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  1. Maintaining the Flying Wedge

    I think I (sort of) understand the flying wedge, but am unsure about hand/wrist action, and release. Are you guys saying that the hands should remain completely passive (no conscious attempt to supinate left hand/forearm? Or is this an okay thought (so long as you are not flipping, which I assume just means hitting at the ball, making your left wrist concave, etc)? Confused about this, since I've ben told by a couple instructors that my tendency is to "hold off" my release coming through the ball, and that I should work on actively releasing/rotating left wrist/forearm (while, of course, maintaining the flying wedge with hands ahead, etc). Something like this, from an instructor I found referenced here a couple days ago.. herman williams golf right wrist Through impact, he advocates back of left hand turning toward ground, along with right palm (while maintaing right wrist angle). Also, it seems Jack encouraged focusing on active release, so can't be too bad! However, I've tried this for the past couple days (and on and off for awhile), and it just doesn't seem to work for me. Can cause big pulls and/or pull-hooks for me, and overall great inconsistency. I tried coupling the thought with a weaker right hand grip (since it tends toward a bit strong), and opening face more on backswing (since I generally tend to have it a bit closed on my backswing- my current instructor just said that that makes me a 'closed' player, and that that's okay). Was also trying to incorporate a shorter backswing, today, by thinking of the straight right arm, which helped on the range yesterday. Hit the ball poorly, and certainly the above thoughts are way too many to take on to the course! Anyway, back to initial topic! It seems that others (perhaps mvmac?) are saying that we actually shouldn't be focusing on this release/supination element, and that instead the hands should remain passive, with the release just happening naturally in response to the pivot through? (one of my good friends, who is a respected head pro at a good golf course, and a TGM guy, seems to be more of this school) So basically, based on these two seemingly contradictory ways of looking at release, along with my apparent tendency to hold off my own, have left me stifled as I try to figure out my next step in improving my swing. Thoughts? Will post some swing shots soon (never done it before).
  2. Hey guys! Just found this site- looks pretty good! I've been experimenting with the above pitching style for awhile. For some reason, when focusing on thumping the ground with the bounce, i still tend to hit fat shots (occasionally way behind the ball. What is a good fix for this? Was practicing some tonight, and basically was just trying, with a more neutral (weaker) grip than usual, to hit the ground with the bounce first, before the leading edge. But even still, the club will get stuck in the ground, and not glide, especially on poorer lies. I actually shanked a couple, too- does this mean that i am too in to out? (maybe try swinging left more? I think Utley recommends that). Also, am shanking occasionally from sand, now, too. I have an old 56 degree Vokey. Would like to upgrade my wedges. Good idea to look into custom ones? I am 6'3, if that makes a difference. Anyway, look forward to further browsing the site!