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  1. Big names... thing these guys are going to start grouping starts...They need to play "X" amount of tours. every year and they also want long breaks.. 3 or 4, and then a month off, etc... Money is no longer a reason to play for most of them and it is about the Majors... Win a major, set for life... Finish 40th every week and get no exposure, you will be playing for a long time to pay the bills.. Look at the money these 20 years old have vs guys that have been on the tour for 20 years... Absurd... Marketing 101...
  2. Maybe this... There is much on the web these days to generate excitement in a sport, a celeb, etc... Golf, as we see it without Tiger is boring. I don't think so, but those making money off of it, DFS, PGA, Sports clothing, etc. need more more more... It isn't always about making and or supplying a good product and good service. Now things are smoke and mirror, look over here while I cheat you over there.. Call it out once in a while, ask a question or have a theory about an alternate view, i.e. question the online stability of a situation and they come out of the woodwork to protect thei
  3. I think he is trying to report him with this article. Honestly, unless you catch him red handed, and have it documented several times on films, he will never do it again and your name will be MUD for reporting (what may or may not have happened). We hear many times of the guy or girls that told, then they end up the victim because the accused never gets punished (lack of evidence). Imagine Golfer A turns him in, they then ask each other golfer if they know of this. All will say, no, because they dont want linked to it. Defamation law suit comes out and because you were the good guy, you
  4. I personally think it is Keegan... Does he dine by himself...? Or Pettersson ... Never mind, I got it... Baggy shirt was the other hint... Scroll thru photos to see... Should be the one... http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/photos-long-putter-players#7
  5. I dont know it is so fake, the guy says he played in one Masters... Been on tour a long time and recently had an argument with the accused and would not sign his card at the end of the round.. He is putting all the hints out there, just needs released.. it will come...
  6. Thanks... this should be awesome.... Names !!!!!!! Finally GOLF and Hollywood Converge...
  7. Didnt hang around to check all of this out... I mean when you go down closer... I had that type of picture... WHen I zoomed oit turned into a cartoon type of picture... Maybe it is just a resolution thing... Still, this is what I was reading on google... Privacy thing, safety, etc... Iti is going away, or so the article said...Thanks
  8. http://www.businessinsider.com/pga-tour-cheating-2017-6?ref=yfp Golf Digest : http://www.golfdigest.com/story/undercover-tour-pro-cheaters-are-hard-to-catch-but-we-know-who-they-are So who is it ? Sure someone here knows someone that knows who it is... You can PM me and I will drop the ball and you can remain anonymous... Gonna come out sooner or later...
  9. It leaves a bitter taste in everyone's mouth when this happens in sports. There is no reason that they could not refund money other than pure greed... We all understand business, how it works, especially if you own a business.. In this situation, anything more than the money they need to cover expenses should be paid back in GOOD FAITH... which is the thing missing these days... NBA owners should have to do it too. I have to buy tickets to see Cleveland vs Miami in advance, months in advanced because they are pricey and might sell out, my kid is dying to see LeBRON and the owner chooses t
  10. Can you talk a bit more about this ? I don't expect those temps, even with windchill to be in the 30s, maybe high 40s early. Never mind that, can you tell me if at the corner, does it sit much lower ? Are they downhill shots, thus, the player can look at the flag all he wants, the wind is UP at the ball height ? Try to pull up masters Trak on Google Earth and you get a masters CARTOON Picture more or less. Shows you how corrupt things are and if you have money, you can hide whatever you want... Thanks for the comments in advance... Love THE MASTERS... it is just an awesome place and hopef
  11. Does anyone know if all invites to the Tournament get to practice early, IF THEY WISH ? In other words, could Thomas, and Speith be there this week playing it several times. Curious if there are rules involved...
  12. Anyone that doesn't WD when the weather gets a little bad like this week. Or, anyone that doesn't pout and shoot high scores because the conditions are not perfect for their game... You can tell things are changing on the Tour and some rules will have to be put in place. Guys can't just BABY out every time things don't go their way... Bad Draw ? Bad Weather during your Draw... Tough it out, act like a MAN>.. Hate to say it, But Bubba comes to mind and now Matsuyama...
  13. Wonder who is losing money to compensate...
  14. I think Thomas wins one major and two more tournaments this year... I think it was hard for him to watch Speith excel so fast and get left behind... He wants all those same accolades and attention Speith received... He looked happy in his interview after his 59... Finally (me time)... Speith is a great guy and will always wish him well, as did Thomas, but being the second guy is tough... If Thomas has a gigantic Season it will lift Speith and make him hungry again.
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