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  1. tinker

    Single Length Irons?

    You can only learn so much from seminars and videos. Golf ball striking is learned “in the dirt”. I would sugest taking a lesson and practicing what was taught before taking another lesson. I also would get a set of cavity back irons with generous loft ( hard to find, used on e bay) and regular flex steel shafts and practice. If you can learn to hit the longer irons the rest will fall into place. Don’t try to kill the ball, hit the ball and let the clubs do their job.
  2. tinker

    Single Length Irons?

    The whole concept makes little sense to me. If you can hit a six iron length we’ll the shorter 7,8,9 and pw should be that much easier. On the other end shortening and delisting the 4 and 5 irons requires high swing speed to achieve the same distance and trajectory as traditional lengths and lies. The reason drivers go as far as they do is because they are the longest club generating the most swing speed. Try a 37 inch driver and see how far it goes.
  3. Don’t mind any improvements as long as the original shotmaking isn’t being changed to the current “ bomb and gouge” mentality.
  4. Walmart has Wilson Zip, 2 dozen for about 20 bucks. They play great , putt soft and spin plenty for amature golfers. I’m a 10 handicap and they are all I use.
  5. Absolutely, the guy does everything first class
  6. If you swing a 7 iron in the high 90’s you need stiff shaft, end of discussion. If you don’t use woods at all sounds like you swing so hard your swing is out of control. I’m a senior golfer and I can swing a 7 iron in the 90’s, I just couldn’t hit the ball decent no matter how hard I tried.
  7. The irons you use really don’t matter much right now. Sounds like your not transferring your weight. Hitting a golf ball is like pitching a baseball, you have to finish with your belly button pointing to the target.
  8. The golf designers had it right the first time, 8 irons, 3 to pitch, traditional lofts. About 10 yard gap between clubs and all the yardage covered. Now you get 7 irons for the price of 8, you need 2 hybrids that are much more expensive than 2 irons, 4 wedges because your pitching wedge is an old 8 iron. Loft is just about every golfers friend. People stopped using 3 and 4 irons because the manufacturers delofted them to the point of uselessness, all in an effort to say their 7 iron goes farther then ever, but will it stop on a green? The same manufacturers will tell you you need an adjustable driver because you need to add loft to hit the driver well. After being in the custom golf business for 15 years I had an old set of Macgregor VIP’s rechromed, built them with new shafts to my specs and never hit the irons as good as I do now. I even hit the 2 iron and got back some of the distance I lost over the years. You have to practice but all good golfers practice. The smaller heads are easier to square and fly through the rough.
  9. Got to love the people that go to the retail shop to try everything then give the sale to some on line place to save a couple dollars. How cheap can you get.
  10. tinker

    How to Play Through Another Group

    If your playing golf and you have to let a group play through chances are your group plays too slow. That’s poor golf etiquette. Speed it up, your not playing the US Open .
  11. I don’t think tour distance is the problem as much as how they set up modern tour courses to encourage bomb and gouge. Narrow fairways and grow high rough like the old fashioned US Opens and problem solved.
  12. tinker


    Mike Strantz was a new, visionary designer. He only did seven courses and I have played four of them. To loose two would be a disservice to golf. I live in Delaware and always looked at Williamsburg as a kind of resort destination. You would think golf would thrive in that environment.
  13. About the best course I have played in mid Atlantic area had to be stonehouse in Williamsburg area. Haven’t been there for a while and was thinking about a get away on a 65 degree day. Doing research I’m hearing the place is a disaster. How can that be? Anyone have an answer?
  14. Quirky courses are the most fun. Don’t care for over long pancakes

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