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  1. No such thing as a bigger sweet spot.There is only one sweet spot on any club and they are all the same size( about the size of a dime). The bigger heads allow a little more contact on a bad swing ( it will still be a bad shot). Some golfers including me find big heads harder to square at impact. Most novice golfers swing to violently to square the face and hit the sweet spot. Just get a set of irons that look good to your eye at set up and practice smooth swinging with good contact.
  2. Face angle is the first thing I look at in a driver. I don’t like a closed look at all. I prefer something that looks a hair open. I also don’t like shaft forward in a driver, I like an onset look. I
  3. My point is if you turn an adjustable head closed to add loft then address the ball turning the face back because you don’t like a closed face at adress( I don’t) what did you accomplish?
  4. I disagree. If I play with my hand position and a square face, and I rotate the head closed to add loft I now have toeither change my hand position to get back to square or rotate the face back which negates the adjustment I just made.
  5. Adjustable drivers do not change loft. Driver loft is manufactured into the club head . An adjustable driver just spins the head on a kind of cam opening or closing the face. If you grip an old fixed driver open or closed you will affect the loft at impact. Sounds like these guys did everything in their power to sell you their clubs. I have a similar frequency machine and it’s just a guide. It will give different readings based on the firmness of the grip.
  6. Driver with a big head,on a high tee is the easiest to hit shot. The problem is everyone who stuggles with a driver swings it to hard and out of control. It has become an epidemic in today’s game.
  7. All clubs are components consisting of heads, shafts and grips. If a 5 iron is made of steel and weighs around 256 grams it’s a 5 iron. Weather you like the design is subjective. The big OEM companies just assemble components in a mass production facility using commercial grade shafts designed for them. I would say a set of good shafts and grips from Golfworks are equal or superior to factory clubs. Don’t get stuck on name brands.
  8. No such thing as knock off grips, just companies that don’t get marketing exposure. Try Star grips. Feel great, last forever.
  9. Rock Bottom has Tour Edge drivers new for 99. An r flex 12 degree would do just fine.
  10. I agree. All I’m saying is that most launch monitor data is of minimal use to the average Joe golfer. If you swing hard go stiff, slower go regular flex. Pick one that really looks good to you at address. After that you take it out and play and see what you have. That’s been the case for 100 years. I have read tests where they compare clubs and throw out the bad shots and compare the readings on the good shots. If you throw out the bad shots on the course every body who plays would be a single digit player. A club you can do something with on most shots is the keeper and when you find it stay out of the simulators and stop reading the marketing.
  11. If you hit your 8 145 and your looking for 155 just go 7 iron.
  12. Actually it’s a take off of the Spaulding executive, Hogan Magnum low profile designs. Very easy to hit.
  13. Alpha driver, Kenneth Smith irons, KZG wedges, Macgregor VIP putter
  14. I think your wrong. You must buy into the mechanical robotic school of golf. Putting is like pitching penny’s. It’s 90 percent feel. I putt with an open stance, thin grip that I can feel in my fingers, short back stroke and take the clubhead to the line. I use an 8802 style putter that lets me hit with the toe on super fast downhillers. It’s all about imagination and touch.
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