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  1. Thanks :) They look very similar when I compare how they look to my MX-950's. Also they are forged.
  2. They are also available here in South Africa. Just want to know if anyone has used them and can share their experiences with them. Thanks a lot though.
  3. Anyone have any opinions or personal reviews to share on the new Mizuno MX Series Wedges: http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/wedges/mx_series_wedges/ I have the Mizuno MX-950 Game Improvement (Forged) Irons: http://www.mizunousa.com/equipment.n...golf&cat;=irons Am looking for some similar (Forged and Forgiving) wedges to go with them. The specs as copied from the Mizuno website are: Grain Flow Forged mid-size cavity Grain Flow Forged from Mizuno's softest 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, the MX-Series offers a forgiving wedge combination to ble
  4. I also just got the Mizuno MX-950. Apart from being a great-looking set for this level of super game-improvement iron, it is forged. Probably the best-looking set I have seen in this category.
  5. Hi, can anyone give me any direction on the iron sets below that I am trying to decide on? I am a 24 and just took up the game again after 10 years or so (use to be an 18 in those days). I am seriously considering both the Mizuno Mx-19 (SGI) and MX-25 (GI).. anyone have any advice to share? The thing that makes the MX-25 appealing is that it's forged where the MX-19 isn't. But both were highly rated by Golf Digest and made the hot list in their respective categorys.. Thanks
  6. Thanks :) It is a bit pricey but having seen all the features and small footprint for storage, travel, etc. I have decided its well worth the outlay when I consider how much more enjoyable it will make my round of Golf.
  7. I also get these, but less every time I play. Its just a matter of relaxing and not worrying what others think. At the end of the day if you hit a bad 1st shot and someone makes a snide comment that shows they are an idiot in any case. We are all out there to enjoy ourselves, unless we are a tour professional playing for $$$$$.
  8. I tried the Nike TW 60* and it's a very good wedge. Hits further than the other 60* wedges I have tried.
  9. I have a beach buggy at the moment, a 2-wheel pullcart that gets my bag around the course. However it sometimes falls over and the bag twists and I find I have to keep straightening the bag every hole or so. I think I will definitely get a Clicgear, based on the review at this website (and other websites). It looks like a great cart.
  10. I play the PowerBilt Citation 2007 irons and they are great. I am a 24 handicap.
  11. It would have to be a 56* and 60*.
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