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  1. One problem is manufacturers insisting on making low lofted irons to try to sell distance. Double digit golfers are best served by generous loft. Why less skilled golfers buy high lofted drivers and super low lofted irons makes little sense.
  2. You don’t need a club for every 3 degrees. Practice ball position to loft or shut the face with what you have. Easier to master 2 clubs than 5 clubs.
  3. tinker

    High COR Irons

    Just can’t imagine a 70 mph iron swing flexing a iron face hitting a soft ball enough to matter. I’m a forged blade player and I would think a generous muscle back would do more for distance at lower speeds
  4. A question for the techno experts. Do hi cor face irons make any difference for slower swing speed or senior golfers? How much speed does it take to flex a hi cor 5 iron?
  5. tinker

    100 Yard Options

    You have got to get to a point where you learn to hit shots. Sounds like you try to kill the ball on every swing. Practice hitting your 8 iron 100 yards. Shorter slower swings are easier to control once you get the crush it mentality out of your system.
  6. tinker


    Hitting balls at a screen or even on the range has no consequences so you just use a natural swing. On the course you see a target along with water or trees or sand and most start swinging too hard. The “I got to get it there” mentality sets in and the smooth strokes go away. I like to practice on a real course when I can get out alone in off times. That’s how you learn all the shots.
  7. Are you joking. Vessel bags are outrageous price.
  8. Don’t waste money on second hand balls just to play a brand name. They where probably at the bottom of a pond for six months. There are a bunch of great ball on the market for 20 or less a dozen. Check out Wilson Duo
  9. tinker

    Lynx Back in the Game

    Nice irons but they are open stock from the Chinese founders. The blade was a Henry Hatton, Alpha component and the forged cavity is the old Dynacraft Profit head.
  10. tinker

    Single Length Irons

    If the loft is what makes clubs easy to hit why are sl sets making 6,5,4 lower lofted and shorter?
  11. tinker

    Single Length Irons

    Can you play three shots in a row with the same ball position and exact same swing? Do you play the ball in the same exact position if your uphill, downhill, side hill, behind a tree, under a tree, on bare hardpan, in a divot. Learning golf is about learning how to use clubs to accomplish the shot that’s called for. That’s why there’s 14 clubs in the bag. A fade calls for an open stance and the ball forward. If you didn’t make the turn in the dog leg do you just hit it straight into the woods? BDC is winning on tour but he’s cherry picking easy flat courses. He imploded at the British Open.
  12. tinker

    Single Length Irons

    A 7 iron is a 7 iron. Can’t see any reason in the world to lengthen 8,9 or pw. The fact that they are shorter makes them easier to hit, that’s why they are scoring clubs. That leaves the 6,5,4,3. As the 5 is already a 3 iron loft if they made a 3 iron it would be putter loft. So the whole thing is based on 2 clubs, 5 and 6 iron. Makes more sense to just practice to hit normal 5 and 6. It’s not all that hard.
  13. tinker

    Single Length Irons

    I think the only way to maintain distance gaps is with a high swing speed. Moderate to slower swing speeds or senior golfers will hit all the irons a similar distance. The super low loft longer irons won’t have enough carry distance. Roll doesn’t matter in iron play.
  14. The whole reason you practice or go to the driving range is to grove your swing in an attempt to hit the ball in the middle of the club. I don’t do ranges much, I like to go to an empty course in the afternoon and practice on a real hole. I’ll drop a ball under a tree and work on a low cut shot. I’ll take an 8 iron from 100 yards and work on a low punch to the pin. I already know what a swing like a wild man miss hit looks and feels like. My goal is to play the whole game and make the right shots. That’s game improvement. Continuing to make the same swing flaws and trying to buy equipment to improve probably won’t work long term.
  15. It’s not about smashing the ball as hard as you can with a shovel. It’s about squaring the club head at impact and hitting the sweet spot. Forgiveness is about getting away with miss hit shots. Good golfers are concerned with results of well struck shots.

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