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  1. 16 hours ago, GolfLug said:

    Great post. Yes, golf as a skill is much more meaningful to pursue than as a game, which is why certain 81 can sometimes feel a higher accomplishment than a 78.

    That is so true.  I've had times where I've been pleased with my performance shooting a 78, and times where I've been disappointed shooting 72.  It really is relative to the course you are playing, conditions, current state of your game, and many other external factors, which is why pinning your success/failure to a single number can be such a blow to the confidence in certain situations.

  2. 6 hours ago, Pete said:

    Really good read. This is something I will really try to do. I am definitely very focused on results rather than process. Not that I don't follow a process, but it is secondary to the outcome. I get very frustrated when I don't score as well as I 'should' and nervous when I am scoring well.

    I've read Bob Rotella's 'Putting out of your mind' and it advocates a similar approach. But I like that the reason for your approach is to make it more enjoyable. 

    Yeah, its definitely a normal way of thought for golfers.  It took me several years of constantly reminding myself to focus on the "here and now" before I was able to truly implement this kind of thinking.  Honestly, its a pretty good approach to life in general as well!

    2 hours ago, Big Lex said:

    We all have this, to some degree, probably; I was able to get this under control simply by playing more golf, forcing myself to take chances. And also by, as you describe, focusing on the process. For me, this meant learning to quiet myself. So, instead of running through a silent verbal checklist before each shot, I began trying to simply imagine a mental picture of the shot, and a feel-picture of the swing. These things must have worked, because my ball striking improved by at least 3 strokes per round last season.

    Glad you enjoyed it!  I found that playing more golf in competition has allowed me to get better at this attitude as well.  I guess if you beat your head against a wall enough, you'll finally begin to realize just how much it hurts :) 

    And that's definitely interesting about the pre-shot routine!  I used to do that sort of visualization/feel, and found that checklists were actually better for me.  Gotta love this game...

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