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  1. I don't know why I by so many drivers. I have about a half a dozen drivers at home. Every time I see a new one in the golf shop, I just have to buy it. Last week I had one custom made from a Alpha head that I got off eBay and a graphite design shaft.. Took it to the range, and I love it. Then I went to go get some gloves today at the golf shop, and I saw a Burner superfast driver in the barrel, and had to have. I think I have addiction...
  2. Graphic Design G series shaft.

    You must have a pretty high swing speed then. Do you use stiff or regular shafts? martinbr
  3. Hi everyone, I purchased a Graphic Design G 60 silver series driver shaft that I'm going to put on a Alpha head. My swing speed is around 85-90. what I have been reading about this shaft is that it has a stiff tip on it to produce low to mid ball flight. i 'm thinking I might have been better with the Y+6 model instead or the G series 60 red model. Any thoughts on this shaft? I'm stuck with it now, so I am going to be installing it. I guess the worse could be is that it will feel a little stiff maybe? I don't know. Thanks martinbr
  4. Have you ever hit anybody golfing?

    [quote name="pumaAttack" url="/t/81029/have-you-ever-hit-anybody-golfing#post_1120552"]Today I was practicing on the range at my local course. I was working on short wedges shots, which I tend to mishit. I took one shot and it shanked off the hosel and it went flying right. I never really saw the ball but knew it wasnt good. As I looked over to the right I saw a women get hit square in the head. I knew it was my shot. She went straight down to the ground... I went over to see her and she was covered in blood but was sitting up and talking. She kept saying she was ok and to not worry about it. Her friend was with her, luckily, and they put a bandage around her head and drove off to the hospital. I asked if there was anything I could do and they said no but i still feel awful about it. Has anybody else had any other experiences like this? [/quote] I was hit in the head once. Was at Sharp Park golf course in Pacifica, CA. I heard a four, and one second after that I was wack!
  5. Have you ever hit anybody golfing?

    I've been hit by a fairway shot from some player who didn't yell fore. I was pissed
  6. "Swing the Clubhead" by Ernest Jones

    Hello everyone, I have been reading Ernest Jone's book (Swing the Clubhead). The book makes a lot of sense and has been helping me feel the head more thru the swing. But sometimes my hips get out of sync with my upper body. I don't know if it's in my backswing, or whether it's something I am doing on the downswing. I am kind of thinking maybe I am swaying sometimes when I come down into the swing instead of turning. I don't know. But the more I relax my hands and let the club head do the work it works pretty good. Now that's if I erase any thoughts such as start with the hip first, fire the right side, ect... If I make those thoughts a priority over just trying to stay relaxed and swing the head, all the parts seem to work by themselves. Does this make sense? Are you guys making a conscience swing thought of doing a hip bump and turn? Maybe someone has a youtube link that I maybe be able to go to in which explains this. thanks, martinbr
  7. My Swing (martinbr)

    Thank you, I didn't realize. That's why it's good to video tape yourself.... martinbr
  8. My Swing (martinbr)

    @mvmac , Thank you for this link. I will take a look at it. I also didn't realize how much I move my head up going back. It's raising my left shoulder up. thanks, martinbr
  9. My Swing (martinbr)

    Your a real funny guy....
  10. My Swing (martinbr)

    billchao, can you see this video here?
  11. My Swing (martinbr)

    You mean you can't see it? I screwed up then uploading it from youtube. I have to figure out how to fix it or upload again, public. thanks, martinbr
  12. My Swing (martinbr)

    Videos: Hi everyone, I am having a heck of a time trying to get my weight over to my left side on the downswing. Could you please take a look at my ugly swing here and tell me what I am doing from preventing for me to get my weight over to my left? I am scheduled to take another lesson next week with a old teacher I took lessons from around 6 years ago. I have also just finished taking a series of lessons from a pro out at the range that I go thru. He helped me a lot of things like my posture, keeping my chin up ect... But I still feel like I am coming over the top and that I can't get the weight all the way over without losing power which tells me I am not getting it over right. Am I getting my hips out of the way enough? thanks,