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  1. If you're hitting a pitch wedge 125 it's probably a modern set that tends to have about a 45 or 46 degree pitch wedge. That's a 10 degree gap to get to your sand wedge. Get yourself a a gap wedge ( 50-52), and a lob( 58-60). Check out diamond tour golf. They have components or pre builds, good quality and a lot of choices for about 40 bucks a club.
  2. The price of golf balls has nothing to do with how they preform for you. 80 per cent of pro v1 users don't have the swing speed or skill to get the most out of that ball but they are "brand name posers". If you can't hit a shot 6 feet from the pin why in the world do you want it to stop dead. If you're good enough to hit it 10 feet over the pin and back it up you should be good enough to hit it 10 feet short and roll it up. Use a ball you like and don't wort about the price or brand name.
  3. I suggest Wilson Zip or Wilson 50. Soft lively as slower swing speeds and priced right.
  4. Ya, they bought Dynacraft quite a few years ago. I just can't beleive a whole segment of the golf industry just dissapeared. I got to thinking of about 20 other companies I did business with.
  5. As a long time club builder I can't help but notice that just about all of the component companies have all but stopped putting out new club heads. I used to love the first of the year to get my new catalogs from Golfsmith, Golfworks, Dynacraft, Pro Swing, National Golf, Hireko, Bang, KZG, SMT and I can name 10 more. Only Hireko puts out new stuff and now they don't do much. What happened?
  6. Top Flite Gammers are great for 20 bucks a dozen. K Mart sells a ball called Fuzz. At 13 bucks for an 18 pack they are great. I'm a single didget handicap and I use these myself. Don't listen to the 50 dollar pro v stuff. Just for golfers with brand nameitus.