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  2. I actually agree about calling golf, well, golf. It deserves the respect to be called just golf. Didn't know anyone else would care. But today I finally shot under par at Etowah which is a magnificent disc golf course in Georgia. After only playing for a year and a half, I finally broke par on a "real" course. I'm not even an 800 rated player yet, and my round was about 930. It's rounds like that, that keep you coming back. Feels so good.
  3. Funny that you're wondering how many people are going to pick up the sport these days. Well, there's actually record numbers of people taking up the sport this year. Disc manufacturers can't keep up with the demand, and memberships in the PDGA have exploded. Disc golf is taking off like a rocket with no let up in sight. CBS Sports is even covering the disc golf Pro Tour this year. I've been a crazy avid disc golf fan for all of a year and a half now, and play about 2 tournaments a month. If I had to choose between disc and ball golf, I would choose ball. But I have invested enough money and time into disc golf that I now have another sport to go out and play that gives me lots of exercise since there are generally no riding carts involved, and some courses are located in parks where you have to hike up hills and trails to get to your next shot/hole. I find it more frustrating to play because of my competitive nature than ball golf, but I've been playing ball golf for 30 years and have a grip on my emotions and swing thoughts that I'm still trying to sort out on the disc golf course. Love the sport, and a lot of people are going to love it for its accessibility, price, and family friendliness.
  4. Me and a friend were looking for golf balls on the right side of the fairway along the woods back in the 80's (not playing) and a ball hit my side on the fly so hard I screamed. I lifted my shirt and you could see the dimples from the ball in my skin. If it had hit me in the head, I might not be here today. It felt like a rock hitting me.
  5. Words of wisdom. Unless you do it for a living.
  6. You're not wrong for looking, you're just human. If your wife doesn't understand that, well........ I used to tell all women I met that when I stop looking at other females, I'm probably going to stop looking at them too. They kind of understood. Didn't mean to derail this thread btw. But I personally like putting on a collared shirt, nice shorts, golf hat, and going out having a good time. It's the only time I enjoy being outside dressed up.
  7. Every female on the planet is someone's daughter. Should I stop looking at all of them? If I see college girls in tight pants, you're darn right I'm going to look. Anyway, I think there should be a dress code. It adds class to the sport.
  8. I love old Ping putters. (I have an old Anser and CU5) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are people using $2 blade putters that can putt well with them.
  9. They are still legal to use for most golfers. (just not legal to make anymore) From here: http://www.ping.com/clubs/grooves.aspx Conform at all non-professional events played under the USGA Rules of Golf (including all USGA amateur national championships, both before and after 2013); Do not conform at professional tour events or any other events that have adopted the 2010 Condition of Competition; and Do not conform at any events played under the R&A; Rules of Golf (and have not since 1996) There are plenty of BeCu sets on ebay. Expect to pay between $300 and $400. Some unused sets have gone for over $2000. I myself use Ping Eye 2's and love them. You could go for a fitting (but don't buy, and find out what color dot you need) and then purchase the corresponding club on ebay. Here's a color chart: http://www.usedping.co.uk/ping_dot_colour.html Or do a DIY fitting via Ping's website: http://www.ping.com/fitting/nflightweb.aspx
  10. Shot 82 on an executive course. Considering how absolutely terrible I chipped and putted, an 82 is pretty good. But my tee/approach shots were solid for the most part. After not playing for 4 years, (until recently) I'll take it.
  11. They don't get much smaller than this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TaylorMade-Burner-Plus-9-5-Loft-Driver-1460-tfb-Good-Condition-/281711858315?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item419755d28b It's a mid 80's model. (I have this model) The TM driver I'm going to use is a little newer, and slightly bigger. Heck they're cheap enough, pick one up and try it out.
  12. I just can't hit the big head clubs. Too unwieldy. The smaller footprint drivers seem to cut thru the air better, and feel more balanced. But that's just me.
  13. I bought a 460cc Ping G10 driver pretty cheap to give it a shot. I feel like I am swinging a frying pan at the end of the shaft. But first, when I started playing in the 80's I was using the classic small head metal wood. I could hit it a country mile, and it felt great and smooth. With the new drivers, (I've tried several) I just can't find a rhythm and it feels like I'm swinging Thor's hammer. I've given up and going to go back to what I know and love. I have a TaylorMade from around 1990 that feels awesome to swing. The head is probably the size of a modern 5 wood if not smaller. So I sold the Ping on ebay, and going to stay old school. I believe half the battle is confidence, and I don't feel confident with new, giant clubs. Anyway, anyone else feel the same or am I a dying breed?
  14. If anything, I would say Hogan was more talented than today's players. I'd be lucky to break 120 with the clubs he had to play with. The slightest mishit, and it's like hitting a rock.
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