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  1. Hello all. Am looking for a recommendation as to what shaft would be good for my new Ping G5 driver. Specs are 78gms+ weight, R flex, .370 tip, and 3.0+ torque. Currently, my prime candidate is the Aldila NV75. Am re-shafting my TM R7 fairway wood with the Aldila NV85 so I think it would be a good overall fit. Comments?
  2. My home course varies. Try to spread it around so as to not get bored playing the same over and over. The two main ones I and my partners play are: http://www.golfdeercreek.com/home/index.php and http://www.parkviewgolf.com/ . They are both in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area and are quite nice.
  3. Hello there. Am new to the forum. Am an accountant for a large multi-national company here in Canada. Access the forum from my desktop computer at home.