy to have the flag back in the hole with a second of the first ball stopping, virtually no delay at all.
  5. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    Feel better soon, I think we all hate being sick. We'll make tee times for the 6 players we know we have for sure. If it turns out you can join us, we'll just have to check with the course and see if they've filled the vacant spot(s). Our schedule has changed a little, we're looking at Silverrock on Monday, Classic Club Tuesday, neither one confirmed just yet, and Eagle Falls Wednesday confirmed at 9:08 and 9:17. It would be great if you can join us, but the weather doesn't look good enough to go out in if you're not feeling well.
  6. DaveP043

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I'd say its overrated. My perception is that most people believe that they play better walking, or would if they were allowed to walk. I simply don't believe that most of them would indeed play better. Personally, I enjoy walking, and I'm making efforts to walk more on my home course. I don't believe that walking will hurt my scores, and improved fitness might improve them, but I don't think walking directly improves my own scores. I can see where some people would fee l less impatience, or prepare better for individual shots, but I think that's probably more than offset by people who either wouldn't see a difference, or who would play worse due to fatigue.
  7. DaveP043

    New to Shipping Clubs

    For one round of golf, I think @Lihu has the best idea, just rent some. If you're talking about Old Blue, you must mean you're looking at Wailea on the southwest side of the island. They appear to have Taylor Made rental clubs for $60, you can't touch that cost checking your clubs as luggage, and Shipsticks is always more expensive.
  8. DaveP043

    Could Brooks Win a Slam? (Update: NO, Duh!)

    I'm going to agree with the consensus, a Slam would consist of one each of the four majors. And of course I recognize that any definition or a grand slam is by its very nature arbitrary. My personal definition of a Grand Slam would be all four majors in a single calendar year, and I agree that's an arbitrary distinction, but that's the way I've always thought of it. Anyway, that's the topic of another thread.
  9. I disagree with nothing you've said. People SHOULD follow obvious or explicitly stated dress codes. However, their choice really doesn't affect me directly, they generally do nothing more than make themselves seem foolish. I'm generally more amused when I see that, rather than indignant or bothered. Where the disagreement comes in is the question of whether removing one's hat to shake hands after a round of golf is part of an "obvious dress code", or even part of standard good manners. If you read back through the thread, you'll find lots of examples of find golfers, gentlemen all, who are shaking hands with their hats still on. I'm not going to accuse Gene Littler or Byron Nelson of being rude, I'd generally think I'm safe if I behave as well as they do. Hat doffing for the handshake seems to me, and to others, to be a relatively recent change to what were good manners before. Being an old guy, having been a golfer at a time when the hat could be safely left on when shaking hands, I feel no urgency to take it off simply because Ricky Fowler has decided to. And I'm not insulted in any way based on what my playing partners do with their hats at the end of the round. I did chuckle on Sunday, when I saw John Rahm finish his round at Kapalua. He took off his hat, transferred it to his left hand, ran his right hand through his (undoubtedly sweaty) hair, and immediately offered it to his playing partner for a handshake. Really, do you want to be shaking anyone's freshly sweat-anointed hand, or would you rather they kept their hat on?
  10. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    Its never too late! As far as I know right now, we're full on Sunday and Friday, but we have only 6 players for Monday to Thursday. The tentative schedule is up there, but that includes Silver Rock, Classic Club(with Eagle Falls as a n alternate), GC at La Quinta, and Marriott Shadow Ridge. Let me know if you're interested in any of those days, and I'll confirm with Tom. @mvmac, sorry to hear that it doesn't work out for you, I hate when real life gets in the way of golf. Mary Anne sends her best, she's really happy to be able to play this year. And I'm happy, I probably won't have to deal with any broken clubs (I hope).
  11. DaveP043

    klineka's 2018 Pinehurst Trip

    I can promise you that I'll be searching for a replacement pizza joint next time I'm there.
  12. DaveP043

    klineka's 2018 Pinehurst Trip

    Well that's a sad thing to read.
  13. DaveP043

    Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    I have to disagree. I know a bunch of players who will get the number form their laser, and try to hit it exactly that distance. It doesn't matter if their "number" is only 4 yards over a bunker, of 5 yards from the back edge, they're still playing the yardage to the flag, because that's the number their device gives them. To do as you do (and I do too) is to take the "number" and use some judgement, and lots of players struggle with judgement.
  14. DaveP043

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I agree that there were no major rules issues, but I think we'll need to wait and see a few more tournaments before we draw too many conclusions. In particular, I think that repairing the greens might look different when we go from this field of 33 players to full field events with 144 players.
  15. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    Gentlemen, here's our tentative schedule: Jan. 13 (Sunday) - Desert Willow ( 8 tee times are booked 8:55 & 9:05 ) Jan. 14 (Monday) - SilverRock ( Will book 6 tee times. Using (2) vouchers I have from Underpar and my resident card for (4). Can't book tee times until Jan. 7 and Jan. 11 ). I believe the Underpar deal is still available if any of the Calif. guys want to play. Jan. 15 (Tuesday) - The Classic Club - Can't get tee times until this Friday. Eagle Falls is the back up if I can't get The Classic club. Jan. 16 ( Wednesday) - The Golf Club at La Quinta ( my home course). I have 2 Underpar vouchers and will get 4 in on my resident card. Jan. 17 (Thursday) - I think Rick was getting times at Shadow Ridge. Jan 18 ( Friday) - Terra Lago North at 9:00 am. I bought 4 vouchers from Underpar ($73.00/player). For @mvmac, if I remember right, your best days will be Monday or Tuesday, Silverrock and/or Classic Club. If you want to play Silverrock (again), we got vouchers at www.underpar.com for $90 per person. I'm pretty sure another friend and his wife will be joining us on Sunday, 1/13, so we already have a full 8 at Desert Willow.
  16. DaveP043

    Walking Golfers?

    I love to walk, and have recently begun to do it more consistently. I bought a motorized trolley to move my clubs up and down the hills at my home course.
  17. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    Good deal, you're in. I'll send a PM with my contact details.
  18. When I saw the posts by @Puttin4Dough, especially the talk about sycophants, I was tempted to chime in immediately, but I'm glad I waited. Feel free to research my posts, you'll find lots of times I've disagreed with Erik on matters of opinion. But after being involved with TheSandTrap for about 2 years, I posted videos of my swings, and @iacas did indeed recommend a significant change to my set-up. At least it felt significant to me at the time. We followed on with a few more changes, and I'm still working (not as diligently as I should) to improve my swing. In short, he gave me one thing at a time to work on, with a clear explanation of WHAT to change, WHY to change it, and HOW to go about that change. To me, that seems like a pretty good method of teaching. Seeing as how you ( @Puttin4Dough) have chosen to belittle someone else's resume, perhaps you can provide some of your own qualifications. Do you currently teach? What have your students accomplished? Do your students return after you start them on a "complete rebuild" program? Have you played at a high level yourself? At a 3.8 index, you're not a lot better than I am. I enjoy discussion, even arguments at times, as long as we all respect each other.
  19. DaveP043

    How Many Yards Does Hitting From a Divot Hole Cost You?

    As @Lihu says, play the ball a little back, so you're hitting down just a little more, and hitting from a divot isn't all that difficult. Maybe you're making a bogey because you haven't taken the time to learn that simple adjustment. Maybe you would have made bogey from that spot, even if you'd had a perfect lie.
  20. DaveP043

    Palm Springs in January

    A little update for @Shindig and @mvmac. Tom is now in La Quinta and beginning to make golf plans. As I understand things here, Mike might join us for a day or two, but definitely not on Wednesday or Thursday (1/16 or 1/17). @Shindig is hoping to join on Friday, 1/18. At this stage, our group expects to have 7 players on Sunday, 1/13. Monday to Thursday we'll probably have 6, so we have room on each of those days for 1 or 2 more players. On Friday we have only 3 players, so @Shindig would make 4. If you guys can let me know what your plans are, I'll do my best to coordinate. As soon as Tom makes any tee times, I'll let you know. I do know we'll be playing at Silverrock, we have vouchers from www.underpar.com for $90, good through 1/17. I'm looking at a chilly rainy day here, I can't wait to see a warm sunny day in California!
  21. I've talked about this with one of my good friends, who insists that the flag hurts a lot more than it helps, "in his experience". So one of our playing partners clanks one off the flag, destined to go 20 feet past, but it stops a foot away. I say "Remember to add that one to your 'experience'" and he said it doesn't count, because it didn't happen to his ball. I refrained from calling him a moron, but just barely.
  22. This is a bit of a "put up or shut up" kind of forum. In that spirit, I'd suggest that, if you care to be taken seriously, you find some way of supporting your claims. Perhaps some Game Golf or Arcos data showing real-life distances. Perhaps some Trackman records. Better still, post a video of yourself in the Member Swings area. Until then, you'll continue to look like a typical troll.
  23. There was no penalty for hitting the flagstick between 1956 and 1968. I remember seeing it recently on one of the Shell World of Golf reruns, maybe in the Littler/Nelson match at Pine Valley.
  24. If a ball was clearly going that fast, a deflection is likely to keep it pretty close to the hole. If the announcers get it right (no guarantees), they could help define the benefit of leaving the flagstick in.
  25. DaveP043

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    Equally rare is that guy 2 places behind you. I'll be with you down around the middle of the pack before long.

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