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  1. You know Mizuno is coming out with the MX-700 hybrids soon? You may want to wait on those. Having said that it depends on which ones preform best for you and fit your swing profile, and none of us can answer that.
  2. I have one, I use it for transporting clubs to my clubmaker, par three courses and occasionally the range.
  3. I wear one on my left hand and when I'm in "the zone" I often forget to take it off while putting. Over the summer I switched from the left hand tot he right hand because I suffered a 3rd degree burn on the right hand and wanted some protection. It's all healed up now though.
  4. Right now Jones Natural Cane Soda Green Apple Flavor.
  5. I like what I have read about the soon to be released Z-Star, so I will not count them out. without trying them first. Having said that it will take a lot to convince me to switch from my B330's.
  6. Yeah I have a cart bag for when I ride with my dad but until I'm a + handicap with an endorsement I don't think my ego is big enough to game a staff bag, as a collectors item, well that's another story.
  7. GPS and lasers are awesome, Im a pretty good judge of distance but this takes all of the guess work out.
  8. My dad is approaching 50 and after a few shoulder surgeries he is considering giving up walking and carrying a bag. He will likely use a pull cart and ride from now on, so I'm thinking this bag might be a good set up for him as he has trouble organizing the Ogio cart bag I got him 2 years ago.
  9. I play the same ball not necessarily because I believe it to be the best but I know how it will preform. Takes a lot of the guess work out of my shot selection when I know what the ball will do, you can't do that when you switch it up. Although I prefer the E7's in my sig off the tee I have been playing the B330 RX's since they came out but the new Srixons have peaked my interest.
  10. That is an awesome song... I'm listening to; Take off your sunglasses by Ezra Furman and the the Harpoons. Good stuff.......
  11. EquipmentJunkie

    Boo Belly

    As much as I like the guy, I'm not sure if he cares or not sometimes.
  12. http://www.srixon.com/pr_01_05_09.html yup......
  13. Don't get me wrong, because I'm looking to try a new ball too, but don't forget Srixon bought Cleveland, who Vijay is contracted to. It wouldn't be out of the norm to assume he is now being payed to play these now.
  14. I just switched the grip on my Scotty today, from the stock baby-t to a Winn Jumbo AVS, haven't putted with it yet but it feels a million times better.
  15. I have a friend that coughs through is entire waggle, we give him a hard time about it.
  16. Nice.....it's actually funny imo. I've not been of TM equipment so I may be a little biased.
  17. Don't forget the R7 draw, R7425 and R7460 and the Burner '09 TP that is coming out in the next few weeks or so. Even their iron line is a little convoluted, the Burner XD, Tour Burner and Burner plus irons all seem to be the relative same design. Top that of with the 46 1/4" shafts at or lower than 50 grams and it's pretty silly IMO.
  18. You are too far away, with that club your at least 46" away. I would suggest going with 44" or 45" when you get fitted for your new shaft.
  19. European rhetoric, a biased generalization. Grow up. Like I said you and other European golfers are welcome to NOT come here. And Sergio is a gentlemen? You are a joke. This isn't the first error he has made, he deserves no love and no forgiveness. I for one would not be sad if he were to never play again. The US is not Europe, we will not conform because you demand it. Don't like leave or don't come here. My suggestion is you shut your mouth with the Anti-American rhetoric. It has no place here.
  20. Yes my dad who is a 25 handicap got so frustrated it wasn't fun for anyone in the group. I lost an inordinate amount of balls that day and shot around 105 with all of the OB strokes I had to take.
  21. I agree about it being incomplete, I also find some of the results to be odd. For example according to test results, the FT-i has better control than the FT-5? Are they referring to shot shaping capability on this? Seems like those numbers would be reversed, of course they don't say which version of the FT-i or FT-5 they tested.
  22. As a South Bay native, I don't think it looks so out of place here, it fits in fine with the natural caverns and oceanside of Palos Verdes. I don't think as a non-native you can say what looks out of place here. The waterfall on the first hole par 4 also borders the front of an elevated green which has water bordering the back of it as as well. It really forces you to place the tee shot well and it does not look bad at all. Now as for his picture on the water bottles, that's another story.
  23. This is the biggest POS Anti-American whining I have seen in a while on these boards. If you or Sergio don't like our culture, your damn well welcome to stay on your side of the pond.
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