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  1. Love and use 8802 style“ Macgregor VIP” putter. Not a believer in the fitting, robotic school of putting. Putting is all about hand to eye coordination. I practice with just my right hand. Putting is like pitching pennies. A small blade putter gives you feel and control of the putter head.
  2. I was a club fitter, builder. What’s the sense of a fitting if the merchant can set you up with what fits. That’s why there are many brands and styles on the market( or there used to be). Would you buy one iron with an adjustable head and telescopic shaft? I think someone sells such a thing but I don’t want it. I like a pear shaped head that appears about one degree on the open side at 10 or 10.5 loft. 11 degree won’t kill me, closed down faces will. 50 to 60 gram shafts at 45 inches with 3 to 4.5 torque work fine. Is they are 30 bucks that’s all the better. The adjustability is in your address and swing plane. I don’t need a different driver setting to hit a fade or draw.
  3. This guy explains it well but in actual use most golfers will find it hard to grab a wood and spin the grip without soleing the club to get it square to the target. Most I have played with adjust the loft , sole the club to take their grip and play with anything but a square club face. Why wouldn’t it be easier to just buy the right loft for you from the beginning?
  4. Waste of time. All adjustable drivers do is change face angle. Just a way for manufacturers to not have to make different lofts
  5. They would have done better marketing to the “made in USA “ crowd. Maybe sign a marketing deal with Pabst brewing and call the balls Blue Ribbon.
  6. All the courses I play have golf carts available
  7. What’s so good about the price? I get Wilson Duo all day long for about 15 bucks and don’t have to pay shipping. The 28 dollar ball would be ok if it where urathane but for a syrlyn? No colors, just white is as traditional as you can get. Don’t get the target market.
  8. Hard to find soft leather waterproof shoes in a classic style for a reasonable price. Wouldn’t pay good money for vinyl or cloth shoes. Ethnic loofa like the best deal out there
  9. Missing the center is not just about loosing a few yards it’s about hitting the ball all over the place. Bottom of the face near the sole is a worm burner, no amount of added loft or shaft will change that.
  10. You don’t need a launch monitor you need a pack of impact tape. Sounds like your swinging wildly and chopping wood. Swing the driver under control. Are you finishing in balance? I have seen fitting guys just watch players hack away and keep changing clubs to get a good result. You can’t give a crooked man a crooked cane and expect him to walk straight.
  11. Putting is all about hand to eye coordination. How do you know how to throw a ball to someone 60 feet away? Expensive putters are the biggest joke in golf. It’s an almost flat piece of metal on a stick. I have a lot of gear and I might use a Betinardi one day and a Dynacraft the next. I don’t think I have a putter I paid over 40 dollars for. It’s personal skill. Some of the big mallet heavy stuff just complicate things.
  12. I’m 65 with a 10 handicap and similar swing speed and I use Wilson Duo Soft. I like soft of the putter.
  13. When your on the course and you hit a shot don’t you know how far it went when you get to your ball? If the green is 150 and your 5 yards short you hit it 145. I could see using it on a poorly marked range but on the course?
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