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  1. My conclusion is correct based on polls also taken elsewhere. It is the general consensus of other golf forums. I have done my research. Have you? If Jack is in our era he will probably be beaten by a number of PGA Top 50 pros. I will say Phil, Vijay and contemporaries would have better records than Jack. Jack has fewer number of golfers with natural athletic ability in his era to compete against. Furthermore golfers in Jack's era come from a narrow spectrum of the socio-economic strata. The challenging courses nowadays will negate the advantages of better golfing equipment etc. P.S. Tiger
  2. Everywhere a poll is taken, over 75% of golfers voted Tiger is the Greatest. This statistics is non-biased i.e. the polling is truly reflective of the general consensus of golfers everywhere. We can rest this democratic polling - the outcome is fair. No two ways about it.
  3. Tiger!! The world champion (with his Aussie Masters title). Every continent in the world where golf is being played. That to me is the main criterion and should be the yardstick. What has Jack done? With a selected pool of competitors in a small pond?
  4. OK. More than three quarters, over 75% of golf netizens voted democratically that Tiger should not return to Butch. Can we accept that and move on? P.S. Tho this is a small sample of polling, I would say its statistically correct to safely predict that a majority of us members would vote no!
  5. OK. More than three quarters, over 75% of golf netizens voted democratically that Tiger is the greatest Golfer. Can we accept that and move on?
  6. Totally agreed. Tiger's signature putting is his bread and butter. In another day on the same course his putts will have drop and he will win handily.
  7. Yup it even happens to the best of us.
  8. Tiger for the simple reason that there are more diverse golfers in our era (than that of Jack who was a big fish in a smaller pool) and of course more competition and more challengers for the crown. We will see how Tiger fares in the future in the light of his defeat by an Asian golfer. It used to be European & American Female golfers (Nancy Lopez, Anika etc.) dominated LPGA, however with the recent influx of Asian female golfers you will find that it is difficult for one player to dominate like in the case of Lorena Ochoa. Could we say that Anika is the greatest compared to Lor
  9. Whatever the reason for his 'poor putting' can I ask a simple question how many instances did that happened, in other words how many strokes he incurred as a result of the ball not going in that we believed had a genuine chance of going in. Five or Six ?
  10. Yang's recent victory will usher in a new era on PGA Tour? No. But its a 1. Turning point for Asian Golfers and Asian tournaments. The newly promoted HSBC-WGC tournament for one will attract more top level Golfers. 2. It will lend more credence to golf as Olympic event with more golfers in other countries. 3. PGA golfers will be beatable as golf is an individual sport. All things considered this is one level playing field for all participants irrespective of countries of origin. We have seen Asian golfers doing well on the LPGA tour. For Asian Male golfers however they will have their
  11. 'City can win title, Blackburn did it (1995) so did Chelsea' claims Redknapp. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/foo...-Redknapp.html You need money to win titles (and to make money). What says you ? JOSE MOURINHO is backing moneybags Manchester City to win the Premier League next season. Mourinho said: "Adebayor up front with Carlos Tevez - unbelievable! And they have Roque Santa Cruz and Robinho too. What a strike force! That's it, City are champions for sure." http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/spor...ecial-One.html Clear that Fergie is rattled by Tevez jibe and brands City 'stup
  12. Perhaps golf is inherently not an attractive sports for girls in that age group. Not like soccer which is a team sports which lends itself to 'group hugs' i.e girls are more of a social animal than a sports animal. Do I make sense? Can someone elaborate for me. Since we are brainstrorming on ideas, to attract more viewerships and pro-am interest and stay why don't we have LPGA golfers play in their bikinis . Now before you castigate me, this is a suggestion from my better half. Her rationale is that quite a number of you suggested more Gublis or Creamer or Wie on the LPGA tour. Basicall
  13. 1. Yes, Colin Montgomerie should relinguished his 2010 Ryder Captaincy 2. Yes, Lyle be given the Captaincy for being honest 3. Yes, Colin cheated. His half measured response by donating winnings to charity smacked of hypocrisy and deceit. The right and complete thing to do is also to self forfeit his points. By not doing so he brings the game to disrepute and compromise his fellow golfers and officials' integrity and impartiality. 4. Yes, as per 3 above. Much has been commented about Vijay Singh being a cheat , coincidentally at the Indonesian Open. My challenge here is to my fellow fo
  14. Lyle's motives are being questioned. Colin Montgomerie has claimed that his public spat with fellow Scot Sandy Lyle distracted him from his game at the 138th Open at Turnberry. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/golf/8156398.stm This spat stems from Colin being accused of being a cheat at the Indonesian Open http://vault.sportsillustrated.cnn.c...4971/index.htm Lyle is correct in calling Colin a cheat. The questions to be asked is; 1. Whether Colin cheated twice by lying or twisting "The rules won't let you." This statement is self-evident and self incrimminatory. Yet former E
  15. Will another American Ryder Cupper sniffs, "Once a cheater, always a cheater. Golf has a long memory."?
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