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  1. Putting is all about hand to eye coordination. How do you know how to throw a ball to someone 60 feet away? Expensive putters are the biggest joke in golf. It’s an almost flat piece of metal on a stick. I have a lot of gear and I might use a Betinardi one day and a Dynacraft the next. I don’t think I have a putter I paid over 40 dollars for. It’s personal skill. Some of the big mallet heavy stuff just complicate things.
  2. I’m 65 with a 10 handicap and similar swing speed and I use Wilson Duo Soft. I like soft of the putter.
  3. When your on the course and you hit a shot don’t you know how far it went when you get to your ball? If the green is 150 and your 5 yards short you hit it 145. I could see using it on a poorly marked range but on the course?
  4. Your probably doing what’s called “getting stuck” on the down swing. Swinging inside to out which is good but swaying your left hip forward instead of tuning it out of the way. Happens to me. I concentrate on getting my belly button moving at and facing the target, that helps me clear my hips.
  5. I have been playing for a while. I never played until I was well into my 30’s ( I was a 4 nite a week baseball, softball player in competitive leagues). I started out being the long and wrong kind of player. Plenty of power, rough numbers on the card. I constantly practiced and studied the game, kind of how I approach things. I ended up owning a custom golf shop that did about 200 sets a year and worked on clubs for every pro in a 30 mile radius. I score as well now at 65(love the senior tees) as I did at 45. As I aged my distances crept down. I worked my ass off learning to hit the long irons. I went back to traditional lofted blade irons and learned to use them all. I’m at around 135 with my 7 iron and can get 175 out of my 3. I even carry a 2 iron(it isn’t the highest shot in the world but it works for certain situations).the breakthrough came when I discovered that swinging the long irons as smoothly as possible made them work( same with fairway wood). The minute I tried to jump on a shot the contact got sloppy. The hardest thing in the world is to look at a green 180 yards away and not try to juice the ball. My 3 iron loft is probably equivalent to modern 5 irons but I have the advantage of that 3 iron being 39 inches long which generates it’s own speed. I see guys buy 46 inch long 12 degree drivers and turn around and buy delofted short shafted irons. Makes no sense. You have to get balls in the air to play proper yardages, you can’t depend on roll, especially with irons. I don’t like hybrids because I have no shot making abilities with them, they’re good for just advancing the ball. I can hit a 4 iron high or low, fade or occasional draw.
  6. Just google cost of making golf balls, there’s plenty of articles. There is probably a lot more in pricing strategy but I’ll bet none out has much to do with raw material cost. I’ll also wager most has to do with brand perception and selling prestige for tremendous profits. Brand- name- itus by consumers is my pet peeve and it is rampant in the golf industry.
  7. 90% of the golfers I see on a public course on a given day swing too hard. The modern mentality is “ kill the ball”. Swinging hard woks great when you can hit the center of the club every time. The pro’s can, most others can’t. You have 14 clubs, each one responsible for a different distance. The farthest you hit the longest club with a controlled swing is what you have, some just have more swing speed than others. The beauty of golf is that 3 150 shots gets you on the green on any par 4 in town. Make a put, get a par. Trust your clubs and swing with the object of hitting the ball clean and solid. You’ll learn your distances and be fine. A longer club hits the ball farther all by itself, it doesn’t need extra help.
  8. After a little research the difference in manufacturing cost Is probably 25% tops. The retail difference is 100% or more.
  9. Wilson balls are as good as anything out there and are priced right. It can’t cost much more to produce a pro v than any Wilson ball. They are just selling brand- name- itus.
  10. Your shafts, or clubs for that matter aren’t holding you back. In his prime Fred Couples used a ladies fairway wood. As a 25 year club builder I have found that a lot of golf course pros don’t really understand equipment as it relates to average players. They go by what the club reps tell them.
  11. The course was green, soft, and no rough. Under those conditions the Old Course is a pushover. The problem is anybody in the tournament can bomb and gouge. Only the best are great shot makers. The pro golf tours have to figure out a way to put shot making back into the game and make every club in the bag relevant.
  12. I’m a senior golfer and I don’t care for hybrids. I find hitting hybrids are a case of advancing the ball rather than making shots. I spend a lot of practice time hitting long irons and I have gotten it down fairly good.
  13. I have worked on equipment and played golf with most every club pro in my town. I can’t think of one that can tell. 1 degree difference in loft. Unless you have an absolutely perfect consistent address every swing your club can be 1 degree different in address alone. I would practice somewhere hitting a pitching wedge different distances. It’s impossible to have enough clubs for every 5 yards.
  14. Go to a place like Dick’s and get a package set, you can get a set with bag of Top Flites for around 200 bucks. Clubs don’t “break” because of the price or brand, they break from misuse. Don’t get caught up in “name brand itus “. Learn to hit the ball and learn what different clubs are used for before spending a ton of money. Get some new inexpensive balls like “Nitro”. They’re about 7 bucks a dozen . I’m a 10 handicap and I can play with them as well as anything out there. It takes a while to learn golf. Have fun, practice and be patient.
  15. I’m 65 and drive about 225. I have really enjoyed golf more since I started using the senior tees. I now get to use all my clubs again. Who wants to hit hybrids and fairway woods into par fours. Move to the senior tees and shine up the 8 and 9 iron.
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