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  1. Rock Bottom has Tour Edge drivers new for 99. An r flex 12 degree would do just fine.
  2. I agree. All I’m saying is that most launch monitor data is of minimal use to the average Joe golfer. If you swing hard go stiff, slower go regular flex. Pick one that really looks good to you at address. After that you take it out and play and see what you have. That’s been the case for 100 years. I have read tests where they compare clubs and throw out the bad shots and compare the readings on the good shots. If you throw out the bad shots on the course every body who plays would be a single digit player. A club you can do something with on most shots is the keeper and when you find it stay out of the simulators and stop reading the marketing.
  3. If you hit your 8 145 and your looking for 155 just go 7 iron.
  4. Actually it’s a take off of the Spaulding executive, Hogan Magnum low profile designs. Very easy to hit.
  5. Alpha driver, Kenneth Smith irons, KZG wedges, Macgregor VIP putter
  6. I think your wrong. You must buy into the mechanical robotic school of golf. Putting is like pitching penny’s. It’s 90 percent feel. I putt with an open stance, thin grip that I can feel in my fingers, short back stroke and take the clubhead to the line. I use an 8802 style putter that lets me hit with the toe on super fast downhillers. It’s all about imagination and touch.
  7. Putting is a hand to eye coordination thing. Pick 34 or 35 inch length, a putter that looks and feels good, check that the toe or heel isn’t sticking up in the air and your good to go. Learn speed control and you’ll be a good putter.
  8. The one thing you should do is make sure you have a fairly modern titanium driver. The Pings are as forgiving as anything else. There is no forgiving chart that is etched in stone.
  9. I found that with my 92-95 mph driver speed pro v1 is about the shortest ball I have played. I hit my best drives with Wilson Duo soft.
  10. The Pro Only is the name of the Golfpride grip. I think they make them. The GC is probably for Golfcraft
  11. I don’t have much use for hybrids. For just advancing the ball on a par 5 they’re ok as long as the dead left shot doesn’t sneak in. I can fade an iron shot but it seems pretty hard to slice an iron. Irons allow shotmaking. I rarely hit a full blown “as hard as I can” iron shot.
  12. Playing launch monitor golf is one game, playing golf on a golf course is another game. You have to try a fairway wood on a real golf course to see how it works for you. Hilly lies, fairway conditions, rough, how it reacts when it hits the green, can you control trajectory and occasionally bend a shot a bit if you have to.
  13. I’d stay away from used and e bay. A lot of the stuff has been jimmied up by owner . You can get a nice tour edge combo hybrid iron set at Rock Bottom Golf for around 300. Find a 79 dollar driver and your good to go. Don’t worry about brand names. They don’t work any better.
  14. Just buffed up, lengthened a half inch and regripped a set of MT Tourney. Going to take them out today
  15. Macgregor and Wilson are two of the most iconic names in golf
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