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  1. Mirrors is better though than visual check like that
  2. Lihu, I took a look at this thread and I think I could explain your irons shots. My irons is also like that. Used to. My 7 irons could go 185 yards but left and right. But my driver could go 290 yards and my 3 woods also around 280. That was before and the thing is I really go for it like a long drive champion. And nobody can get good scores like that. The swing should be relaxing with little effort. I lost tons of distance in irons. But so what. Golf is much easier when we are relaxed. It's not a distance enhancing game. It's a scoring game. We can hit 7 irons 135 yards but if it's straight and controllable and we have a relax state of mind and swing. We can score better. I know it's impressive to hit distance but it's not consistent. And the score became inconsistent. So the objective should also change, build a relax repeatable controllable swing. And the distance will slowly come after that. Being relaxed equals better state of mind too. Just my 2 cents .
  3. hi Lihu, You sounded like me lol. I'm determined to be a better student and not over analyse. I am a science person myself and that is more detrimental to golf than anything. Take it easy and really keep nailing one thing at a time no matter how much time. I think we are in good hands here. Good Luck.
  4. Is the impact position a problem @boogielicious? My arm and shaft look almost the same line how to I cure that? Thanks for comment
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 10+ yrs My current handicap index or average score is:18 My typical ball flight is:High Draw. too high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: more penetrating and better contact Videos: swing of my PGA coach My Old swing . 2013 . My driver is good ... iron is horrible . Current Sorry my DTL still not up yet . still playing with my camera. have fun ripping it apart .
  6. Thinking of investing in one to clean my grip, golf clubs, whatever stuffs.. Anybody uses it and any thing I should know before diving into it
  7. Also alternatively i also have a Cannon S110. which is better ? ... I had trouble setting the cannon up though..
  8. Hi again I had finally decided to use my iphone 5s instead . Seems an easier option . I downloaded a Free Microsoft movie maker and it works very well to trim the videos. My New question is . How do you improve the lighting in the indoor room for sharper video taking ? anybody got a cheap solution?
  9. Since your comfortable with the distances and already got fitted, very good players i know almost never change their irons, whatever club they use , some even use a 1980 stuffs , but they are always changing their driver. I reckon iron is a distance control, trajectory control tool, changing to a different category will definitely mess up one game especially with limited game time. take it from someone who tried change from a player cavity to a GI .. and mess up the game royal time. its the Indian not the arrow ...
  10. wow ... I thought i was alone.. so many sufferers ! Thanks guys! I had these problem for years !
  11. Anybody can help me in regards to the sore joints of sacrum or namely IS joint due to playing golf ? Thank you.
  12. Can anybody suggest a free software to downsize the videos ? ... Both. I got steep plane but kinda on plane.... Hands too much out and unlocked.
  13. Man .. do i need help.. shaft and arm is online at impact .. :(
  14. Some people are just plain genius at golf... I played with players like this totally unorthodox swing with without wrist cork but he could hit great long irons, wierd putting style, reverse arc then straight at hole . He scored like - 3 under from gold tee at one of the championship course in my country which is hard. I'm disgusted honestly.
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