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  1. Hi all. I'm fairly new to golf. It wasn't until the end of this summer that I really decided to try to build a correct golf swing from the ground up. I am pretty confident with my grip. And I feel like I know the correct address posture. My problem is that it fells like I have to bend over quite a bit to get the clubhead down, and I often skull or top the ball when I swing. I'm 6'4" and my floor-to-wrist is about 38". According to some of the charts I've found online, I should use +1" clubs. Well, I'm thinking to get a set of Maltbys from Golf Galaxy, and I will do a fitting there. The problem is, I don't think I have a repeatable enough swing for the fitting to do much good. So my main question is, is it worth it to get the +1" new clubs (right now I am using a hand-me-down set of standards) or should I learn to hit my standard ones consistently before considering a fitting? Also, are Maltby's half-way decent irons or should I look for a used set of name-brand? And if I do, how can I tell if they are longer than standard? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think it is a matter of preference... Some players like to use the pendulum approach while others prefer to swing though actively.
  3. I am an electrical engineer...