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  1. The Shoot-Out features the San Francisco 49ers versus the San Francisco Giants in four two-man teams. The Shoot-Out format covers 5 holes and consists of alternate shots of two players. With each winning hole, money goes to charity with half going to a local charity and half to the Giants or 49ers respective charitable foundation. i have to pick 1 team out of the 4 to represent us. Wondering if people can help me figure out who will give us the best chance?
  2. I'm super excited about this but I'm stumped. My organization has been chosen to be represented In a charity shootout between the 49ers vs the Giants! We have first pick and I'm having a hard time figuring out who to pick. Who would be your choice 1-4: 49ers Team 1: Steve young and Dwight Clark Team 2: jerry Rice and Brent Jones Giants Team 1: Buster Posey and Matt Cain Team 2: Bruce Bochy and Javier Lopez Please help! :-(