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  1. I asked about the overlay idea earlier but got no response about it. I think it would help a lot with editing.
  2. Sure. I am already in the process of working with them on fixing a problem with our course. It is nine holes with similar but different tee boxes for the front and back nine.
  3. True. I just was throwing the idea out there. Maybe 15 seconds is to long but I figured the device will need some time to discern between a regular shot and holing out. That's why a wrist tag might work better. Maybe other people do not run into this problem but I have found myself telling people to stop driving because you are going to get me to close to the next hole and my Game device will get confused!!!
  4. Maybe another idea would to be to upgrade the firmware on the device to give a double beep by holding your putter to the device for maybe 15-20 seconds to represent hole out.
  5. David / Jacob, Has anyone suggested having a tag in something you wear on your wrist? I would have it set for an advance to the next hole function / or hole out function. While it is nice that most of the time the device can tell when you have moved on to the next hole, sometimes it doesn't. My home course layout has several holes that as you drive along comes very close to another or the next tee box. Several times I have had to edit my round because the chips and putts for one hole end up on the tee box of another hole. Just an idea.
  6. I am the opposite. I like using Game Golf so I don't have to think about keeping score, FIR, GIR, Putts, etc. I have found that the less I know about my score, the better my score gets.
  7. I think it would be awesome if they had an overlay on the map that shows the boundaries of the tee boxes, greens, fairways, hazards, etc. That way it would be very easy to see when your shot had been marked improperly before signing your round. I assume that this file has been created with some sort of graphics software so i am sure the vectored lineworks exist, they would just need to find a way to show them on the website.
  8. Just a note. You don't have to buy all at once. I like to buy items that are not necessarily the newest thing on the market. I keep my clubs up to date about every 3-5 years, but I bought my watch last year when there were 3 newer model garmins available. The setup I have now can be bought for under 350 total, with the watch about 150 and the tracker about 180.
  9. I used Swing by Swing for a couple of years, Game golf is much quicker. I also like the fact that I tag the shot and don't really think about it until I am home ready to download my round. I found with Swing by Swing that I would catch myself messing around with my phone too much. Mostly for yardages and checking distances to bunkers, etc. Game golf on my hip and Garmin S2 on my wrist = glance, grab, tag & swing.
  10. That is their current fix. After I finish nine, I have to reboot the unit to tell it to start another nine. Only problem would be for 18 hole challenges. As far as being busy to look at, if they didn't use the green / yellow / red color scheme for shots, they could have just used a different color for the two lines on each hole. It would be easier to follow then.
  11. I am not sure if I understand your question 100%. Here is a link to a round like that so you can see how it posted: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/tlester3672/round/241229 What I would like is for it to show up as 18 holes with two game lines per hole. Currently it shows as one round of holes 1-9 and then 1-9 again. Does that clarify, I am not sure it did.
  12. How did you get this imagery? My Game uses google aerial images. This looks like it has the overlay showing tee locations, hazards, bunkers, greens and fairway boundaries. Did this come from Game Golf?
  13. I have had some issues with our course being a nine hole with different tee boxes for the front and back. When I play 18, if I do not turn off the unit between 9s, it shows that I played 1-9 then 1-9 again in one round. It also didn't allow any round I recorded that way to go towards any of the challenges I was involved in. They are working on a way to have overlapping polygons so that it would recognize when I am playing the front vs the back.
  14. I wouldn't either. For me it is something mental. I swing about 5-10 miles an hour less on a simulator indoors than I do on the course. Therefore the numbers I get on a simulator do not match how I actually perform on the course.
  15. I ask people the same thing every time I hear someone say "drive for show, putt for dough". Most people never think about it, but when I show them my numbers on Game Golf, it blows their mind. I average 1.7 putts per hole. So does Lee Westwood. McDowell and Furyk are really putting me in their dust at 1.6 per hole. Then they start to realize that they are probably around that same number themselves and you can see the wheels turning in their head. I would love to take credit for this but I always let them know where I am getting my info from.
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