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  1. When I start my downsing I feel like im pulling down with my arms and getting my hands to and through the ball before my hips clear, now this may sound ridiculous to some but this is the feeling I need because I have an extreamely explosive lower body and I have difficulty keeping it under control at times, Tiger woods had the exact same swing thought for his downswing back in 2000 when he won everything
  2. I've actually never thought once about this setting up to a shot, just go with what feels natural and works for you
  3. Hey guys, havn't been on this forum is quite a long time and just wanted to drop in and post my lastest swing, filmed yesterday at the range
  4. I wached some more slo mo's of Rickies swing and noticed how much he extends his arms trough the ball, probably more than any other pro on the PGA tour, and he actually lifts his head up right before impact which is also strange
  5. What a great kid, they all knew he was going to make it big
  6. As far as i know there are around 3 different ways to release the club through the ball (actually im sure there is more im just going by what players on the pga tent to have in their action) 1) the square/flat left wrist release, this is the type of release alot of tour pros would have eg steve stricker, luke donald, althought it does not work for me as i hit way to many blocks out to the right with it. 2) the closed clubface/strong grip release, this release is also used by alot of tour players eg. dustin johnson, ryo ishikawa, charlie hoffman, this is usually a draw swing which most players with very active body movements use this type of release. 3) square to slightly open/ hands roll open on backswing, this type of release is what some players use eg. louis oostazeen (cant spell his name) charl schwartzel and geoff ogilvy also ben hogan. This is also the type of release i like to use, i like the feeling of of my hands crossing over as im hitting through the ball, it feels like its much less easier to block it out to the right and keeps my usually active lower body more quiet. This is just my opinion on the common releases, I would like to hear you guys opinion on which release is best and why and which one you play with and explain its strengths and weaknesses for you.
  7. I'm not sure who that is, might have just been a guest caddie seeing as he was playing in a charity event and in Japan. Anyone remember this years masters when Tiger yelled out ''YOU SUCK'' after pulling his iron on the par 3? Here is a similar situation when he pulls his iron on his second shot on one of the holes while in Japan 1997 I thought it was funny enough to put on youtube
  8. Found some clips of Tigers swing in 97 shortly after he won the masters when he started to tweak his swing with butch
  9. That is amazing, how can you be so talented at 17 years of age, he will go on to win many more
  10. what type of swing changes? I'm guessing it's to do with trying not to dip his head in his downswing which is ruining his back, notice on that video tiger spuds posted his head is more stable than usual during his downswing
  11. Your foregetting if tiger gets back to his back on his return maybe no1 will be taking his spot
  12. What happened to CHIII? seems like not so long ago he was getting top tens and victories and in the news - now no where. Always thought his swing was awesome. loads of speed. I remember a good while ago he was in an interview talking about how he's just trying to play golf and stop getting caught up in the technical aspect of the game so much. Such a shame as he he's such a talent, Howell was always just greatness for distance considering his body size
  13. He seems to have a very shallow approach into the ball, must be a natural drawer does anyone know if he does this loop on his bunker/chip shots?
  14. Can someone please explain what the hell his swing is about, it looks so all over the place and whats his typical ball flight, draw or fade? If anybody knows, cheers.
  15. SERGIO GARCIA has achieved a lifelong ambition by playing for his home football club in the Spanish Third Division. The ex-world No 2 golfer came on for the final eight minutes of Borriol's 1-0 defeat by Ribarroja at the weekend. He played on the left of midfield and even had a loud penalty claim turned down. One onlooker said: "Sergio looked on the hefty side but has talent. However, he only got his chance because he's club president." Garcia, 30, hopes the coach will give him more games during a two-month break from golf before helping out the Ryder Cup side as vice-captain. He has not won an event in two years and has dropped out of the top 50.
  16. Does this mean Tiger is now keping most his weight on his left side during the swing?
  17. Exactly, Tiger has almost no control over his current swing, he has to resort to hitting hold off fade shots and not hitting driver to be able to compete
  18. I don't think it's to do with his age, more to do with all that muscle he packed on his upper boy, which actually makes the hips a little slower, tiger swings with his upper body nowadays but in his younger days it was mostly lower body fire power, I prefered his old swing, looked much more naturally powerfull
  19. It just looks as if he gets through the ball alot better in this swing compared to now, and his current swing he has almost no control over, I bet he was better with this swing, remmeber when he won the 97 masters? If you pause at the top you will see the club is a good few degress short of parallel, and his head barly dips at all, way less than today
  20. This video is from 1996 I believe playing college golf, I'm amazed how much better tigers swing is here looks liken there is no hand action through the ball which he has alot of now and he keeps his height much better, and the swing is shorter, why the hell did he change it in the first place
  21. GrahamD

    The Barclays

    Did Tiger change his swing slightly? I just watched the highlights of his round and something looks differant, clubface seems to be more shut/square, maybe foley told his to use a stronger grip?
  22. My friends swing was very matt kuchar like, very flat and appeared very shut, he said the pro was trying to get his hands above his left shoulder at the top of backswing, he said swinging more upright will encourage a more toe pointing down posistion at the top, he told him to watch most of the good ball strikers on tv like mcilroy,tiger,phil they all have toe pointing down at the top of the backswing
  23. Hi my friend told my that he got a lesson lately and he said his coach told he was to flat and that swinging around your body is a common misconception in golf, he said you need to bring the club straight up. Whats your thoughts?
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