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  1. Please don't be one of the guys that wears his golf shoes to watch the tournament. If you feel you must wear them then go ahead and put a glove in your back pocket. One is about as useful as the other when watching a tournament. You will want to hit the souvenir tent early in the day, too. Have fun.
  2. While watching CBS's coverage of the AT&T; National on Saturday afternoon I noticed the flags were US flags instead of the regular tournament flag. I thought it would be hard for me to resist the habit of pulling the flag out of the cup and dropping it on the ground if these flags were used instead of typical red, blue, or whatever color flag is attached to the pin. Some time later I noticed Tiger's caddy with the pin propped on his shoulder and the flag on the ground at his feet. I've not heard anyone mention it since and did not hear the announcers talk about its appropriateness or lack thereof at the time. I wonder, at Tiger's tournament, should his caddy have been more careful with how he treated our country's flag (although it's not his country)? Did anyone else notice this? If so, am I overblowing the issue? Is noone saying anything because it involved Tiger? Did other caddies / players have similar instances of treating the pin like they do on any other day instead of July 4? I'll stop now.
  3. I am hoping to order new irons tomorrow - either AP2s or MP 52s. I am still debating. Same price, same estimate on arrival date and lots of positive info about both. I'm not planning on any other big purchases for now. I noticed on the bottom of the 3rd page the post from, I think, LongballGer about getting new grips. That's a great way to revamp what is already in the bag. I will also replace my soft spikes.
  4. Mizuno MP-52s

    Does this mean you support the notion that the AP2's are the ultimate blend in forgiveness and feel or are you repeating Titleist's claim? I look forward to the reviews on the MP 52 and the MP 62. I've been fitted for both (as well as the Ping S57 and the AP2) and am deciding which to order.
  5. Hole in One!

    Congrats! What was the damage on the bar tab? I can only imagine how bad it must have been on your second ace of the year though I bet it was worth it. Hopefully you'll get a few more chances to play before the season ends.
  6. Anyone wear contacts?

    That's always irked me. I know it's a colloquialism, but if we're multiplying up, wouldn't it be 24/7/52? [/QUOTE] Great observation - I've never thought about it, but it seems to make sense. I wore glasses for about 7 years before adding contacts. It was great to always have a back-up. But, after dealing with corrective lenses for about 25 years I had the Lasix surgery. It has been great! I don't know if improving my eyesight from 20 / 300 to 20 / 15 has improved my golf game but I know I like being able to see a lot better.
  7. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a fundraiser at an educational institution. I don't play golf as part of my job as often as people think, but it does happen occassionally.
  8. Age

    I'm 36 and a much better (and smarter) player than when I was in my 20's.
  9. Does anyone know if these will be priced similiar to the current MP irons or will they be higher?