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  1. Club Face Angle At Address

    thank you for the replies. having your swing reviewed is always a great idea. however, in this instance, my concern is that correcting the hook i am experiencing with my irons is only going to bring me back to my original issue of sending everything right with the woods. i would think one would want a consistent swing and not have to make adjustments based upon the club being used?
  2. hey all, my first post so thank you for reading. wanted your opinion on something. i am currently using mizuno mx850 irons (5-SW) and recently added taylormade SLDR driver, 5 wood and hybrid. when i first added the SLDR woods, my miss with the woods was a "straight slice" where the ball starts straight or slightly right and curved further right. at that time, i was hitting my irons mostly straight. i recently "fixed" my miss with the woods but now i am hitting a "straight hook" with my irons! man this is a cruel game. ive spent time on a trackman like system and know my path is mostly straight so my misses are due to face angle. so basically fixing my face angle for my woods has negatively affected my face angle when hitting irons/wedges. here are my questions.... 1. i notice when i look down at address my woods look fairly perpindicular to the target while my irons all seem to point left. i can manipulate the irons to point straight with a forward press but is that really a good solution? 2. is this difference at address because the mx-850s are game improvement and the SLDR are for a more advanced player? 3. IF this difference in face angle at address is the cause of the issue, would it be possible to have the irons bent to a straighter face angle at address? looking forward to your response and being part of the community.