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  1. My Swing (Abu3baid)

    You have a solid turn going back and whle a little laid off, you should be hitting the ball better. If you look closely in the first few frames down in your swing, you push your arms back behind you and that flattens the arm plane and shoulder plane considerably. You then have to rotate them strongly over and that gives you a big over the top move. But it's not the same over the top move many golfers fight. You are so laid off in effect that you have to really come over it to even hit it later in the downswing. I might think of bringing the left arm down almost vertically or to the back of the ball. The plane will flatten (shaft of the club) relatvie to the arm and you might actually feel like the left arm is coming over the top.
  2. My Swing (brice)

    i read through chunks of the comments and agree with almost all. I have found in my own swing that the "standing up" is mostly caused by the lower body. You can read a lot about "early hip extension" which is the lower body mvoing towards the ball line coming down. The upper body then has to stand up to give you room to hit the ball. Most of us move the ball away from us to get more room. Keep the belt buckle back is one solid tip but the idea is to not let the lower body move towards the ball. Another tip is to feel like your butt stays against the wall behind you until after impact. Your right hip stays back, the left hip returns to the wall. That will help you keep the lower body back, your upper body will then stay over the ball instead of rising. I am also not a fan of pinching the knees together at address. You want some stability while allowing you room to turn. It's a tradeoff but no tour pro will pinch the knees to the extent you have done so here.