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  1. Im in the market for a new 4 hybrid. I currently play the 07 Burner 3 hybrid and love it. However, since I purchased the 3 hybrid, Taylormade realesed the 08 burner line, the 09 rescue line, and the 10 raylor line, plus numerous other companies have realeased countless other models since I bought my 3 hybrid. Right now, the 07 burner hybrids are $99, the 08 burner is $130, the 09 rescue is $160, and the raylor is $180. my question is, am I really gaining anything by getting the new model? Is it worth the extra money to get the new club, or should I just stick with what i know and go with the 07 burner and save the extra money?
  2. LOVE THEM!!!!! Long, long, and long with a sweet feel and sound. Enough said.
  3. Personally, I think that drivers are the most fun to shop for, and with so many new clubs that come out every year, I find myself window shopping quite a bit. However, I dont actually buy new clubs that often, I just like to look around. My question is, how long do you guys game a driver before you get a new one? Personally, I'm planning on getting 2-3 years out of my Burner before i replace it. How about you?
  4. people say (myself included) that they play golf by "feel." especially it seems when it comes to putting. my question is, what is the opposite of playing by feel? if you dont play by feel, then how do you play?
  5. i disagree with these two. first off, i have never, ever, worn pants to golf; always just cargo khakis. who says golfers cant be athletic and have a nice legs? also, i have no idea what id do without my brush. a little saliva on the club face then rub it down with my brush; leaves the club looking brand new.
  6. the new Burners are soooo strongly lofted its not even funny. i thought my Tour Burners were strongly lofted, but the Burners are even more less-lofted (if that made sense...), which is why you hit them farther. they do look really nice though. thought about buying them, but ended up going with the tour burners.
  7. a 5-piece ball? ive never heard of that before. is going to be the first ever 5-piece or are there others that ive just never heard of?
  8. do you get to try out all the different clubs available and decide which on you want? or do they strictly just take measurements and figure out what modifacations you need for you clubs?
  9. if its my decision, ill usually play from the tips. however, if i play with my dad or some friends that dont want to play the tips, ill play from wherever they play from.
  10. on SportsCenter this morning it showed Tiger crouched down reading a putt and i noticed that his putter had a Ping grip. The club itself is a Titleist, but why does he have a Ping grip?
  11. do you guys buy into the "technology" of the Brush-T or the Zero Friction or Stinger tees or do you prefer a regular good-old wooden tee?
  12. Do you prefer a higher lob shot that lands close to the pin and checks (what Mickelson does) or a low bump-and-run shot that gets on the green as fast as possible?
  13. i say odyssey for 3 reasons. 1) i love the weighting and feel of my sabertooth. its like a combination between mallet and blade. 2) i really like the white hote xg insert. 3) ive never hit a scotty so i have no idea what they're like
  14. my suggestion is to get a driver, 3 wood, and a hybrid, then go to your 4 iron. my driver is 10.5*, 3 wood is 15*, and my hybrid is 19*. then i get into my 4 iron which is 22* so its a pretty consistant loft differential between clubs. i actually dont use my driver that often at my home course. there arent that many long holes and i can get away with using a 3 wood or even my hybrid off the tee, but its still nice to have one to use when i really want to try to rip one.
  15. i just bought a dozen B330-s' form lostgolfballs.com for $10. im going on vacation this coming week and will play 2 or 3 times. ill let you know how it goes.
  16. here's what comes to my mind: bend the 45* to 46* bend the 55* to 54* buy an 50* thats gives you a 46*, 50*, 54*, and 58* set up. all have evenly spaced, 4* differences in loft which will result in consistantly proportionate distances. thats actually the same lofts for my wedges, and i love my 54* and 58* wedges. they seen to be easier to hit than a 56* or 60* and give me some more options around the greem. thats just my opinion
  17. i usually play 3 times per week; either 9 or 18 depending on how much time i have. i usually go to the driving range once per week and practice chipping and pitching at home everyday.
  18. wow, that kinda makes me mad. i just ordered 2 dozen taylormadae tp blacks and a dozen bridestone b330-s' on saturday before the coupon was available (or if it was available i didnt know about it) ... that's kinda annoying.
  19. for 2 dozen brand new "tour" balls, then yes, thats a good deal. i, however, dont want to spend $55 for any golf ball, so buy them from lostgolfballs.com and get them for $8 per dozen!!!!!!! they are all in almost perfect condition and play like a brand new ball. i have no idea why people spend so much for a brand new ball when ou can get them for sooooo much cheaper form lostgolfballs.
  20. Deep Valley, in my humble opinion, isnt really that nice of a course. the fairways very narrow and arent in good condition, the greens are postage stamp small, and the layout is terrible. once again, that all my humble opinion. Strawberry Ridge, however, is my home course and i purchased a season pass there and play up there a lot. its not a very long course (like 6000 yards), but it has a lot of elevation change which makes it play a but longer. its a bit of a pain to walk (elevation change!) but if you're in reasonable shape it isnt that bad. id suggest trying to play a round up there if you can. you'll shoot real low (its not that hard) and boost your confidence. Quicksilver is also VERY nice. i played there last year. its a tough course, a lot harder than Strawberry Ridge. they had US Open Reginal Qualifying there for this years Open. the course is in great condition and is pretty challenging, but you shold definately look into it.
  21. Driver - 275 3 Wood - 250 Hybrid - 225 4 - 210 5 - 200 6 - 185 7 - 175 8 - 165 9 - 150 PW - 135 GW -120 SW - 105 LW - 90
  22. cant agree more. that annoys the hell out of me. also, when i play like a champion one day and everything feels right. my driver is long and straight, and my putting stroke just feels spot on. then the next day its all gone. i dont know what happened, or whats different, but for whatever reason my rhythem and feel is gone and nothing feels right.
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